Angular Vs. React: Which One to Choose for Your Blockchain App?

May 23, 2023

New-age technologies are disrupting almost every industry. One of the new-age technologies gaining hype is blockchain. You can find blockchain use cases in finance, healthcare, logistics, real estate, public services, energy, gaming, and many other industry sectors.

Since the full potential of blockchain is yet to be explored, there is no single framework to develop applications. However, companies depend on two front-end technologies more than others, Angular and React.

Are you wondering whether to hire Angular developers or look for React experts? Read on to understand which technology is best for blockchain application development in 2023.

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Understanding Angular

Angular is a popular front-end framework used for web application development. Developed by Google, Angular can be used to create multi-faceted web applications, including blockchain applications.

Since Angular uses the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, it classifies different aspects of web development, thus making it easy for the developers. With its set of libraries and tools, Angular makes web development easy.

The framework consists of a special system to manage the dependencies between different elements of a blockchain application. Many web developers choose Angular because of its vast and strong community.

There are a number of reasons where even other languages, such as Python, surpasses the Angular framework because of its easy to understand codes and great libraries. Therefore, while choosing between Angular and React, most businesses also like to consider hiring Python developers since it can be helpful in developing both front-end and backend.

But again, with a very powerful MVC, Angular becomes the best choice to use it. Here are some standout features of Angular for blockchain app development:

  • Blockchain applications often have complex UIs (User Interfaces). Luckily, Angular offers features like component-led architecture, two-way data binding, and declarative template syntax to design complex interfaces easily.
  • Dependencies between components of an application can be easily managed with Angular.
  • Angular is highly compatible with Web3, a JavaScript library used to develop powerful and multi-faceted blockchain apps.
  • Angular can support robust testing to ensure the blockchain application is free from vulnerabilities.
  • Angular has a vast community, and a company might not have to go through hassles to hire Angular developers.

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Understanding React

React, or React JS, is a JavaScript library used for front-end web development. React JS is widely used for developing UIs for web applications. Similar to Angular, React JS is also component-based front-end technology.

Developers can easily create reusable components and use them multiple times within the same blockchain application. React can easily add any new feature to an existing blockchain application. You can simply write a new piece of code and embed it within existing components.

In short, React is a flexible library for developing new-age blockchain applications. Here are some standout features of React for blockchain app development:

  • React offers the virtual DOM feature to web developers. Developers can change only a few parts of the DOM, thus delivering updates quickly.
  • With the aid of the component-led architecture of React, developers can design reusable components to be used anywhere within a blockchain application.
  • With the help of the declarative programming model of React, developers can clarify the exact state of the user interface anytime.
  • For complex blockchain applications, React extends several state management libraries.
  • With the robust testing/debugging framework of React, blockchain developers can remove vulnerabilities from the application.

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Choosing Between Angular and React for Blockchain App Development

Since Angular and React are both fast-growing technologies, choosing one can be daunting. Big players like Netflix, Uber, and Airbnb run on React JS. On the other hand, popular web apps like Upwork, PayPal, and Sony run on Angular.

Whether you hire Angular developers or consult with React experts, it all depends on your blockchain app requirements. So let us compare both front-end development technologies based on different aspects of blockchain app development.


Angular is a far more complex framework as compared to React JS. It offers a wide range of tools for web development, which might be challenging for novices. However, it also helps develop complex blockchain applications due to its diverse features.

The learning curve for Angular is far steeper than React JS. For the same rationale, companies having in-house blockchain developers do not choose Angular. It is because they might have to train Angular developers, which might take some time. If you are looking for a lightweight library with a gentler learning curve, choose React JS.


The two-way data binding system of Angular might slow down in some cases, thus hindering the performance of the blockchain application. On the other hand, the one-way data flow of React JS ensures high speed in critical situations.

The frame rate of React JS for updates is also faster than Angular. Sometimes, developers might not do well without a two-way data binding system. If that’s not the case, you can choose React JS for improved performance.


Both front-end technologies depend on the component-based architecture. However, the architecture of Angular is considered more rigid than React JS. Out-of-box functionalities of Angular can help developers to add more features to a blockchain app. However, developers find it hard to deviate from the original features of the blockchain app.

On the other hand, React can help developers design reusable components. Also, rendering these reusable components is easy with React, thus allowing developers to customize as per their will.

Community Size and Support

Whether you hire Angular developers or React JS experts, community support is always considered. More developers use React JS for web development.

You can find a wide range of React JS resources and libraries for the same rationale. However, professional support for Angular is extended by Google, one of the best companies in the world.

In-built Tools

If you are looking for in-built tools and resources, Angular will be the right choice. Developers can find scaffolding, code organization, build optimization, dependency management, and routing tools with Angular.

It helps develop blockchain applications with complex features in quick succession. On the other hand, React JS depends more on third-party libraries and modules.

In a Nutshell

Both Angular and React JS are widely used for developing new-age blockchain applications. To choose the right technology, consider the unique requirements of your blockchain app.

Don’t forget to partner with a firm that offers skilled Angular or React developers to meet your expectations. Hire React or Angular developers right away!


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