Amazing Uses For Tupelo Honey: Cooking And More

May 26, 2023


Honey is a staple in different cultures around the world. It is probably one of the few food items that are equally valued across cultures, people and races. To add to this, it is also considered special in many religions, elevating its status further in the eye of the people.

In most cultures, honey was not a major ingredient in cooked food. It was rather had with milk or simply consumed with or without the honeycomb. Recently, Tupelo Honey is becoming a hit in the cooked form in various recipes. Honey garlic potatoes and sweet and spicy wings are just two examples of this popular ingredient. Beyond food, it is also used topically on the skin for various benefits and medicinal purposes. These practices originated thousands of years ago and have recently been backed by science. Still, since there is no harm in topical application, let us look at some of the more common uses beyond cooking as well.

Are you searching for "Honey For Sale Near Me?" Well, you must because here is a compilation of recipes you can consume. Also, we have enlisted various topical purposes of honey that you can try out. Let's see how we can make use of honey in our daily lives.

A Basic Recipe For The Hottest Of Summers

With climate change, summers are becoming hotter than ever. This means we should be prepared and provide our body with sufficient hydration to maintain our best health. Dehydration and heat strokes are real problems, and not many people realize how severe they can be. Moreover, they can cause long-term damage to our bodies. So it is best to keep cool in the summer by wearing lighter-coloured clothes, consuming more liquids and staying in the shade.

Here are a few recipes you can enjoy in the summer that will keep your body cool.

The Classic: Lemonade With A Twist

Lemonade with lots of ice and sugar is a classic summer staple worldwide. Add a punch to this dish by sweetening it with Tupelo Honey instead of sugar. The taste's fine notes in the honey will add a host of flavours to this tried and tested drink. Consider adding crushed ginger (very little), seasonal fruits (frozen for a more cooling effect), soaked basil seeds and boiled and cooled tapioca balls for additional texture and fun.

Fresh Fruit And Yogurt Parfait

This makes a great breakfast or an afternoon snack. The yoghurt in this is healthy for your gut and helps keep you cool in the summer. It is best to consume yoghurt year-round and increase summer consumption. Fancy as it sounds, Yoghurt parfait is the easiest dish you can make.

Even if you don’t know the recipe, you’ve probably accidentally made it someday after a workout. The recipe is simple:

  • Chop up your favourite fruits. Go for seasonal fruits for maximum benefit. Chop them into sizes you like to bite on; this may take some experimentation. How you chop them will affect how it tastes, without a doubt.
  • Layer the fruits and yoghurt in a bowl. Begin with a base layer of yoghurt, greek yoghurt if you like it more creamy. Add fruits on top of it and pour Tupelo Honey on top of it. Repeat the layers as much as you like.
  • Sprinkle steel-cut oats or fine steel-cut oats on top for added texture and flavour. You can also add muesli or granola instead if that’s what you like.
  • If you can find fresh Tupelo honeycomb, that will make the perfect garnish and add a lot of flavours. Add soaked basil seeds or tapioca balls to make them more interesting.

Must-Have Winter Recipe

With the onset of winter comes flu season, allergies and more; the perfect winter recipe should be something that should boost your immunity and help you stay afloat in the coldest months of the year. It is definitely worse to be sick in the winter compared to the summer!

So let’s get right to the recipe.

A Winter Tonic To Boost Your Immunity

This is an easy recipe. Crush ginger root and turmeric root and boil them in a lot of water until you get a strong concoction. Add honey to the concoction and let it cool. Once it is cool, store it in the fridge. Take a little bit every morning and hot water to it to make a lovely immunity-boosting tea. Add a squeeze and a slice of lemon if you like the flavour.

Mint, dry ginger root and black peppercorns are equally good for health but will increase and make the flavour stronger.

Topical Uses Of Honey

Like diets, honey has equally been a part of skin and hair care since times immemorial. How much of this has been scientifically tested remains in question. Yet, they are harmless as long as you are not allergic to anything in it. So here are a few things you can try and see if it works for you.

  • Dandruff Cure

It is a common belief in many cultures that lemon, honey, and yoghurt applied to the scalp can cure dandruff. However, you should remember that lemon can dry and worsen dandruff.

  • Solution To Acne Problems

Honey is considered a great acne solution. You can apply honey directly on your face, leave it for a while and wash it away. This may work since honey is an anti-oxidant with anti-bacterial properties. Mix it with cold yoghurt before applying it on your face to shrink pores and reduce puffiness.

  • Dark spots

Honey may also lighten dark spots left by acne or hyperpigmentation if you are darker skinned. Similarly, many people use it to lighten their hair; how well this works is yet to be assessed, but it is harmless and surely worth a try.

Add olive oil or coconut oil and a few drops of rosemary oil to treat your hair to a spa day.


Honey has been a staple in human civilization in more ways than one. You can get Tupelo and find other varieties of honey by searching "honey For Sale Near Me" from Smiley Honey - add more sweetness to your life. Experiment with food and other uses until you find what works best for you!


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