Daily Cash Prizes until June 30th: The ACE Money Transfer & Bank Al Habib Giveaways You Shouldn't Miss

May 4, 2023

Expat Pakistanis in Europe, Switzerland, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia who send money to Pakistan have an incredible opportunity. Expats can now participate in the ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib campaign to win massive cash rewards. ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib have joined once more to promote the usage of regulated channels for remittances to Pakistan. Both institutions have announced an exciting giveaway promotion to thank their customers and encourage the secure and reliable movement of payments. These programs, which provide the chance to win fantastic cash prizes, aim to emphasise the benefits of using ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib's broad network of branches.

Purpose of the Campaign 

The ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib giveaway effort aims to get people to send money to Pakistan safely and regulated while allowing customers to win big cash prizes. It aims to make people more aware of the importance of sending money through regulated channels, promoting financial inclusion, and building trust and faith in the remittance process among customers. Also, the program makes people and families happy and brings them joy by giving out cash prizes during holidays like the Two Eids. Ultimately, the goal of the effort is to boost economic growth by encouraging regulated money transfers.

Advantages of Regulated Money Transfers

Regulated remittances are crucial to ensuring that deals are safe and transparent. By working with Bank Al Habib, ACE Money Transfer has taken a big step toward providing customers who can safely send their hard-earned money to their loved ones in Pakistan. The extensive network of more than 1080+ Bank Al Habib branches makes it easy for users to get their money and makes the transfer process quick and easy. Also, by using regulated channels, people can help stop illegal money transfers, encourage financial participation, and support their home country's economy to grow.

The Power of the Partnership Between ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib

The partnership between ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib has a lot of promise to change how people send money abroad. These two institutions have built a strong foundation for offering excellent remittance services because they care about customer satisfaction and following the rules. By giving out nice cash prizes, they hope to encourage customers to use safe methods and encourage intelligent money management.

Revealing the Prizes

ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib have set up a gift that will be remembered for a long time. As part of this project, they will give away two big cash prizes of PKR 10 Million each, one on each of the two Eids. Also, from April 1, 2023, to June 30, 2023, 91 cash gifts of PKR 1 Lac will be given away daily. This long time of daily cash prizes offers participants plenty of chances to win during the campaign.

How to Join and Who Can Join

To participate in this exciting giveaway, people from the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, or Switzerland must send money to Pakistan through ACE Money Transfer. The funds should then be sent to Pakistan through one of the 1080+ Bank Al Habib branches. It's important to know that only transfers made through regulated channels will be qualified for the draw. This rule ensures that participants put their money's safety and security first by using known platforms like ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib.

Safe, Dependable, and Helpful

The ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib's effort to give away money shows how powerful regulated money transfers can be. By participating in this project, people not only have the chance to win cash gifts that could change their lives, but they also help the Pakistani economy grow and stay stable. Daily cash prizes give people a chance they have never had before to get something out of their money transfers and improve their financial situation.

Motivation for Overseas Pakistanis to Participate in ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib's Joint Promotion

Overseas Pakistanis should not hesitate to participate in the joint promotion by ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib due to the myriad of benefits that it offers.

Firstly, this collaboration aims at facilitating overseas Pakistanis in sending remittances to their families back home, thereby ensuring financial security and fostering domestic economic growth. In the process, it aids in uplifting living standards, education, health and housing conditions in Pakistan.

Secondly, these two institutions are well-respected in their respective fields, assuring participants of reliable and trustworthy services. With its wide global reach and secure technology, ACE Money Transfer guarantees a seamless transfer process. Bank Al Habib, a leading bank in Pakistan, ensures that the transferred funds reach their intended recipients safely and efficiently.

Furthermore, the promotion will likely feature added incentives to reward users for their trust and loyalty. These could take the form of discounts, better exchange rates, or even prize schemes – all of which create a win-win situation for users by adding value to their transactions.

Lastly, by engaging in this promotion, overseas Pakistanis are not only catering to their personal financial needs but also contributing to the national economy. Every remittance sent helps to stabilise Pakistan's foreign exchange reserves, supports its balance of payments and strengthens its credit ratings.

The joint promotion by ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib provides a reliable and beneficial channel for overseas Pakistanis to send remittances. With assured security, potential incentives, and the opportunity to support Pakistan's economy, this initiative represents a promising proposition for every overseas Pakistani.


ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib are leading the way in getting people to send money to Pakistan through legal methods. Through their exciting giveaway promotion, they show how important financial transactions are to be safe and transparent. When people use the services of ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib, they can easily send money to their loved ones and also have the chance to win great cash prizes. Take advantage of the power of controlled remittances and participate in this fantastic chance to change lives and help Pakistan's economy grow.

Emiy Watson

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