Celebrities Who Had Laser Eye Surgery

May 15, 2023

Hollywood stars and A-listers are no strangers to surgical procedures. Some of them turn to surgeons for help to break the spell of aging. Others choose to have elective procedures done to enhance their natural features and camouflage flaws and irregularities. But then there are procedures celebs undergo to address certain health issues, with one of them being laser eye surgery.

Safe and effective, laser vision correction procedures have been gaining in popularity in recent years, and have taken the celebrity world by storm, causing everyone from singers to actors to models, sport stars, and TV presenters to go under the laser and enhance their eyesight. Below, we’ve compiled a list of celebrities who had laser eye surgery and what they had to say about this popular procedure.

Bonnie Tyler

When we think of Bonnie, we think of her smash hits such as “Total Eclipse of the Heart'' and the legendary “Holding out for a Hero”. What many of her fans don’t know is that the British songstress herself underwent a laser vision correction surgery. She reportedly struggled with several vision problems, including presbyopia, long-sightedness, and astigmatism.

It wasn’t until her laser eye procedure that the music sensation finally managed to improve her vision. On one occasion, she spoke about how she could literally see everything so much more clearly after the procedure, wishing she’d done it earlier.

Brad Pitt

Another celebrity who had laser eye surgery and has experienced its benefits first-hand, Pitt is the hearthrob we all know and love. But what many around him didn’t know is that the actor had problems with his eyesight. Only after Pitt had his laser vision correction procedure done could he wave goodbye to his glasses.

You may have noticed he wore quite a few pairs during his acting days back in the 2000s. Many of his roles back then had him sporting waggish model shades, but needless to say, they didn’t exactly hold him back from winning women’s hearts all around the globe.

Cindy Crawford

From making moles stylish to becoming the wife of none other than Richard Gere in a quick Las Vegas ceremony, it seems like Cindy Crawford can make anything happen. One thing the supermodel struggled with is her vision problems.

Many of us know that wearing contact lenses is already tedious enough. But when you add to that the loads of professional makeup that Cindy needed to wear on the daily as well as doing plenty of photoshoots as a professional model, you realize just how stressful her modeling days were. That is when the model decided that there’s no way around it – she had to do something. She scheduled her laser eye surgery, and these days, she recommends it to everyone.

LeBron James

Optimal eyesight is vital, but even more so when you’re a professional sportsman. This is the case for the world-famous basketball player LeBron James, who had the surgery almost two decades ago. All the running up and down the court started to feel stressful due to contact lenses getting irritated by the sweat.

After the procedure he underwent back in 2007, James’s vision had improved so much that this had quite an astonishing effect on his performance, with the player’s field goal percentage reportedly going up to 49%. Other than LeBron, Dwayne Wade, Anthony Bennett, and Rudy Gay are other NBA players who underwent the procedure as well, proving that laser eye surgery is a slam dunk when it comes to ensuring they’re always bringing their A-game.

Lisa Ling

Last but not least, another celebrity face that opted for laser eye surgery was Lisa Ling. The TV presenter and journalist has this popular procedure to thank since it helped her take her performance to the next level.

According to Ling, she had trouble putting her contact lenses properly due to unsanitary conditions she experienced while on the road. Constantly on the move due to the nature of her work, Ling decided that there’s nothing left to do but to bite the bullet and get the eye surgery. As it turns out, it was one of those life-changing decisions, helping her stay on top of her tasks while making her job – as she put it –infinitely easier.

Laser eye surgery as an effective tool for improving everyday performance

Some of the famous faces listed here may have surprised you, others – not so much. What’s certain is this – laser eye surgery will continue to reign supreme when it comes to vision correction procedures as it is a treatment that offers life-changing benefits. The best part? It’s not reserved just for the rich and famous.

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Perfect vision is what many of us dream of, and these celebrities had made it their reality by simply going under the laser and having their vision corrected.

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