4 Planning Tips to Prepare for Cross-Country Moves

May 31, 2023


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Moving cross-country can be exciting. At the same time, it demands a lot of time, effort, and planning. From packing up your household to making arrangements for the new home and getting everything in order for the moving day can be overwhelming. However, following some smart moving strategies can save you from stress.

People move across the country for several reasons. For example, in 2020, 41% of the people left Maryland for jobs, while 26% left after retiring, as per CBS News. On the other hand, 19% of the households moved because of family, and 11% moved due to lifestyle changes. However, 56% of the people moved into the state for a job, while 23% came for family. Due to the frequent moves, Maryland's housing market is also appreciating year-on-year by 1.9%, with projected growth of 5.7% in the coming years, as per Fine Living Group.

Whatever your reason for moving, you need a robust moving plan and organization skills for a seamless experience. We have prepared a comprehensive guide with top planning tips for cross-country moves.

Hire a Residential Moving Company

It’s best to hire a moving company specializing in household moving and offering all the services you need for moving houses. For instance, Residential movers like 495 Movers offer cross-country household moving services in Maryland, Virginia, and DC from local to long-distance and interstate to intrastate. They also provide special services to military and senior citizens with moving apartments and households and offer household storage options. These movers provide packing supplies, and you can apply for special packing services when transporting delicate and valuable items.

A residential moving company will offer a free survey to provide an estimate of moving costs without hidden or extra charges. Sharing and discussing any special requirements is essential to minimize the possibility of hidden charges.

Another great advantage of hiring residential movers is their experience with moving houses. You can discuss furniture placement into your new home with the moving coordinator to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Make all Travel Arrangements in Advance

Moving cross-country is different from moving within the city. It requires undertaking more tasks, especially if you plan to fly to another state. The laws and regulations of different states may impact your travel, from getting insurance to licenses and certificates, etc. If you are relocating for a job, keep everything ready and organized, like employment contracts, financial statements, offer and recommendation letters, etc.

If you are flying, book your tickets immediately to avoid last-minute delays. Align your flight with your moving day for seamless transit. If you are traveling with a pet, check pet travel rules and regulations and make arrangements if required since it may take time. The same goes for young children. Make sure that you plan for their comfort and entertainment during travel.

Embarking on a fun-moving road trip could be cost-friendly and fun. Nonetheless, it’s imperative to check for road conditions and rest stops, vehicle booking if required, and how many days it will take to reach you. Careful planning will keep you on schedule. If you rent an RV or a moving truck, pay careful attention to the roads to take, the weight and height limit of those roads, tolls, taxes, or specific driving laws.

Remember to make hotel reservations or research other lodging options for night stays during your road trip. Timely booking would enable you to take advantage of the best rates and ensure availability, especially if you move during peak travel seasons.

Schedule Utilities and Other Services

Before moving into your new home, it is essential to prepare it by ensuring it has electricity, gas, and water supply. You can contact relevant utility companies or authorities to schedule them according to your moving date.

At the same time, remember to disconnect services from your previous home. If you want to retain services of the same service providers, you can let them know about your moving dates and request a transition. If you move within the city, it will save time and effort to look for a new provider in your new location. However, moving interstate may require switching to local providers in some cases.

The ideal utility installation in your new home should be a few days ahead of the actual move. It will help ensure that everything is in order before you move in. It’s especially helpful if you move during extreme weather conditions to enable turning on heating or cooling immediately.

Services other than utilities can include internet, cable, phone, TV, or other subscriptions you require. Researching and finding local providers in your new area can take time. You can schedule your preferred services to ensure everything is operational once you move in.


Decluttering is crucial to lighten the load when traveling cross-country. It will make your travel that much easier. It reduces the cost of packing, transporting, and unloading items you no longer need. So, it’s better to start sorting items in advance and into various categories like donation, selling, recycling, or discarding.

The best way to optimize the decluttering process is to begin room-by-room. It will ensure proper organization. You can schedule decluttering each room per day or week leading up to the packing stage.

When discarding and recycling, make sure you do it in an environmentally friendly manner. Moreover, every state has rules and regulations for proper recycling and discarding processes. Therefore, make sure that you follow the rules.

Furthermore, it might take time to research donation or pickup spots if you want to donate specific items. Also, look up thrift stores, online platforms, or more to sell items that are in good condition but no longer needed.


Before moving across the country, planning everything to experience a stress-free move is essential. You can break down your tasks and carry them out systematically until you are ready to move.

Begin by hiring a residential moving company that provides high-quality, specialized services with a free in-home survey for cost estimates without extra charges. Make sure to be transparent about your packing and moving needs.

Moreover, make travel arrangements and utility scheduling in advance to avoid any last-minute problems. Lastly, declutter to lighten the load and make the move more seamless.

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