6 Things To Consider When Choosing An Event Space For Your Business Meetings

May 10, 2023

Selecting an event space requires different considerations when you are evaluating it for a business meeting. Since it's not a casual gathering, you'll need it to have a professional vibe along with a host of other amenities to facilitate both physical and virtual participants. Recently, the wave of startups that have limited resources and a range of other global businesses have initiated a trend of meetings that are held off-site for any number of reasons, and this has, in turn, given rise to modern spaces like co-working venues to host such formal events.

There are roughly 55 million meetings held in the US every week. This translates to more than a billion meetings each year. Where most of these meetings had gone virtual in 2020, stats from 2022 showed more than 88% of companies and businesses planning and holding physical business meetings, especially in foreign destinations like Taiwan, Singapore, and the MENA region. Taipei is a popular choice because of its booming economy and business tourism. These are just some of the fundamentals and aspects to consider when looking to pick out a venue for your meeting.

Here are the things you need to consider when searching for the perfect space to host your upcoming business meeting:

Location and capacity

For most business executives and meeting planners, the location of the event space is most important when planning a conference or any other corporate event. It is important for the venue to be central for most participants because longer traveling distances translate to late arrivals and absenteeism. It is pertinent to pick a place with public transportation terminals nearby so that individuals can arrive conveniently. For this reason, places like Taipei are among the best commercial hubs for conducting international business meetings.

And while considering the location, the capacity of the venue also needs to be taken into consideration. You may need to host a close group of 10 executives or bring together more than 100 team members from the company. Either way, you'll need to look for a venue that is easily accessible to all these people, and the space can accommodate them at one time too. The larger the group of employees, the more you'll need to consider your options carefully.

Flexibility to alter the layout of the space

Nowadays, business meetings, especially those held off-site, have a diverse agenda. These gatherings are designed with a format where interactions, networking, and informal ice-breaking are encouraged. Particularly when employees from various departments are in a meeting, there are chances that some of these individuals have not met one another. Also, when the senior management is attending the meeting, you may want to offer the chance for team members to communicate as well as interact with them.

When your meeting agenda is such, you'll need a space that allows for more flexibility in terms of seating and other arrangements. A traditional meeting room with a central table and chairs surrounding it won't necessarily work for you. Instead, you'll need a space that allows you to adjust the seating plan to facilitate better interaction and communication.

Technology and amenities

Modern business meetings are almost impossible without assistance from some state-of-the-art technologies. The traditional projector for PowerPoint presentations has already been around for decades, but organizations today need more than that. From high-end audio/video systems to reliable and capable teleprompters, you'll need numerous things depending on the type of meetings you plan to hold.

The last thing you want is either the internet connection or the audio/visual system to fail in the middle of a crucial speech. You must also check whether the space you are considering has an on-ground tech support team. Since these individuals understand the amenities and technology available, they can effectively assist you in ensuring the meeting goes on without a hitch.

Overall décor and vibe

Tastes change over time. Where employees were once content with conventional meeting rooms, the individuals of today value ambiance, décor, and vibe even at their workplace. This is why leading companies like Google, Meta, Nike, and Apple have invested good money in upgrading their headquarters. For today's business meetings, organizers feel it's essential to include a variety of taste considerations because attendees from several generations sometimes attend the same meeting.

Given these facts, it is crucial to be cautious and consult with the location's management before making a reservation if you intend to use part of your own décor. You should be informed of any limitations on specific decorations or whether there will be a fee for clean-up.


It may come as a surprise, but pricing is a factor that meeting planners rank close to the bottom of their list of considerations for a business meeting venue. The four factors above take precedence over the costs, at least for most organizers. What's more, in some cases, planners show that they prefer to pay for everything like the space, décor, catering, and other facilities individually as it helps them not pay for extra items they don't use. This is not always the best approach because individual fees for different vendors can pile up significantly. On the other hand, with package pricing, although a few items are included that won't be needed during your respective meeting, you will still find it more affordable than individual pricing.

Reviews from past customers

When picking out an event space for a business meeting, the best way to understand a place's true quality of service is through feedback from previous customers. You don't want to spend a load of time, money, effort, and other resources planning a meticulous meeting only for everything to go down the drain because of the behavior of the staff and the subpar facilities provided by the space.


Business meetings hold significant weightage for corporations, especially when held off-site. When picking out a space, you must consider a different dynamic to a casual setting or event, press release for an event. Some of the elements to take care of include the location, overall capacity to accommodate guests, flexibility to alter the existing layout, décor, technology support, and amenities, to name a few. You will also need to take into account whether a space fits your budget or not. Ticking all these boxes on your checklist will help you choose the best venue for the meeting you want to hold.

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