Before Choosing A Template, Remember These Things!

May 7, 2023

For various kinds of websites, there are several kinds of templates available. To improve the appearance of the website, you must understand what kind of template to use. Many people think of a website as the starting point for so many aspects of their professional lives, from discoverability to the freedom to present their work to act as the final decision-making platform for potential clients. It may also help you acquire insights into your own work by letting you know which content your audience appreciates the most, depending on the capabilities and plug-ins of the website. In the end, having your own website and choosing the right template gives you more control over your business, allowing you to periodically collect email addresses so you can keep site visitors informed about your work.

Match your branding

Making a website also involves making the appropriate template selection. There are a lot of various genres on the website, so it won't look good if the template doesn't at all match it. Since our website is, as we all know, the foundation of our brand, we ought to make every effort to make it look as good as possible. A distinctive brand will boost the company's internet visibility, which is crucial for any kind of brand. Your first step should be to add your company name, tagline, logo, and other brand components. Any placeholder text should be replaced with content that represents your brand. This is a crucial requirement for all brands. Similar reasoning applies to stock images, icons, animations, and other visual components; each of these presents a priceless opportunity to communicate your brand's message.

unique color theme

This is considered one of the most important things to do for the website. You match the color theme of the website with the colors of your website logo, which will look quite good. The right combination of colors for the website is important, as this will make everything look even more attractive to the viewers. Make unique color selections for your website rather than keeping with the default color scheme of a template. When doing so, take into account color psychology (how colors can alter how people perceive your brand psychologically) and color theory (how colors and visuals interact with each other to create an aesthetically pleasing design).

It might also be useful to look at successful blue websites, orange websites, black and white websites, and other examples for inspiration, depending on the color scheme of your brand. Always keep in mind that it's crucial for your website to feel like a natural extension of your brand. That is greatly influenced by color, so take care when selecting your palette.


Different types of fonts play different roles on the website. These also help to make the website look more appealing to the audience, which is the majority of people nowadays. You will find different types of fonts for different kinds of websites. To increase the visual hierarchy of the website, it is required to use two or three different types of fonts, which will give an impactful look to the website and are just amazing. Additionally, the fonts you choose should be accessible, which means they should have enough color contrast and be readable on a variety of screens and device types. Your top focus should be the user experience, and visitors will leave a website with a difficult-to-read font very quickly. As a result, there is a high bounce rate, and crucial information is missed.

Stay Consistent

With the use of so many different tools, you can drag and drop the templates and use them in a better and more creative way, which is also required for the website. You can customize each of the templates and make them according to their usage and the exact type of page you need. But sometimes, less really is more. If you change every page, your website won't look original; it will look inconsistent and disorganized.

To strengthen your branding and its overall image, all of your site's pages should have the same backgrounds, color schemes, typefaces, and even writing style, as it gives an amazing view. That does not imply that each page must have a uniform design. In reality, separate layouts should be used for different sorts of sites, such as landing pages and blog entries, while still using the same colors, fonts, and other design components.

Your website will be consistent with your brand and enable users to easily find what they need without being diverted by a plethora of distracting design elements. Make your website the best it can be to have an even more attractive website that is just right for the target audience. Visit Squarespace; you may get so many ideas from here.

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