Useful Tips to Choose Your First Electric Bike

April 10, 2023

Electric bikes are becoming a trend in the modern transportation system, so you made a good choice if you have decided to own one. However, do you randomly choose the electric bike that pops up on your screen? Since this is your first ebike, you need to carefully examine the options before you. In this guide, you shall discover the strategies for choosing your first electric bike and high-quality products to look out for.

For those who live in the US or Canada, a popular ebike brand is called Rize Bikes. They sell several different electric bike models that you should definitely check out!

Checking the Battery Capacity

An electric bike's battery capacity is of utmost importance, and it can determine its performance level. A bike shop may lie about a bike range and the battery capacity, so how do you find out the truth?

Check the manual provided by the manufacturer for the voltage and ampere information. In most cases, the voltage and ampere will be written together as battery capacity. For instance, your electric bicycle could be 48V12Ah. If this is the case, multiply the voltage unit by the ampere unit, i.e., 48 x 12. Here, you have a battery capacity of 576W. High battery capacity is usually around 700W and could even be as high as 1200W. The higher the battery ampere or current, the higher the battery capacity.

Electric bikes are powered by batteries that work with the motor system to assist the rider. This means that the capacity of an electric bike battery directly affects the range. Ensure your electric bike battery is highly reliable, so you can always complete your journey without running out of power. Meanwhile, electric bike manufacturers always indicate the miles an electric bike can cover on a single charge. For most HAOQI ebikes, the miles per charge is between 60 and 80, which is a pretty reasonable extent. Also, certain factors could influence the range of your ebike.

The Rider's Weight

You need to confirm the recommended body weight capacity of your electric bike. This should also include the weight of extra luggage or load you intend to carry. If the electric bike is loaded with extra weight or loads, it may drag or slow down your ride. This will run down the battery faster than usual, making it challenging to cover the expected range. More interestingly, some manufacturing brand allows customers to customize electric bikes to their preferences. If you cannot find a suitable bike for your weight in the nearest bike shops, you may consult an expert for the best recommendation.

The Terrain Type

Riding on uneven or rough terrain may also affect your bike range. It will overwork your battery, reducing the expected speed. More so, ensure to plan your route before taking out your bike for a ride, and avoid crowded areas.

The Level of Motor Assistance

If your electric bike is set at a high level of motor assistance, it will drain your battery faster because you will be riding at a higher speed. Thus, you may minimize your pedal assist level over a more extended range or distance.

Checking the Motor Power

Like the battery, motor power plays a significant role in determining the performance of an electric bike. Although this article has emphasized how to calculate your motor power, you need to also calculate the mileage covered. Your total mileage equals the travel time multiplied by the travel speed. To calculate the travel time;

Travel time = battery capacity wattage

motor power

Another thing to consider about your electric bike motor is the hub or mid-drive system. The position usually divers for both types of motor, as the hub motor is situated between one of the wheels. On the other hand, the mid-drive motor type is situated between the pedals and centered in the electric bike. The hub motors are cheaper than the mid-drive motors and are efficient while riding on flat surfaces. However, you may consider the mid-drive motors for riding in hilly areas or surfaces.

The Available Accessories

Fortunately, most modern bikes come with free accessories, including HAOQI ebikes. Even if you don't get accessories for free, you will, at last, have fenders and bike racks. Since it is your first ebike, you need as much protective gear as possible, especially when you are just training to ride. What exactly are these accessories used for?

  • Racks: Racks are used to covey goods with your ride without centralizing the load weights. It also improves your ride's convenience and comfort.
  • Fenders: Fenders help to wade off dirt and debris from staining your clothes. It also protects your bike frame and tire from muddy water.
  • Lighting: A high-quality electric bike should have adequate lighting at the rear and front sides. This enhances your sight and allows you to see farther distances.

The Technological Features

If you are just getting your first ebike, the available technology features should also be a priority. Features like LCD and smartphone integration allow riders to enjoy their electric bikes better. For instance, the LCD helps monitor your ride activities, including the speed, battery gauge, and mileage. Thus, you can easily control your speed if you realize you are going too far. It also helps you to know when it's time to replace an existing battery. You don't want to stop abruptly in the middle of the road. Some electric bikes also have smartphone applications that allow you to connect easily with your electric bike. This is highly important in theft cases.

The Local Laws Governing Electric Bike Usage

Once you trespass the laws set by your local authority, it matters less if you are getting your first ebike. You need to identify the maximum speed and power set by your country. Sometimes, these laws vary with the electric bike class. Meanwhile, electric bikes are generally classified into class 1, class 2, and class 3.

  • Class 1: This electric bike category has a maximum speed of 20 mph and only a pedal-assist feature. 
  • Class 2: The class 2 electric bike has a maximum speed of 20 mph and has both throttle and pedal features.
  • Class 3: This electric bike category has a maximum speed of 28 mph and only a pedal-assist feature. 

Understanding the different classes of electric bikes allows you to know where you can ride them. More so, some state laws only allow electric bike rides when you wear a helmet or reach a certain age (usually 14 years).

The Purpose of Riding

It would help if you remembered the purpose of riding an electric bike because it will determine your choice of bike component, especially the tires. For instance, fat tires are most suitable for off-road or climbing high areas. On the other hand, a thin tire may not be suitable for your off-road trip but only for flat surfaces or terrains. 

When commuting on busy roads, you should consider foldable electric bikes. They are easy to use and carry along with you. You can also easily commute with a dual mode of transportation when you ride a foldable electric bike. Also, there are certain types known as hybrid electric bikes. It can serve both off-road and urban riding. This is the best form of investment if your commute purpose varies. You may also speak to the dealers at bike shops for recommended bike types that meet your ride purpose or needs.

The Brand Serviceability

As much as possible, ensure you patronize brands with good service for your first ebike. You may have many questions to ask, and you need a brand that will be readily available. You may also consider popular brands. This is because getting replacement bike parts for famous brands is much easier, and you may even find them in your local bike shops.


It can be unpleasant to find out that bike shops do not offer quality products as they promise. Thus, before working in a bike shop, consider the abovementioned factors. Most importantly, you should conduct in-depth research about a particular brand or check for product reviews on the internet. Here, you can determine if a bike shop or manufacturer has been able to meet customers' needs.

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