What Cases Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Represent?

April 4, 2023

Most of the time, when commercials come on television advertising a personal injury lawyer, the focus is usually on cases involving injuries relating to car accidents. Whether you’re looking for the best injury attorneys in Denver or in Los Angeles, lawyers are urging you to go forth and enlist their services as they fight to earn you proper compensation for the suffering you have endured as a result of someone else's careless driving.

However, auto-related injuries are just one of a wide variety of ways a personal injury lawyer can work on your behalf. This type of attorney works for their clients on any number of cases that generally involve injury or discomfort resulting from the negligence of others. When you seek legal counsel under this jurisdiction, it can be to seek compensation for personal damages, physical or mental, for yourself or someone under your care, such as a child or an elderly family member.

Here are some circumstances in which an attorney can prove helpful:

Accidents Involving Transportation Vehicles

So many personal injury lawyers focus on advertising their services for car accidents because there are enough vehicular collisions and related calamities that they could likely make a career out of this alone. There are, on average, nearly 20 thousand car accidents in a given day in the United States alone, and many of those result in some form of injury; car accidents are also one of the highest causes of fatalities!

Someone or something is usually to blame in an accident, and for reasons that range from distracted driving to driving under the influence to unsafe road conditions. Suppose you suffer at the hands of another person's negligence on the road and need to see an out-of-network personal injury chiropractor near you to help with recovery. In that case, personal injury lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve for any suffering that resulted from the accident or in situations where an insurance company is refusing to uphold their end of an agreement

While automobiles are the most common type of accident, other modes of transportation can be liable in the case of an accident or unsafe operating conditions:

  • Airplanes
  • Boats and Ships
  • Trains
  • Motorcycles
  • Subway Cars
  • Buses

You may not even be in a vehicle at all; driver misconduct sometimes results in a pedestrian victim. In rare instances, a pedestrian can even be at fault for causing an accident. A personal injury lawyer can prove beneficial in either scenario.Aggressive Animals

As typical cases involve negligence on one person's part, causing injury to another, pet attacks also fall under this category. If the owner does not take proper safety precautions with their animals, and they bite or otherwise attack you in a way that leads to injury, you may have a case. After all, you will likely require medical attention and may be at risk for infection or diseases. You should not have to pay for medical treatment when someone else is to blame for your situation.

Malpractice and Defective Medical Products

On the subject of medicine, hospitals are places where you go with the understanding that practitioners will do no harm, working to treat your ailments and restore you to the best possible condition. However, healthcare workers can be just as negligent as a person behind the wheel of a car, and the results can be just as serious.

Improper diagnosis, surgical mistakes, improper medication prescriptions, and general negligence of patients under hospital care can result in serious life-altering conditions, even death. A personal injury lawyer is in your corner if you suffer from improper treatment procedures or medical errors.

This includes situations where prescribed medications or medical equipment are at fault, even if they are the approved choice for a particular ailment. Sometimes these products fail to warn about potential side effects or have other risks that can result in injury. Other times, approved equipment may have a defect that causes failure or unexpected suffering.

Abuse of Children and Seniors

Unfortunately, incidents in which children or seniors placed under another's care come to harm are growing. Whether in daycares or nursing homes, those who cannot care for themselves face abuse and suffering at the hands of staff. This may take the form of assault, whether physical, sexual, or simply negligent behavior that results in harm. In either case, you expect your loved ones to receive proper care and respectful treatment. If they do not, you can take these organizations (and individuals) to task for their improper behavior.

Dangerous Property

Whether an injury results from a dangerous junk heap in a neighbor's yard or a hotel elevator, dangerous property can exist on public and private land, within businesses, in open venues, and in city buildings. Pretty much any person or entity has a general responsibility to ensure their premises are safe from dangers for anyone who may enter the grounds, even those who do so unlawfully.

Even a trespasser who comes into your yard uninvited, especially children, may have grounds for a personal injury case if you have an attractive nuisance or other accessible danger that causes them harm. Attractive nuisances are anything lying about, whether an empty swimming pool, junk pile, playground equipment, or construction project, that can draw others and potentially lead to an accident.

Regardless of how "attractive" they are, you must ensure that your property is safe for others. The same is true for businesses, as well. If there are accessible dangers, fire risks, or other hazards, they can be culpable. While they certainly want to keep their consumers safe, companies are also responsible for their employees, ensuring they have the proper safety equipment and protection from slip and fall dangers, as well as any other potential risks.

Will My Case Go to Court?

Some people are afraid to pursue a case after being hurt by another's behavior or negligence because they do not want to deal with going to court. Just because you engage in a personal injury lawyer's services does not mean you will end up pleading your case to a judge. In most cases, lawyers settle out of court, completely negating the need to pursue a case to trial.

However, if your lawyer cannot work out an agreement, the only way to get the compensation you deserve is to go the distance. If at this point, you wish to drop the case to avoid dealing with the legal proceedings, you certainly have that option. Nonetheless, your lawyer will be happy to fight for you if you choose to pursue your case further.

You may find a lawyer who will take your case, only requiring any form of payment if you win. In this case, you have nothing to lose, so this is an excellent opportunity to seek justice without worrying about up-front lawyer fees.

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