What Are the On-Trend Haircuts For All 2023?

April 4, 2023

The new year is the ideal time to experiment with new hairstyles as hairstyles come and go. If you've been paying attention lately, you've probably seen some of the hair trends that are currently popular on social media.

The butterfly, octopus, and wolf cuts are among the latest hairstyle trends, whether you prefer to DIY or only leave your hair in the capable hands of your favorite hairstylist. More than ever, people now use their hair as an extension of their styles, so it's the ideal time to get the haircut you've been looking for. The great thing about hair is that you can always grow it and try something new if you don't like it.

The hottest hair trends of 2023 offer something for everyone, whether you've been itching to make a significant change or are just looking for a slight update. According to hairstylist Larry King, the "haircut of 2023" will be short hair. Short hair "gives you so much individuality and makes you stand out — it's really striking," the stylist predicted. "I believe girls are going to move forward into short hair."

We're here to inspire you to kick off 2023 with a bang, from different takes on the traditional bob haircut to various lengths and layers. (Get it? Bang!) Here are 15 cutting-edge hairstyles that will be popular in 2023.

Butterfly Hair

A butterfly haircut might be just what you need if you've wanted to cut your hair short but need more time to make the commitment. Longer layers sit below the shoulders, framing the face with volume and the appearance of shorter hair. Sunnie Brook, the global ambassador for Biology, created the look and told Hair.com that "wavy or curly hair works best for this cut."

Full Curls

Straightening irons should be removed because full, bouncy curls are in style right now! Curls have returned and are more beautiful than ever after straight hair dominated the trends for many years. One of the hottest trends for 2023 is rocking your natural curls thanks to the countless tutorials that have been posted online. Even more in style for the upcoming year is adding a fringe.

Keen on getting this excellent butterfly cut, and yet your hair is lacking length or volume? No worries. Try human hair extensions or wigs. The top-notch human hair extensions make any density and length available and blend perfectly with the wearer's natural hair.

The Soft Bob

The soft bob is a more relaxed, unstructured version of the traditional bob. You can embrace your hair's movement and texture without the straight, clean lines that we typically associate with bob haircuts. If you have natural waves in your hair, this cut looks fantastic. It also gives fine hair texture and movement.

Chanel Haircut

The Chanel bob is a contemporary interpretation of Coco Chanel's iconic style. It is typically cut bluntly at chin length or slightly longer and has lots of movement. This appearance features a deep side part and is frequently accessorized with bangs that give it a Parisian vibe. This haircut is incredibly sleek and sexy due to its simplicity, but what makes it even more appealing is how little upkeep it requires.

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut, a cross between the mullet and the shag, has recently gained a lot of popularity due to thousands of TikTok users cutting their hair in an attempt to recreate the style at home. This style may be for you if you enjoy a haircut that will give you volume at the top of your head and some movement and texture close to the sides and the bottom.

Long Layers

In 2023, many shorter haircuts are expected to become the rage, but long, layered locks will always be in vogue. Long hair can benefit from layers to add body and movement, and layers are especially effective on hair that already has some natural wave or texture. Additionally, you can style your hair in various ways thanks to its versatility and ease of maintenance.

Wispy Bangs

For 2023, wispy bangs are trendy, and for a good reason. Regardless of length, these look fantastic on almost everyone and add softness and movement to all hairstyles. According to celebrity stylist Nubia Rzo to Real Simple, "Wispy bangs are a trend right now, as they are a low-maintenance take on blunt bangs." 2023 is a great time to experiment with bangs, and wispy bangs are a great option.

Octopus Haircut

This cut comes from a sea creature and will give you long, layered pieces that fall on or just below your shoulders, giving you lots of layers and volume on top. The shag and mullet, which have recently dominated trends, have been updated with the octopus cut, which looks excellent and doesn't require much styling.

The Pixie

In 2023, short hair will be trendy, so we'll see many more pixie cuts with various modern takes on the vintage style. Celebrities who love the pixie cut include Zoe Kravitz, Halsey, Charlize Theron, and Florence Pugh. They also demonstrate how stunning it appears. In 2023, you'll see a lot of pixie cuts, whether they have an all-over shortcut, a bang that is a little longer, or some length at the back.

Short Shag

One of the most fashionable looks you'll see in 2023 was created by fusing these two trendy looks. You can still rock a shag cut even if you don't have long hair. This look is perfect if you've been trying to cut your hair shorter but are still deciding whether to commit to a full pixie or short bob. You can move around a lot in this shag, which looks great on all hair types.

Curtain Bang Short Bob

A short, blunt bob is given some softness by curtain bangs. In fact, stylist Anabel Santos told Bustle that adding curtain bangs "makes a blunt bob, or a bob that of the same length all around, sweeter," and we must agree. Curtain bangs also give you some styling options for a short bob that you might not otherwise have.

Mid-Length Hair

Even though we've talked a lot about short haircuts for 2023, the new year will still see a lot of demand for mid-length hair. Many mid-length cuts are embracing texture and showcasing waves right now, making this cut gorgeous to look at and simple to style and maintain. For 2023, the bombshell blowout is also making a comeback and looks fantastic on mid-length hair.

Curtain Bangs

In 2023, curtain bangs won't disappear, and for a good reason. Almost anyone can pull off these face-framing long bangs, which look good on a variety of hair lengths and textures. They can be a fantastic way to switch up your one-length hair without making a significant change because of how versatile they are.

The Curly Shag

The shag looks great on many different hair types, and in 2023, the curly shag will be very popular. The shag adds volume to the top while reducing bulk at the sides and ends. Another trendy hairstyle for 2023 that flatters the face in all the right places is adding a curly fringe.

