Traditional vs. Modern Advertising: How Marketing Has Changed in Dynamic New Ways

April 7, 2023

Marketing is one of the key hallmarks of success for any organization, and a poor marketing strategy will likely result in less success in selling a product or service. When it comes to marketing, however, modern technology has changed how this field looks. Gone are the days where billboards and paper advertisements dominated the field, replaced now by smartphones and screens.

In fact, modern advertising has evolved so much that there are a number of different subsets of the field. However, the digital marketing software field was valued at $65.3 billion in 2022, with a large portion of growth resulting from recent economic conditions stemming from the aftereffects of Covid-19. Learning the differences between traditional advertising and modern advertising, as well as how they work together, can help a business develop a stronger all-around marketing strategy.

What is Traditional Advertising?

Defined broadly, traditional advertising refers to any form of marketing that occurs using offline media. Oftentimes, people believe that traditional advertising stops at billboards, but it actually extends to television and radio advertising as well. Offline media simple refers to technology that is not plugged into the broader Internet.

Generally, the goal of a traditional advertising strategy is to:

  • Cast a wide net over a group of people viewing the advertisement where some will be interested in your product or service whereas others may not
  • Reach potential new audiences rather than focus on an existing audience
  • Create an overarching brand awareness across a number of different verticals

How Does Modern Advertising Differ from Traditional Marketing?

As opposed to traditional marketing, modern advertising strategies focus on different techniques and goals. Modern advertising revolves around using online media that is connected to the Internet in order to launch marketing campaigns which can be connected across a number of different channels. Some common examples of modern advertising mediums include:

  1. Ecommerce websites
  2. Smartphone application advertisements
  3. General Internet ads
  4. Email marketing campaigns

Generally, the goal of a modern advertising strategy is to cast a smaller net over a targeted audience of individuals who are most likely to get some use out of your product or service. Modern advertising strategies utilize data collection and analytics to create measurable results for marketing campaigns which can result in immediate changes to a marketing strategy to better optimize it.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

One of the biggest principles involved with modern marketing strategies is search engine optimization (SEO). This refers to the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a company’s website by utilizing marketing strategies which allow a website to rank hire on search engines. For those doubting the importance of SEO, the website that ranks number one on a search engine receives 40-60% of the total traffic for a search as compared to other sites.

By successfully optimizing the number of viewers to a website, a company can increase their sales. On top of this, they can raise attention to their brand which can create positive influences in other marketing campaigns that are occurring, including traditional methods.

Common Types of Modern Advertising Strategies

By identifying the most common types of advertising strategies used in the modern day, a person can successfully learn which strategy may be most effective for their organization:


While it may not be the first form of marketing that comes to mind, animation has grown rapidly in recent years as technology has improved. Whether it be animated commercials, whiteboard animation, 2D animation, or something else, animation has allowed many companies to present their product or service in a unique way. The best animation companies for modern businesses can take your strategic vision and develop an effective animation for it.

Social media marketing

As social media has risen in popularity via apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others, social media marketing has taken off. This revolves around posting product specific advertisements on these platforms, with the advertisements being tailored based on a user’s interests.

Mobile advertising

Similar to social media marketing, mobile advertising is the broader form in that it refers to any type of advertisement that appears on mobile devices. Whether it’s on a website, applications, or any other form, mobile advertising brings in a large amount of revenue compared to other types.

Product placement advertising

Product placement advertising takes traditional marketing mediums and adds a spin to it. Rather than advertising via a commercial on television, a company will pay a television show to add their product into their show, either in the background or with a callout. Whether the goal is selling a storyline or utilizing post-production means, product placement revamps traditional advertising strategies.

Trends Guiding the Future of Marketing

While modern marketing strategies have developed effectively over the years, there are a number of additional trends defining the future of marketing. Some of the most notable trends include:

  • The optimization of social media algorithms that are producing more accurate estimations for ads
  • The emotional connections people are developing with advertisements are increasing
  • The prevalence of new aspects of the Internet including Web3 and Cryptocurrency blockchain have introduced new ways for products to be advertised
  • The advancement of technology such as virtual reality or augmented reality is poised to change how advertisements appear
  • The increase of artificial intelligence and chatbots will likely increase the accessibility of marketing tools for smaller businesses
  • The increased efficiency of data analytics will provide better insights into marketing strategies

The Bottom Line

Developing an overarching marketing strategy doesn’t mean completely replacing traditional marketing strategies with modern marketing strategies. Instead, focus on combining both traditional and modern techniques together in such a way that your overall marketing success is bolstered. Naturally, marketing is not free and will make up a major portion of your budget. Given this price, it’s important to spend a lot of time researching and defining what marketing strategies work best for your line of business in order to foster the most success.


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