Why Should You Get Legal Representation If You're Buying Real Estate?

April 7, 2023

The Property May Have Illegal Improvements or Additions

You can find many reasons why it is a good idea for people to hire real estate buyer lawyers if they want to buy real estate. One of these reasons is that there is a possibility that the property you want to buy may include some illegal improvements or illegal additions. If this is the case, you may not want to close on the sale of the property. You will also have to take other appropriate action in the event that there are illegal improvements or additions. You may be legally required to remove illegal additions or improvements after the sale of the property has closed. 

You No Longer Trust Your Real Estate Agent

One more reason why many people hire real estate buyer lawyers is that they have lost trust in their real estate agents. This can happen for a number of reasons. Your real estate agent might be concealing information from you, for example. Your real estate agent could just give you a feeling that they are not being honest with you throughout the process of buying real estate. If you get a bad feeling about your real estate agent, you should trust that gut feeling and contact a real estate lawyer right away. 

The Property Might Have Structural Issues

Naturally, it is ideal to buy a real estate property that does not have any structural issues. However, if you are committed to buying a property with structural issues because you like it for other reasons, a real estate lawyer can help you out quite a bit. Real estate lawyers can help you learn more about the property's condition if you need to do these certain kinds of inspections. A real estate lawyer can also tell you about seller disclosure responsibilities under the state law of whichever state you are in to buy property. 

Your Real Estate Agent Might Be Concealing Information

You should definitely consult a real estate lawyer if you feel that your real estate agent could be concealing information from you. Trustworthy real estate agents will tell you all of the relevant information about the property that you want to buy. A trustworthy real estate agent will also answer all of the questions you have about the property clearly and honestly. If you are unsure that your real estate agent is telling you everything you need to know, reach out to a real estate lawyer. Real estate lawyers do quite a bit for you throughout the process of buying property. 

You Don't Want to Pay a Real Estate Agent's Administrative Fee

If you have bought property, then you know all too well that you have to pay all sorts of fees when doing so. One common fee that most real estate agents charge is an administrative fee. You may not want to pay the real estate agent's administrative fee. If so, it is good to have a real estate lawyer with you so that they can speak for you on this matter. Your real estate lawyer can advocate for your position and possibly help you avoid paying this fee. 


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