Best Airport in Saudi Arabia for Umrah Arrival and Departure

May 16, 2023

People going for Umrah or Hajj are always curious about the best airports to suit them. Mostly pilgrims who want to go directly to Mecca land at the Jeddah Airport. King Abdul Aziz International Airport is the closest to Mecca and is in Jeddah. Many pilgrims land there. If you want to stay at Medina first, you will land at Prince Mohammad bin Abdul Aziz Airport in Medina. These two airports are the ones that pilgrims travelling from around the world frequently use. 

The specific airport in Saudi Arabia where you will land depends on the Umrah packages from the UK that you select. Different Umrah packages have other services, including the airline you will travel to and from, the airport you will land and depart from, and the accommodation. It also depends on the Islamic travel agency from which you will avail your package. Here is a comprehensive guide on airports that are best for Umrah.

Things to Consider While Using the Airport for Umrah

If you want to choose the airport in Saudi Arabia while travelling to Umrah that will suit you best, here are some things you must consider. 

1. Time of Your Travel

During busy or peak times such as the holidays or Ramadan, many people travel to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Most people prefer landing in Jeddah because of its proximity to Mecca, so the airport can get busy. Therefore, if you want to land at a less busy airport, landing at Medina Airport might be perfect for you. You will not have to spend too much time on immigration and luggage collection.

2. Number of People on the Journey

The number and age group of people you will go to Umrah with also matters. If you travel with children or the elderly, you might want to make the journey as convenient as possible. In such a case, it is best to land near the hotel in Mecca or Medina. Also, if you are going for an Umrah with a group, you must consider certain things. 

3. Cities you will Visit

Moreover, you must plan your trip to make the journey smoother. Ensure you know if you are travelling to Mecca or Medina. Consider everything before choosing the ideal airport for your journey. Usually, with Umrah packages, you will land at the airport that is included in the package. 

4. Duration of Your Visit

You should also consider the duration of your visit before choosing the best airport for Umrah. If you will stay for a long time, it is suggested that you land in Medina and explore it before heading for Umrah. Also, you can travel to and from any airport in Saudi Arabia, even with a tourist visa. If you want to explore any other place or city before heading towards Mecca, you can easily do it. 

How to get From Mecca to Medina?

People who travel to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage must go from one holy city to another. Some people like to visit the sacred sites in Medina before performing Umrah in Mecca. At the same time, some prefer performing Umrah first and doing the Zayaraat in Mecca and Medina afterwards. The government of Saudi Arabia has taken a great initiative in the form of a Haramain train for the pilgrims. You can easily travel between the two holy cities on this train. Undoubtedly, it is the ideal way of travelling between Mecca and Medina. 

Another viable option is the SAPTCO VIP coach which provides services from Medina to Mecca. This coach is convenient for pilgrims as it stops at the Meeqat point, where pilgrims can change into Ihram. In addition, you can also consider travelling to Yanbu, which is a smaller city with a smaller and less-crowded airport. You can get some excellent airfares through this airport as various airlines operate from here too. 

Moreover, you can also catch a flight from Jeddah to Medina or take a taxi. Both options are expensive and not recommended if you travel on a budget. A local train instead of Haramain will also be time-consuming and costly. 


The best airport for your Umrah depends entirely on your situation, duration of stay, and other requirements. Primarily, depending on your Umrah packages, you will land at the King Abdul Aziz Airport in Jeddah or Prince Mohammed Bin Abdul Aziz Airport in Medina. The UK Umrah travel agency that you select will provide recommendations on the best airport to use. 

But it is recommended that you refrain from landing and departing from Jeddah airport during peak season if you want to save some time. Also, landing in Medina gives you a chance to rest before you head towards the Holy Kaabah to perform the rites of Umrah.  But still, you can make the decision depending on your plans in Saudi Arabia.

Emiy Watson

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