Clean Your House Exteriors Through Pressure Washing

May 5, 2023

Your home's exterior is no doubt the first thing anyone will see when they visit.

But have you ever felt that your house appears dull and inert when approaching it?

Dirt, filth, and other particles may collect on the outside of your house over the years, giving it an unattractive appearance and causing damage to the framework.

Cleaning the outside of your home and restoring its curb appeal may be performed with pressure washing. This article will discuss pressure washing as a method for cleaning the exterior of your home.

Steps to Clean Your House Exteriors Through Pressure Washing

Follow the directions below to get rid of accumulated filth on your home's exterior. Start using a standard garden sprayer to spray your house, then move on to a pressure washer.

Cover Surrounding Vegetation And Secure Entrances And Windows

Cover the shrubbery, vegetation, gardens, and lawn with fallen leaves or plastic sheeting to safeguard them.

If your windows or doors leak, seal them or cover them with plastic. Using duct tape, secure all sheets and fabrics.

Prepare Your Household Cleaning Agent.

In a 5-gallon pail, combine mildewcide with water based on the manufacturer's instructions.

It is recommended to dilute the mildewcide-detergent solution by nine parts before adding bleach. The garden sprayer should be filled with this mixture.

Attach The Appropriate Nozzle To Your Pressure Washer And Get Ready For Washing.

When you're done scrubbing and spraying with the garden hose, the pressure washer will be ready to go. You will find the hose mount on the pressure washer's backside.

Ensure the fixture outside is connected to the other end of the garden hose before you fasten it to this mount. Make use of a 15-degree spray nozzle for firmer materials and a higher psi.

Select a 25- or 30-degree nozzle for gentler surfaces and a lower PSI. Washing a two-story building requires starting at the top and working your way down; you'll likely need an extension wand to get to the upper level.

If you use scaffolds to reach the 2nd floor, assemble them per the manufacturer's guidelines.

Arrange the scaffolding so you can comfortably reach the siding from 1.5 to 3 feet away while holding the tool in one hand. Remember to secure the wheels in place before using the scaffolding.

Working In 10-Foot-Wide Areas, Spray And Scrub The Siding From The Bottom To The Top

Spray the mildewcide solution thoroughly over a portion of one level of your house. Use a soft siding brush to vigorously but gently scrub the siding in the area, working upward from the bottom.

(It is recommended to work your way up because the foam will flow down the wall if you begin at the top, and it will be difficult to see contaminants and dust that have to be scrubbed off.)

If you are washing a two-story residence, begin with the upper floor and work upward from the "floor" of the scaffold to the roof.

Put On Your Safety Glasses And Pressure-Wash Test The Cleaned Area

After the initial section has been thoroughly sanitized, wear safety glasses. After ensuring a 3-foot distance between the nozzle and the wall, activate the pressure washer.

Maintain this distance if it permits the removal of dirt without causing damage. If the dirt isn't removed, try moving closer in steps 4 to 6 inches, pausing each time to assess the cleaning effectiveness and look for damage.

Maintain your current distance for best results.

Power Wash The Area That Has Been Cleaned While Working From Top To Bottom.

Once you've determined how far away from the siding you need to be, you can start the power washing process from the top of the previously cleaned section. Spray first the overhangs and gutters, then work your way down.

To prevent water from seeping under the sheathing, reach up using both hands (as high as you can safely go without losing your equilibrium due to recoil) and angle the sprayer 45 degrees downward.

Rinse And Repeat Steps 4-6 Until The Whole Home Has Been Cleaned

Continue cleaning the house siding by moving on to the next area and repeating Steps 4–6. Pull up the plastic sheeting and drop cloths after you're done, throw the tape you used in the trash, and store the cleaning supplies and tools.

If you intend to paint the home's exterior subsequently, you must wait at least two days for it to cure thoroughly. If not, take a moment to appreciate your spotless home.


The exteriors of your home may be restored to their former glory, damage can be avoided, and your property's health and safety are improved by pressure washing.

You can pressure the washer to clean the outside of your home safely and efficiently by following the instructions provided in this article.

You can have a tidy and attractive home exterior by contacting larryspressurewashing and enjoy your outdoor time well.

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