Tips to Consider when Purchasing Driveway Bollards

April 16, 2023

The concept of bollards is not new. We may not be familiar with the term bollard but we know the concept of security or parking barrier, driveway bollards are also a type of security barrier for private properties or buildings.

Many homeowners use driveway bollards for securing their driveways. They are mostly placed at the entrance of a driveway or inside the garage.

Driveway bollards offer protection and security by providing both a physical and a visual barrier. They restrict unauthorized access to a driveway; prevent theft or other unwanted activities, etc.

Bollards are used everywhere around us. We see bollards on roads, outside buildings, in parking lots, outside public parks, etc. Each bollard serves a different purpose. Some are used for providing safety for vehicles on the road, some are used for the security of buildings and private lands, some are used to provide safety to pedestrians, some are used for decorative purposes, etc.

The type of function of a bollard decides its kind. Bollards come in a variety of different types and materials according to their use. They are defined by the level of functionality and characteristics. That is why we suggest that you consider some essential factors while finding the bollard that will best suit your needs and requirements.

Tips to Consider for Driveway Bollards

Like all other types of bollards, driveway bollards also have different functional properties and characteristics that you should consider before buying the bollard for your driveway.

Some of the tips to consider while purchasing driveway bollards are listed below.

  1.     Type of Driveway Bollard

The first and most important factor to consider for driveway bollards is that you should know which type of bollard will be suitable to fulfill your requirements. There are plenty of choices in the market from which you have to choose the one that will be able to fulfill your needs. These security barriers are designed in different shapes, materials, designs, sizes, types, etc. However, there are four main types of driveway bollards that are listed below.

  •       Telescopic Driveway Bollard

The most common type of driveway bollard is a telescopic bollard. The main function of this bollard is that they provide flexibility to the owners. They can be lowered in the ground when not in use and can be placed back when you want to restrict access.

They are the very popular type of security post and bollard because they provide an efficient and easy way to protect your property. They can be easily lifted manually and can be placed somewhere else when not in use. This means that telescopic bollards do not occupy space permanently.

  •       Fixed Driveway Bollards

Fixed bollards are the opposite of telescopic bollards. It is evident from the name that fixed bollards are fixed in one place. That is why they are also sometimes called static bollards. They are used in places where you want a permanent restriction on the entrance of vehicles. You may have seen these bollards in places like parking lots or outside shopping malls.

Fixed bollards are placed in driveways where you permanently want to restrict access for vehicles. They can be installed in ways where certain areas are restricted by placing fixed bollards and other areas are open to access.

  •       Removable Driveway Bollards

Removable bollards are like telescopic bollards. However, if there is wiring or pipes under the ground then you cannot place telescopic bollards because they need deep excavation in the ground for installation. In this case, removable driveway bollards are a good option because they do not require deep excavation for installation.

They are placed when you need to restrict access and can be removed easily when you want to allow access.

  •       Automatic Driveway Bollards

These bollards have a hydraulic system and they are operated with the help of a key fob. They are raised and lowered with the help of a hydraulic pump system. The installation process of automatic driveway bollards is also complex. They provide flexibility to owners by providing the ease to allow or prohibit access. They are much more expensive as compared to other types of driveway bollards.

  1.     The Installation Process

After you have selected the types of bollards you want to place in your driveway for safety and security purposes, the next important step is the installation process.

Many times it happens that despite being careful in the bollard selection, the ineffectual installation process destroys everything. Therefore, it is very important that you should hire properly skilled professionals to perform this job in order to avoid mishaps.

  1.     Be Careful with Self Installation

If you are not going to hire a professional for installation and you are going to install the bollard yourself, then you should be extra cautious with the technicalities and procedures. First, you should read the instruction manual carefully. Also, you should have all the necessary equipment required for the installation. Improper installation means that your bollards will become useless or will not give you the maximum output that you require.

  1.     Don’t Forget the Maintenance

Last but not least, maintenance is very important. Not only in the case of bollards but whatever product you buy or install, you cannot take full advantage if you will not maintain it properly.

The good thing about bollards is that they require very less maintenance. You only have to get them checked once in a while to make sure they are in proper working condition because a damaged bollard cannot function properly and can pose a security threat to your property.

Final Comments

Driveway bollards are a very effective and efficient way of keeping your private property safe and secure. However, the above-mentioned points should be kept in mind in order to get the most out of these useful security products. 



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