10 Best Sights and Historical Landmarks to Visit in Sydney, Australia

May 18, 2023

Looking to escape the mundane and explore a city that has it all? Look no further than Sydney, Australia!

This vibrant and bustling city is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves food, culture, beaches, and adventure. Thinking about travelling to Australia for your dream holidays? The good news, cheap flights to Australia from the UK are now available.

This blog will look at Sydney, Australia's ten best sights and historical landmarks. So, let's get started!

Famous Landmarks In Sydney

First and foremost, Sydney is a city of contrasts. From its glittering skyline to its stunning beaches and picturesque harbour, this city is a feast for the senses. Sydney has something for everyone, whether you're a foodie, an explorer, or a history nerd.

Here are our top 10 picks on famous landmarks in Sydney.

1) Darling Harbour

It's like an extensive, bustling waterfront with tons of stuff to see and do. You can check out the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, where you can see all sorts of crazy sea creatures, or head to the Australian National Maritime Museum to learn about boats.

Or, if you just want to chill out and take a leisurely walk, you can do that too while taking in some stunning views!

2) The Rocks

This location transports you back in time to the days of colonial times like a time machine!

There are loads of cool things you can do there, like going on a guided tour to learn all about the place or checking out the museums to see some neat artefacts from the past. And if you're feeling adventurous, you can just stroll around and explore the streets made of fancy cobblestones and see the cool buildings with your own eyes!

3) Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

Have you ever seen a fancy building that makes you go "Wow" even though you don't really know what's going on? Well, the Queen Victoria Building is one of those places!

Seriously, its design is super fancy and will make you feel like you're wearing fancy pants yourself. Plus, the windows are so colourful and beautiful, you won't be able to take your eyes off them!

4) Sydney Tower Eye Observation Deck

Sydney Tower Eye Observation Deck is the place to be! You can see the whole city from every angle up there! That's right, a full 360-degree view. It's like you're on top of the world! Plus, the views are so beautiful that you'll want to snap a photo or two for your Insta page.

It's the perfect spot to see the city like never before!

5) Watsons Bay

The Watsons Bay is the place to go if you're seeking a quiet getaway from the city's noise and bustle. On your way to Watsons Bay, you can take a ferry ride from Circular Quay and enjoy stunning harbour views.

Once there, you can enjoy a picnic on the beach, walk along the coastline, or simply relax and soak up the sun.

6) St. Mary's Cathedral

It's this big old church that looks absolutely breathtaking. You can either go on a fancy guided tour where someone will tell you all about the history and important stuff, or you can just go and look at the fantastic building and colourful windows on your own.

People from all over the world come to see it, and it’s one of the most famous churches in history.

7) Spit Bridge

Get ready to witness some jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring views of the harbour that will leave you spellbound. The Spit Bridge isn't just any ordinary bridge; you can also strut and walk along it, feeling like a king or queen atop your throne.

And if you're feeling extra daring, take the 10 km trek to Manly, where you'll get to soak in some of the most stunning sights Sydney offers.

8) Circular Quay

It's like a big, busy, happening centre where you can catch all sorts of transportation to get around the city. You can hop on a ferry and glide through the beautiful harbour waters or catch a bus to take you on your next adventure. And the best part? You'll be surrounded by stunning sights that will take your breath away.

There are many restaurants around Circular Quay where you can grab a bite. And the atmosphere is so lively and fun; it's impossible not to have a good time.

9) Sydney Opera House

Your trip won't be complete without a visit to the one and only Sydney Opera House! It's the most famous building in Sydney, and it's known worldwide.

If you're wondering what makes the Opera House so unique, it's pretty simple; it looks like nothing else on this planet! Imagine a bunch of huge white shells stacked on each other, sitting next to the beautiful blue ocean. The moment you see it, you'll be amazed and never forget it.

You can also catch a performance in one of the many theatres inside. Whether you're into music or dance, there's something for everyone. Stroll around the building and take pictures; you'll have a blast!

10) Sydney Harbour Bridge

This incredible landmark is famous worldwide, and for a good reason.

Whether you're looking to take a guided tour or climb to the top of the bridge, there's something for everyone. And even if you just want to stand back and admire the fantastic views of the harbour, you won't be disappointed. It's like looking at a painting that comes to life right before your eyes.

Cheap Flights to Sydney From the UK

It's time to plan your trip. If you're looking for cheap flights to Sydney from the UK, you're in luck. Many airlines, such as British Airways, Qantas, and Emirates, offer affordable flights to Sydney from the UK. You can also find great deals on travel websites, but we suggest booking with a UK travel agency to get the best rates possible!

Long Story Short

From stunning beaches to iconic landmarks, you'll never run out of things to do in this beautiful city. Whether you're travelling solo, with friends, or with family, Sydney will not disappoint.

So, book your tickets, pack your bags, and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime in Sydney, Australia!

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