How to Find a Good AC Installation Contractor in Los Angeles

May 17, 2023

Los Angeles, CA, is a beautiful city, and most people want to get outside when the weather turns nice. However, they also prefer to be comfortable in their own homes, requiring the best air conditioner installation Los Angeles has to offer.

Heating and cooling services are something everyone will need at one point, and PureEcoInc can help. Their services in Los Angeles are second-to-none, and they make sure everyone’s using the top central air conditioning systems possible.

It’s important to choose the right professional for your installations and other needs. Consider this: you may need air conditioning repair, help with the water heater, require heating repair options, and more.

Call PureEcoInc for a free quote, whether you need AC installation in Los Angeles or a repair on any part of your system. Their services in Los Angeles extend to Beverly Hills and beyond. Plus, they offer duct cleaning and can even clean the indoor and outdoor unit. AC maintenance is another factor you must consider!

Here are a few tips for hiring the right professional for the installation and repair of the AC unit or furnace.

1. Experience and Licensing

Your air conditioning system is a complex and expensive appliance, so you must ensure that a licensed contractor is there for installation and maintenance. Whether you need routine repairs or are focused on air conditioner installation in Los Angeles, it’s crucial to build trust with the right company.

The HVAC company should ensure that all technicians have appropriate licensure for heating and cooling. This means they can make repairs, install new heat pumps, offer replacement services, and more.

Accidents aren’t common, but a licensed HVAC professional has insurance to protect you from financial liabilities while they perform the air conditioning installation services. Request proof of insurance for things like:

  • Air conditioner repair and installation
  • Furnace repair and installation
  • Air duct cleaning (for better indoor air quality)
  • Fireplace maintenance and installation
  • Heat pumps (repair and replacement)

Most local HVAC contractors hire technicians with apprentice-style and formal training. They uphold the Los Angeles, CA, licensure requirements and can offer various air conditioning services, including heater repair, a firm guarantee, and replacement of your heating and cooling systems.

2. Home Evaluation

Does your HVAC professional offer home evaluations? The best ones will check the house before giving homeowners a quote. For example, you may think you need air conditioning installation in Los Angeles, but you may really need to repair the outdoor or indoor unit.

Though installation can be helpful in some cases, repairs often come with a warranty in Los Angeles, CA. Our company can determine if a replacement, repair, or cleaning is right for you, so call today!

3. Referrals and References

It’s wise to check the reviews of the company before using it for air conditioning installation in Los Angeles, CA. Word-of-mouth advertisements can also be helpful, but it’s important to see what other customers have to say. Is the customer service good? Were the terms acceptable? Did the technicians perform routine cleaning or a new installation? Know what others are saying so that you can get the full picture.

Pay attention to the more negative testimonies, as well, and look for homeowners with similar HVAC systems as yours. This will ensure that a HVAC cleaning company has the ability to handle your heating and cooling system.

Look for an HVAC company in Los Angeles, CA, with a successful track record that goes back many years. These businesses aren’t afraid to show what they can do, and customers want to reward them with good reviews.

If possible, talk to former clients of the business. Ask for references before installing a new system or requesting service.

It might also be a good idea to check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see its rating. However, please note that companies don’t have to be part of the BBB, so there might not be tons of information.

4. Staff Training

Technological advancements make HVAC systems more efficient. You will see the benefits of air conditioning installation in Los Angeles, CA, if you choose a reputable HVAC contractor who has appropriate training in the field.

There are plenty of training courses, but HVAC technicians can also get factory certifications on specific models and brands. Make sure you know what your central air conditioner is and look for that or ask.

At the very least, you want an HVAC contractor who uses technicians with valid licenses issued by a local municipal authority or the state for installation and repairs.

You may also check the contractor’s website to learn if they sponsor continued education for the technicians in heating and air conditioning. Los Angeles, CA, might not require it, but this shows that they’ve gone above and beyond.

5. Rebates or Special Offers

Though you’re focused on efficiency with your central air conditioning, you also have to think about affordability. AC units go down all the time, and repair services can get you back to cool and comfortable air in the home. However, the contractor might ask that you consider a new installation.

A new heating and cooling unit can be highly beneficial. However, you must determine the cost of ownership before choosing an installation expert and AC unit. Most HVAC companies partner with specific brands of air conditioning systems.

Professionals may also offer tax incentives for commercial and residential properties. This can make it more affordable to complete a new installation over time.

You can ask the contractor because they will usually know the federal and state tax credits available. However, your new air conditioner must meet the energy-efficiency criteria established by the Department of Energy.


Dependability, integrity, and knowledge are crucial when dealing with air conditioning units. Whether you require a repair or a new installation, you’re bound to have questions.

Please give a call to a few local contractors and ask for a free estimate. Most contractors usually serve customers in the commercial and residential areas of Los Angeles, CA. Get your time reserved for your heating and air service.


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