Finding a profitable niche in the pet industry for your dropshipping business: Tips and strategies

May 20, 2023

At the start of every dropshipping business, you need to determine your product niche and find reliable suppliers. A profitable dropshipping business is based on excellent suppliers, marketing, and a user-friendly popular online store. A dropshipper is responsible for the online store placement, creation, marketing, and order fulfillment. But actual goods production and delivery is the responsibility of a supplier, a dropshipper need only to find the most suitable one.

If you have already chosen pet products as your product niche but can’t specify the actual products, this article will be a good helper for you.

Strategies to find a profitable niche in the pet business

One of the best advantages of dropshipping is that you can choose any product you want. The pet niche shows a stable increase in figures every year, about 6.1%. The most significant growth was shown in the Asia Pacific region. After the pandemic, most pet owners started buying pet food and supplies online. There are so many pet opportunities, and everywhere you can find your profitable idea. You should not worry about suppliers. You can find dropshipping suppliers on SaleHoo, Chewy, Petco, PetEdge, Pet Drop Shipper, etc.

There are several strategies how to find a product:

  • Check best-sellers on marketplaces using filters.
  • Check Google Trends or other search engine metrics for the most popular pet owner requests.
  • Check your passions and interests (we propose the most exciting tips below).
  • Follow the primary pet owner’s problems, and find niches with high demand and small proposals.
  • Define your potential customers and do market research on social networks and other websites about their needs.
  • Do research among your competitors, and check what they sell.
  • Read forums and ask pet owners directly about their needs.
  • Find trustable or familiar suppliers and sell their products.
  • Use dropshipping software to find the most popular items.

Tips to find a profitable niche in pet business

If you want to follow your ideas and interests, we suggest the ten tips for products in pet niches.

  1. Type of pet

Pets are not only dogs and cats. It is also a ferret, fish, chinchilla, rodent, guinea pig, lizard, hamster, parrot, turtle, rabbit, and mouse, and this is only a traditional pet. So you can build your business based on pet type and sell all required goods, including food, housing, shampoo, etc.

  1. Specific food

Pet food is the most popular product in the pet dropshipping niche. It could be dry, canned, semi-moist, raw, diet, snacks, etc. You can focus on food for small dogs, parrots, or cats. You should consider that all pet food should be safe to eat, meet all sanitary requirements, not contain harmful substances, and be appropriately labeled.  

  1. Dog clothing

You may start a fashion line for dogs or cats. Dogs are adorable in small jackets and hoodies. The choice is vast, from raincoats to boots. Such products also will be a good present for dog owners. 

  1. Healthcare

Pets, like humans, have diseases and require regular cleaning. Possible dropshipping items include dog dental care, ear care, vitamins, supplements, probiotics, skin oil products, and more.

  1. Disabled pets

Dedicated pet owners always want to improve their health conditions and help disabled or senior pets. Your dropshipping business can focus on leg suppers, pet splints, walking wheels, walking drag bags, wrist wraps, etc. These items should be medically tested and labeled by the veterinarian. This niche is complicated for beginners.

  1. Dog training

It could be training shock collars, wireless containment systems, or other training tools. Again, this is quite a new niche with only a few competitors.  

  1. Toys

A nice bone for a dog or a wheel for a hamster can be core products of your dropshipping store. These items have different sizes, including small ones; the delivery of these items is easy and cheap.

  1. Houses and cages 

In this category, you can focus on crates, houses, portable crates, and habitats. Almost all pets require such a category for transportation or constant living. Some items can be significant for delivery.

  1. Aquariums

These items are mainly for fish, turtles, or lizards. It contains aquariums and all supplements, including plants and water pumps. There is a wide range of items that you can sell in this category without significant legal requirements.

  1. Suppliers for farm animals

Pets are not only dogs or mice, but it could also be a house, a cow, or a pig. These animals also need food, special outfit, feeding cups, and vitamins. If you have suppliers with warehouses in rural areas, this could be your profitable niche.

What does a dropshipper do after finding a product niche?

If you find a product niche, remember that you need to find a reliable Supplier or several ones that can produce and deliver high-quality products within the required time frames. All suppliers should have certificates and other legal justification applicable in your business residence country showing that products are safe for pets. This applies to suppliers you find by yourself and even products you buy on source marketplaces. Making one or several test purchases is recommended to check your suppliers and how the whole chain works. If you are going to have the same business for many years, it is better to sign a contract with suppliers determining the monthly amount of required goods, delivery terms, returns, and possible discounts.

After setting up the communication with suppliers, a dropshipper should find a platform for drop shipping. It could be a marketplace or a separate website. The online store should be user-friendly; all product listings should have all products’ characteristics, including quality certificates; all descriptions should have high-quality photos or videos; a variety of payment methods should be available for customers; and the website should be visible for search engines and proper ranking (you may perform SEO audit for better performance). 

After setting up the online store, you are ready to make a marketing campaign for customer attraction. You may use social networks, email invitations, discounts, and other presents during registration, invitations on the forums, and in other communities for pets. All standard marketing methods can be used. Try to provide the best customer service during order fulfillment, and continuously track your suppliers. Finally, kindly ask your customers to leave a comment or a review on your website; this is a powerful tool for converting visitors to customers. 


As you see, starting a dropshipping business in the pet industry is relatively easy for every entrepreneur. There are many product niches available. You do not need upfront investments for this business; you can quickly change the products in this business. Following our proposed strategies and types, it is easy to make your pet business profitable. 

Emiy Watson

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