Top 10 Mind-blowing Ideas to Upgrade Your Home With Smart Technology for Convenience and Efficiency

April 30, 2023

Upgrading your home with smart home technologies will change the look of your place and make your life much easier. For example, you can control your appliances with voice commands or remotely from your smartphone instead of doing everything manually.

This article lists the trendy smart home upgrades of high-tech home devices to add comfort and efficiency to your life. And the good news is these devices are durable, affordable, and take little to no effort to maintain once you install them.

So, without further ado, let’s jump to the list of devices you need to unlock a higher level of security and comfort.

Vacuum Elevators for Easy Transport

The vacuum elevator is the newest addition to smart home technologies. It is the perfect solution for buildings with small spaces and provides a sleek look to your place.

Vacuum elevators use air power to lift rather than pistons or cables. Hoistway, machine room, or pit excavation is required for these smart upgrades of an elevator.

Smart elevators require minimal energy and are low maintenance, as you do not need to apply lubricant to operate them smoothly. Although most of the models can carry one or two people, they can be a great help for older adults in their homes or for people who need to move in a wheelchair.

For example, pneumatic vacuum elevators ensure fast and smooth transportation amongst your home's different floors, especially if you are short of space.

Smart Home Security System for Better Protection

Traditional lock and key systems cannot ensure adequate home protection as the key can be replaced with a duplicate one. On the other hand, smart locks have a few amazing features. For example, you can remotely control them using your smartphone or voice activation.

Smart locks usually operate with passwords, facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, smart cards, or a mobile app. These locks are relatively easy to install and often come with a digital display where you can see who is at the door.

Furthermore, adding smart home technology ideas for safe space also includes installing security cameras so that you can monitor what happens inside your house when you are not there. You can install the one with both online and offline features with an SD card on it so that nobody can intrude with any third-party cloud service.

The price range varies widely from $150 to $300 and it is easy to maintain and operate.

3. Smart Thermostats for Controlling Temperature

With this advanced technology, you do not need to turn a nob to adjust the temperature of your rooms. You can operate a smart thermostat with your smartphone. Nevertheless, a few thermostats are available in the market that can read and take data from your environment and adjust the temperature by itself once you install them.

All you need to do is to follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the thermostats. And after completing the smart device, it will do wonders for adjusting the temperature according to the weather. So, you can now have warmer or colder temperatures according to the weather outside.

A warm feeling on a cold winter day is just a few clicks away.

Again, you can replace your old home thermostat with a radiant wall heater. The wall heating panels distribute heat evenly and without any force of hot air.

4. Smart Water Sensors for Heating Water

Surely you need to use water from the moment you wake up and before going to sleep. And poor installment of any home appliance, for example, a washing machine, can cause leaking or flooding problems.

The easiest and smart solution is to install a smart water sensor to avoid such incidents. Basements, near pipes, sinks, or areas where you keep your water heater or washing machines are a few places to place the sensor.

Both plugged-in and battery-operated models are available, although the price will vary greatly with the device's capacity. You must decide first how much area you want to monitor for water leakage.

Furthermore, you may need to download and install the mobile app on your phone to get an alert or alarm whenever there is a leakage.

5. Automatic Window Coverings or Textiles

How would it feel, if you didn’t have to get up from your sweet sleep to close the curtains on a nice sunny weekend? It would feel satisfying, right? It is now possible with smart coverings.

You can install the window coverings with the motorization system for your convenience. You can remotely control your blinds with your phone or with the help of any home hub, for example, Google Home, where you can command to make things happen while you are away from the object.

Few of these smart textiles have features by which you can program the curtain to close at specific times of the day. The smart window textile also has an automation feature to close the curtains if there is too much light outside and the owner wants a calmer vibe inside.

6. Smart Cleaning Devices With Advanced Features

You surely cannot call your home a smart one if you are still using the mop your mom used to use. Therefore, you need to upgrade your cleaning devices.

With the advancement of home appliance technologies, manufacturers have always given special attention. To maintain your house with proper hygiene, you can rely on a smart vacuum cleaner.

All you need to do is install the app on your phone and scan your place so the vacuum cleaner can clean the floors by itself. The cleaner usually operates with a sensor that senses the map of your floor and reaches even the tightest spots that your mop can never reach.

You can also install a bathroom and kitchen cleaning system, but it will be better to do that during a renovation. However, once installed, your bathroom and kitchen will be cleaned with just one click on the phone. The sensor will trigger the taps, and water will flow to the places you want to keep clean.

7. Smart Light Bulbs That You Can Dim

If you are wondering if changing the old lighting system of your place is expensive, you are thinking it wrong. The smart light bulbs come in a price range of 8 to 50 dollars depending on their features.

The features include changing the light hue, multiple options for controlling the intensity of the light (dim or brightening), turning on or off with a clap, whistle, voice command, or using an app, and many more.

You can also program led lights with your pc or smart tv, which will change colors depending on your watch. So install them, and your movie or gaming night experiences are about to change for good tremendously.

Smart light bulbs are easy to install, and the good news is they save energy, and you will notice that your electricity bills are going lower than before. Furthermore, you can control them remotely. So, you can turn them off with your phone when you have left for a vacation for a few days.

8. Smart Wall Outlet With Better Connection

Smart home outlets not only ensure better and safe connections but also helps you to decide on the power supply. It is handy when you have toddlers at home who tend to put their fingers at any power outlet they find.

And to mention the extra fancy feature, the motion sensors can help you automate the whole power system of your home. With this technology, the lights of a room or your doorway will turn on whenever you open a door, set foot in the room, and turn off as soon as you leave.

Again, you can always choose the wireless connection system.

No more stumbling down the hallway when you are craving a midnight snack!

9. Smart Display and Speaker to Control All Devices

You can upgrade and use a few smart home appliances through your smartphone or voice command. However, if you want to renovate your whole place and upgrade everything with smart tech, you must choose a smart home hub to control all the devices.

The most popular examples of such tech advances you may hear of are Apple ecosystem-powered Apple HomePod (contender is Siri), Google Home devices by Google Assistant, and Alexa-powered Amazon’s Echo series.

Again, Google Nest Hub and Amazon Echo Show work with a smart display. The display can be used for basic functions, for example, video calling, watching music videos, or photo framing. However, they will show you the controlling display with which you can see the reminders, locking the door or closing the curtains, keeping track of the machines that are in operating mode, and setting alarms for them to stop timely.

Google and Amazon also offer basic voice control speakers that can take voice commands to turn off or on a device, set alarms, and even answer your questions.

10. Smart Home Appliances

You must pick your home appliances wisely as they can save you both the time and energy needed to maintain your home.

And when it comes to efficiency and comfort, you can rely on LG or Samsung for smart fridges, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, or washing machines.

In recent addition, Samsung smart fridge provides a feature where your fridge will know what you have inside. So now, you can check on your phone at the super shop to confirm whether you have apple juice in your fridge or not.


You must remember that whether you want to upgrade your home with smart technology for convenience and efficiency or just to renovate, there is always a smart solution for you.

Even though these smart home technologies have been widely used for a few years, new innovations are always being made. As a result, navigating this area and deciding which option to choose may be a little complicated for you. Hopefully, this post will assist you in determining which appliance you require for your house.

So, stay with us to keep yourself updated with similar updates devices.

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