The Textured Bob

The textured bob is everything an adjective should be: low maintenance, sexy, and chic. Texturize the ends of a conventional bob to add movement without adding many layers. According to celebrity hairstylist Jay Birmingham, "it's a sweet bob with a plain edge, complying with many face shapes and hair textures." If you've been looking for a style that requires less effort, this is it.

Bottleneck Bangs

Bottleneck bangs are one of the current bang trends that are "so hot" for 2023. With the bangs sitting closer together at the top of your forehead and flaring out to frame your face, this style resembles a bottleneck. This is a great, low-maintenance style for those who want to ease into the idea of having bangs without cutting a thick fringe.

The Curve Cut

The beauty of the curve cut is that it looks great on people with long or short hair and is incredibly flattering if your hair is growing out. To allow the hair to fall or curve around the face, it is cut in a 'U' or 'V' shape with soft layers. This cut is versatile and functional because it looks great with hair up or down.

Mix and Match Cuts

According to professional hairstylist Paul Percival, DIY hair trends, where people cut their hair and mix different styles, will be very popular in 2023. "You might see the mullet and shag turned into the skillet, or the wolf or shag cut turned into the octopus cut," he warned. People are fearless in experimenting with their hairstyles, as TikTok has shown us.

The Jaw-Length Bob

In 2023, the jaw-length bob is back due to the growing popularity of many shorter cuts. "According to editorial hairstylist Neil Moodie, "bobs never really go out of style, but the length changes every season. The ideal length at the moment is to the jaw." Although this look works well in the spring and summer, we'll also wear it in the fall and winter.

Wednesday Addams-Inspired Fringe

Unsurprisingly, people are rushing to their stylists to replicate a look made famous by Netflix's smash hit series "Wednesday," given the significant influence of pop culture on hair trends. The actress Jenna Ortega's portrayal of Wednesday Addams, who sports a heavy fringe that rests just below her eyebrow, has made bangs a significant trend for 2023.

The Choppy Bob

The choppy bob is precisely what you are looking for, so now is the perfect time to make that salon appointment. The choppy bob is ideal if you've been tempted to cut off the extensions or simply chop those long, beachy waves and try something new. Searches for "chopped bob haircut" increased by 550% in 2022, according to to Look Fantastic, making this style one of the hottest trends expected in 2023. It's stylish, easy to maintain, and incredibly cool.

Short Afro

The short afro is ideal if you want to streamline your hair care routine while still looking gorgeous. In fact, according to celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons, this look will be very in-demand in 2023. "It's short enough to wear naturally and highlights the texture of your hair while still leaving enough hair to be styled into finger waves or a deep side part for a more dramatic look," he said.

Shaggy Bowl Cut

The shaggy bowl cut will be trendy because this year is all about combining simplicity and style. Add a few light layers to the conventional bowl cut to give the hair some movement. Depending on your needs and hair type, you can alter the look by adding more or fewer layers to achieve the desired level of shagginess.

The Mixie

Mix-and-match hairstyles will be popular in 2023. One of the sexiest combinations is the mixie cut, which combines a mullet and a pixie. According to hairstylist Jamie Wiley, who noted that this cut gives off both modern and retro vibes, "this haircut will be trending in the new year for its mix of retro and modern vibes."

'70s-Inspired Layers

Old things have a new lease on life. Hair trends follow the same pattern, as do trends in general. While many 1990s and Y2K hair trends are making a comeback, the 1970s and their extensive, bouncy layers are also making a comeback. Embrace your length, add some layers, and channel your inner Farrah Fawcett if going short isn't for you.

The Italian Bob

The beauty of the Italian bob is that you can blow it out for a more polished, finished look or let it air dry for a more natural appearance. According to stylist Sean Paul Nother, "When left natural, the weight gives off a Parisian air-dried vibe; however, you can run a brush through it for a nod to vintage '60s glamour."

The Sassoon Bob

Love the way a traditional bob looks, but want to give it a little more sophistication and structure. The Sassoon bob is the ideal boss girl style because of its sharp, angled hairline, longer at the front and shorter in the back. The fact that this look is not only straightforward but also fashionable will make it very popular in 2023.

Lived-in Layers

In 2023, layers that have been lived in will replace the long, beachy waves. According to celebrity hairstylist Ericka Verrett, "lived-in and layered is going to rage in 2023 for its low-maintenance, and encourages natural texture or wave pattern, and it's perfect for air-drying" (via Allure). This cut is ideal because minimalism will be a big trend in 2023, and many women will start with their hair routine.

Choppy Layers and Bangs

Combining two of the hottest trends for 2023, you can create this stunning bob with choppy layers and bangs. The traditional bob is given an edgy twist in this variation. Once more, the layers give you a choice between blow-drying your hair for a touch of glamour or letting it dry naturally for a cool, laid-back look.

The Curly Pixie

A pixie cut will highlight your natural curls. The ideal way to highlight your curls and texture is with a pixie cut, which many people mistakenly believe only suits people with straight hair. This is an excellent cut for someone wanting to spend as little time styling as possible or trying something new.


Any of these awesome haircuts are what you've been looking for? Anyway, based on several celebrity hairstylists, shorter hairstyles will range in the near future, especially in 2023. However, all hairstyles are achievable with hair extensions, wigs, or hair toppers. Shop at New Times Hair, and you should be able to find today's top-notch human hair extensions and wigs: https://www.newtimeshair.com/womens-hair-systems/

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