How Exterior Cladding Adds Value To Your Property

May 29, 2023

There are numerous factors at play in determining the overall value of real estate properties – among those is the exterior wall cladding.

Exterior Wall Cladding 101

But what is exterior wall cladding? Also known as siding, exterior wall cladding is an important feature of a building situated on the outside walls. Think of exterior wall cladding as a building’s protective skin.

Exterior claddings can be installed properly with the help of professionals like Multi-M and others. They come in different makes and types of protective materials that are used to cover the exterior walls of a particular property. Some notable examples of exterior cladding popularly used by property owners include wood, ceramic, metal, stone, and even plastic.

What Does Exterior Cladding Offer In Terms Of Increasing The Value Of Your Property

Using external wall cladding or siding in your property brings forth many advantages. And one of them includes boosting the total value of your building. Read on.

1. It Boosts The Curb Appeal Of Your Property

Looks play a crucial role in determining the value of a given property. The look of the interior of a particular building is important, but what many would-be homebuyers pay particular attention to from the get-go is the outside – in particular, the curb.

Real estate experts do believe time and time again that a good-looking and well-maintained curb will help a home fetch a much higher price when it’s put on the market.
Additionally, it’s believed that house hunters that are greeted by a very beautiful and well-manicured curb will likely have a great first impression of the overall property.

Luckily, utilizing exterior cladding can boost the curb appeal of your house. With a large array of material and color options for exterior wall cladding, you can pick exterior cladding that perfectly fits your property’s current color scheme, theme, and so on.

Picture the following. You have a home that’s mainly made out of wood material. To proceed, you need to choose exterior wall cladding made out of wood as well to complement the current structure of your property. Pick from multiple selections of treated wooden exterior claddings for your property, like cedar, redwood, and others, to impart a rustic charm to your curb while allowing for natural insulation.

2. Exterior Cladding Cuts Down On Maintenance Costs

With regards to potential homeowners, it’s said that the majority of them are looking for a property that’ll not give them a hard time with high maintenance and repair costs. Some of the recurring maintenance and repair expenses involved in homeownership range from plumbing to exterior wall upkeep.

Luckily, you can make your property a little more maintenance and repair friendly by using exterior cladding.

And how is that? As mentioned earlier, exterior wall cladding provides protection to the walls outside your house from the everyday rigors of the weather and others. With exterior wall siding, outdoor wall maintenance and repairs are toned down to the minimum.

In fact, you can further lower down future repairs and maintenance bills by picking highly resistant and durable cladding materials like vinyl cladding.

3. Enjoy Improved Energy Efficiency Levels

Modern-day homes come with some sort of indoor heat and ventilation systems to promote conducive living conditions. Nonetheless, such systems can be inefficient, resulting in high electricity bills.

To improve energy efficiency, you can depend on exterior cladding to do the job. Cladding functions as a protective layer for your outdoor walls to promote better insulation and temperature regulation.

For instance, you can use brick as an external cladding for your house. The aforementioned is a cladding material known for its superior insulation properties that are effective in trapping heat inside during the cold winter months – leading to smarter use of heating devices.

4. External Siding Strengthens Your Home’s Structure

Exterior wall cladding is a worthwhile investment to make your home more durable. If this is your priority, you should invest in cladding made of masonry or concrete. These materials can endure the elements while providing an aesthetically appealing facade.

Generally, exterior cladding made of concrete adds an extra layer to your home by reducing water absorption to avoid mold development, providing resistance to cracking under extreme temperatures, and improving overall mechanical strength for years.

To fully maximize the benefits of using external wall cladding, make sure that you, with the help of an experienced and highly reputable exterior cladding company, pick the appropriate option.

Final Thoughts

Think of cladding as a long-term investment that improves the overall value of your property. To fully maximize the advantages of installing exterior cladding in your home, make sure that you work with a highly reputable exterior wall cladding company near you. They’ll be able to help you pick which exterior cladding works perfectly for your house to increase its overall value.


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