When to See a Doctor About Your Crackling Ears

April 29, 2023

At times, we may encounter strange or uncomfortable sounds within our ears, including hearing loss or the sound of buzzing, hissing, or even ringing.

Crackling noises coming from within one's ear canal are distinctive sounds, often likened to when pouring milk over a Rice Krispies cereal bowl.

Cracked ears may be caused by any number of conditions. Here, we explore their causes, treatment options, and when to see a doctor about your crackling ears.

Causes of Crackling in Ears

There can be various causes of hearing noises in your ear, but these are some of the more likely sources.


One of the main contributors to crackling eardrums is earwax accumulation in your ear canal, which may produce crackling noises when moving your jaw. It may occur naturally or by using cotton swabs for cleansing purposes.

Ear Infection

Acute Otitis Media, or acute middle ear infection, most frequently affects children but can affect adults as well. Inflammation may cause your ears to sound cracked and lead to severe pain. This could make hearing impossible or cause hearing aids to become ineffective.

Drainage from your ears, ear pain or loss of balance, and opening your mouth or pressing your jaw forward may all contribute to dizziness or nausea, and an infection.

Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

Erosion occurs due to abnormalities in an ear canal's structure. When this happens, your eustachian tube won't be able to drain fluid out from within your middle ear properly.

This could cause noise-making eardrums or more serious conditions like losing balance or fluid draining out through the outside ear canals.

When to See a Doctor If Your Ears Are Crackling

The sound of crackling in ears is normally not dangerous unless you have discomfort or a fever. You should only ask your physician for guidance if the noise is bothering you or lasts for a prolonged duration.

Your hearing is vital. If you experience swelling, pain, loss of hearing, or fever in your ears, talk to your physician. It is also possible to visit an area hearing clinic for expert treatment.

Be sure to consult your doctor about crackling in ear when you're experiencing any of these:

  • Noise that is disrupting your daily activities or making it difficult to hear.
  • Symptoms that are chronic, intense, or recur
  • The discharge from the ear contains pus or blood
  • Sign for an infection in the ear lasting more than a day

All of these could be indications of more serious issues, such as the occurrence of ear infections. If left untreated, ear infections could cause permanent loss of hearing. Being careful is preferable to regretting.

To determine the severity of the condition, your physician will review your medical history and then perform an exam. It will likely involve examining your throat, ears, and jaw.

In some instances, additional tests with specialized requirements might be required. The kinds of tests that the doctor can order are:

  • a hearing exam
  • testing the movement of your eardrum
  • imaging tests like CT or MRIs

How Doctors Can Help

We've discussed many of the typical reasons for crackling. In some instances, hearing-related crackling may be due to something more serious, such as cancer or infection, that requires medical treatment. For instance, if symptoms persist for more than two weeks and you have tried home solutions.

In such a scenario, it's essential to seek medical assistance from an ENT specialist who can identify any conditions that may be underlying and offer suitable treatment options.

The sound of your ears cracking doesn't necessarily indicate that you'll lose your hearing. However, it could. If hearing loss is affecting your daily life, you should consider a few of the best hearing aid manufacturers.

You should seek medical assistance if you feel headaches, pain, pressure, or fever with the sound of crackling.

Treatment could include antibiotics for the infection or inflammation, steroids to treat allergies, and surgery for growths or tumors that occur within the middle of the ear.

How do I know whether I need to see a doctor?

If the ringing in your ear isn't resolved just a few days after the time you've recovered from a cold or if the ear ringing is associated with symptoms such as loss of hearing, pain, and drainage of the ear, it is time to visit a doctor or a hearing specialist.

It is always advisable to have any issues with the inner ear examined prior to them getting more serious. The inner ear affects your balance. So you should not overlook the potential for serious problems that can be associated with the ear.

Should You Worry about Crackling in Ears?

An unsettling sound or a crackling in ear could alarm anyone. Most often, people are quick to jump into the direct scenario.

In this scenario, staying at peace and analyzing the symptoms first is best.

The most common reason for an earache that is squeaky clean could be due to seasonal allergies. If this is the case, allow it to go away on its own or try the decongestant. And if the symptoms get worse, you must immediately visit a doctor.

Being aware when a symptom is present could prevent you from the loss of your hearing.


Crackling in ear is generally not a problem when it occurs only occasionally. But anyone who experiences regular or frequent symptoms should consult an expert for a diagnosis.

Although mild cases may be treated using home remedies like hydration and relaxing techniques. However, the more serious cases must be evaluated by a physician who will identify any underlying illness or infections that require treatment.

Keep in mind that if symptoms persist after trying a few simple home remedies for more than two weeks. It's recommended to consult a physician who can assist in diagnosing and treating any condition that is causing you discomfort.


How do I fix crackling ears?

Thankfully, cracked ears aren't something you need to worry about. If your ears are ringing due to allergies or cold, The noise should disappear at the time you feel better, or you take decongestants.

However, serious instances of ear cracking could need further treatment, such as surgery. Speak to your doctor or consult an audiologist when your earaches persist for longer than one we


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