How Patreon Can Help Fund Safety Training for Your Workplace

May 3, 2023

Patreon is a remarkable crowdfunding platform. Let’s find out how you can use it to fund your workplace safety training.

Patreon has over 6 million patrons globally in various categories stretched over various industries. Out of those 6 million, more than half have joined only recently in the last 3-4 years. This tells us the importance of crowdfunding in various industries and niches across the globe.

But how does Patreon for workplace safety work? Is there a possibility to use Patreon to fund safety training in your workplace? If so, how? In this article, we’ll answer those questions and talk about the benefits of doing so. So, let’s get started.

Apart from this, if you want to get enrolled in an online safety training course as a construction worker, which can be supported by any device at home and incorporates interactive learning, then registering in OSHA 30 Hour construction is the right choice for you since it educates workers about site hazards and also accommodates with a deep understanding of construction industry.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is an online crowdfunding platform that allows content creators and companies to fund their projects. The website, which features around 3 million active patrons (donators), has become a go-to option for funding specific projects, businesses, and organizations.

While it’s usually employed for creating a source of funds for creators, it’s also employed by companies to generate extra revenue. This revenue is usually raised so the company can work on specific areas, such as workplace safety.

That’s why some companies have started using Patreon for OSHA compliance recently. It allows them to:

  • Generate revenue for workplace health and safety;
  • Improve standards for employees by expanding Patreon for employee wellness and safety;
  • And using Patreon for safety initiatives across the company.

Therefore, it has become a useful platform for new startups and companies that fall under the four major industries. These companies usually categorize as General, Construction, Agriculture, or Maritime—aka the four main groups where OSHA requires proper safety culture.

Therefore, using Patreon for safety culture is largely accepted in these industries. In fact, some would say it encouraged workplace health and safety initiatives.

4 Ways To Use Patreon for Workplace Safety

Using Patreon for employee safety is a handy option to ensure workplace safety training. But the question is, how do you go about using it: here are four ways you can employ Patreon crowdfunding for safety training:

Crowdfunding For Safety Training

When a company is in its initial phases, it may not have the fund or resources to provide specific training to its employees. This includes OSHA’s 10 or 30-hour courses, whether they are in-person or online. A company with a small workforce will still need money to arrange this training.

So, for safety training on Patreon, there are plenty of initiatives taken by new and upcoming industrial startups to ensure proper safety training for their employees. Therefore, Patreon allows them to crowdfund these projects and provide their workers and supervisors the necessary workplace safety training.

Patreon Accounts for OSHA Compliance

It’s common for startups to be short on funds for specific areas. That’s why employers can encourage their employees to create Patreon accounts for OSHA compliance—or something along those lines.

Every year, OSHA provides various grants to specific institutions. This allows them to promote workplace safety and health culture—particularly new ones. Therefore, creating specific Patreon accounts for OSHA compliance can:

  • Garner attention from such grant providers;
  • Easily provide training funds for particular groups in your organization;
  • Quicken the process of establishing a safety culture on your premises.

Therefore, establishing these individual/group-based accounts on Patreon will quicken the pace of crowdfunding and also ensure one group or department gets the training quicker than the others.

Industry-Wide Funding For 10 And 30 Hour Courses

OSHA provides 10 and 30-hour classes for industry workers. These safety courses are intended for workers and supervisors to ensure safety on their specific levels. That’s when a company can launch a campaign to fund these training programs for their employees, such as:

  • Funding 10-hour programs for workers;
  • And funding a 30-hour program for supervisors.

This will also add to the company’s overall profile and efficiency, as the company name will be deemed safe to work for/with.

Funding For Accident/Injury Prevention

If accidents occur, a company must be able to fund the losses as well as all the other coverage for the employee. Besides that, they also need to do damage repair and tend to lose resources. That’s when crowdfunding can be a life-saver—quite literally.

Because creating a Patreon for workplace injury prevention can help you:

  • Gather funds for training your workers and supervisors;
  • Afford better equipment for injury prevention;
  • And save important time by preventing accidents.

Therefore, asking for Patreon support for safety training programs is essential in some cases and necessary to prevent accidents and injuries.

3 Benefits of Using Patreon & Fund the Safety Training for Your Workplace

Let’s wrap this up by talking about the 3 main benefits of using Patreon support for safety training programs:

Crowdfunding Patreon Fundraising For Safety Education

Crowdfunding the safety program for your workplace may sound like a unique idea. However, many people think Patreon and workplace safety education go hand-in-hand. Because it allows companies and organizations to gather necessary funds quickly.

Then, it allows them to take safety measures and initiatives, including on-site inspections, safety training programs for employees, and ensuring the usage of proper safety equipment.

Using Patreon To Afford Safety Gear

A lot of companies need safety gear such as gloves, boots, headgear, ear muffs, and other important protective equipment. This Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be expensive, but using Patreon to fund the safety gear can help you afford them easily.

Ensured Employee Wellness And Safety

Creating a company Patreon for hazard prevention training can allow you to use employee-funded programs to train them.

Or you can launch a public/industry-wide campaign to ensure employee wellness and safety. This way, Patreon helps you afford workplace education and ensure the safety of your workers and supervisors.


It may sound like a unique idea to use Patreon for workplace safety. However, it’s not off the charts, and it’s a practice very common in new startups nowadays. It helps you save time and ensure the safety of your workers. It does so by affording them the proper programs, equipment, and safety training that they need to promote a safe and hazard-free work culture.



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