How Much Does Mold Remediation Cost?

May 1, 2023

Mold spores are everywhere, growing on any surface with enough moisture. A negligible amount of mold floating around the air won't harm you. Plus, you can quickly get rid of it with homemade solutions.

However, for larger, more extensive mold infestation, calling the professionals like Mold Zero Services LLC is a more practical choice. A mold removal specialist can ensure the mold is removed entirely and won't return to wreak another round of health issues and structural damage.

That said, you may be wondering how much it will cost you. This article will provide insights into the average cost of mold remediation services and the factors influencing it.

Mold Remediation: What Is It?

Mold remediation refers to removing, cleaning, and disinfecting mold patches in specific areas of your home. Generally, a professional mold remediation service uses specialized equipment and standardized methods to ensure complete mold removal and cleaning, preventing a re-infestation.

The Cost Of Mold Remediation Services

According to Angi and Bobvilla, the cost of mold remediation service ranges from USD$1,125-USD$3,300, with an average cost of USD$2,250.

Some mold removal services estimate that it can cost USD$2.50 per square foot of mold. So, if you have an average US home size of 2,273 square feet, it can cost almost USD$5,700 to remove mold from the whole house.

However, some services can charge more–around USD$10-USD$25 per square footage. This estimate may include other cleaning methods, such as HEPA vacuum cleaning. That said, these are just estimates from numerous statistics.

Factors That Influence Mold Remediation Cost

Generally, the total cost of mold remediation services is determined by several factors, such as the following:

1. Infected Area Size

The extent of infection and damage dictates the cost the most. It's because mold removers often charge per square foot.

The bigger the infested area is, the more expensive it will be. A small area of mold can be treated easily and quickly. However, more extensive infestations will demand more time, specialized equipment, and labor cost.

2. Location Of Mold

The location of the infestation can significantly change the cost since different areas may require different removal strategies.

Mold removal is less expensive in basements and bathrooms because they're easier to access. Meanwhile, mold in the attic, drywall, and HVAC are more expensive, considering the materials they infected.

3. Strategy Used

The mold removal method also directly impacts the cost of mold remediation services. Generally, there are several techniques for removing mold, each of which is unique and has a variety of applications.

For instance, dry ice blasting is an expensive mold remediation technique and only suitable for cleaning mold in hard-to-reach areas such as crawl spaces. Meanwhile, extensive infestation or harmful molds will need other specialized techniques, increasing costs.

4. Type Of Mold

Mold is a generalized term. However, it has thousands of different species. And the type of mold infesting your home can also dictate the price you pay for remediation services.

Generally, most species are harmless. However, some types of mold, like black mold, can be dangerous to your health. With increased risks, a remediation service provider may charge higher for removing black mold than the less harmful ones.

In addition, some types of mold are more challenging to clean and remove than others. These species can persistently thrive even after professional remediation services have eradicated them. As such, they require special techniques and equipment to ensure they never return, which can significantly influence the removal cost.

5. Extra Services

When mold infests your home, you should consider the cost beyond cleaning and removing it. Generally, mold causes extensive surface damage, so it would help if you also considered the reason for the infestation. For instance, if a leaky pipe allows moisture to seep into the walls and cause mold, you must add the repair cost of the pipes to your overall expenses.

Mold removal companies often offer these extra improvement and repair services. They're essential to prevent mold from coming back to the same place.


Mold is a common issue in most homes. It can cause a musty odor and ugly discoloration on surfaces. Mold can also be a health safety problem, causing severe allergic symptoms, especially for those with existing respiratory health conditions. As such, at the first sighting of mold growth, you must call the experts to remove it immediately.

The estimated price for mold remediation services can be as low as USD$ 450 and over USD$5,000. However, numerous factors can influence the final price. Thus, the best way to determine the most accurate cost is to ask for a reputable mold remediation service in your area.

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