Visit The Most Pleasent Hidden Attractions In Gangnam

April 19, 2023

The top hidden attractions in Gangnam, Seoul, are listed in this article (South Korea).
K-pop and Psy's song "Gangnam Style," which became a global smash, are responsible for the popularity of Gangnam District among foreign tourists. It is one of Seoul's most vibrant neighborhoods, where technology and fashion coexist harmoniously. In addition, Gangnam's skyscrapers and fashion will give you a distinctive sense of the current South Korean culture.

Learn about the excessively contemporary part of Korean culture and get an idea of 강남풀싸롱 in this post! Give Gangnam a chance to surprise you!

Landmark of Gangnam Style
The Gangnam Style Landmark is located near COEX's East gate to serve as a visual reminder of the Gangnam Style. Use exit six at Samsung Station or exit seven at Bongeunsa Station to quickly reach the location.

It is a bronze statue honoring the popular South Korean song Gangnam Style. The art and architecture are superb. It's a fantastic place to roam about.

Rare Market
The older sister of K-pop artist and member of Big Bang, GD, runs Rare Market, a prestigious business that carries various products. If you're looking for a distinctive selection of high-end products from well-known high-end companies to cutting-edge designer names, check out this website. It is enjoyable to browse the various experimental and innovative fashions. Keep in mind that the cost is high.

Perform Like a K-Pop Idol!
Gangnam is unquestionably the place to go if you want to dress up, do your hair, and put on makeup to feel like a K-pop idol. Then strike a pose for your K-pop photos after being all dolled up with some studio pros. You can take pictures and do makeup in various locations around the city because it's so much fun. Live it up while you can if you're a fan of K-pop, and have the Gangnam experience.

Go on a bus tour
The Gangnam bus tour route is unique did you know that? It is a fantastic option if you want to effortlessly travel the entire region, take in the sights, and do so on transportation that gets ideal for guests and tourists for places to visit in Gangnam. The Gangnam route passes notable locations: Seolleung Park, Bongeunsa Temple, COEX, Korean Wave Star Street, Apgujeong Rodeo, Garosu-gil, and Samsung D'Light others. If you don't know your way around, don't want to walk, or want to see everything in one day in Gangnam, this is unquestionably the best method to get to the highlights.

The Seoul Hiking Road
One of Gangnam-three gu's simple hiking routes is the Seoul Theme Hiking Route. See the family-friendly routes for your upcoming holiday. Four themed walking pathways are available in Seoul for tourists. The Seoul Theme Hiking Trail is a fantastic choice if you want to walk.

There are three categories of themed walking routes in Seoul: through Valleys, through Woods, and Walking with Gorgeous Views. Enjoy your stroll along the forest path, where a vibrant cityscape and nature are in perfect harmony. Because it gives the impression that you are in the woods contemplating the city, this path is very popular with walkers.

Figure Museum
All types of visitors are welcome at this museum, but if you have kids, this section will please them. This location is a cartoon figure collector's paradise for all anime fans. Visit the coffee shop or browse the figurine shops.

Starting on the fifth floor and working your way down is what we advise. It is due to the incredible collection of Star Wars figurines on the upper floor. DC, Marvel, and Hollywood superheroes get displayed on a wall. As many photos as you like can get taken with your favorite anime figures.

Olympics Park
The Seoul Olympic Park is sizable. There are a wide variety of cafes, restaurants, and quick-service shops there, as well as a K-pop museum, various fitness centers, basketball courts, and ice rinks. The surroundings are lovely and provide a great escape from the hubbub of Gangnam.

On there, you can rent skates, kites, and bicycles. Activities abound across the entire park.

The Cheongdam Fashion Street
The finest choice for you if you love fashion is Cheongdam Fashion Street, also known as Celebrity Street. Here, you'll find practically all of the top premium brands.
Together with several eateries, the strip has the top salons for hair and beauty. Take a stroll down Cheongdam Fashion Street if you want to feel famous.
Have fun in Gangnam and appreciate Gangnam-Style.


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