How to Pick the Best Diamond Engagement Ring: Guide to Diamond Designs

May 27, 2023

More than a promise of love, engagement rings are genuinely prized possessions because it is given out of effort, time, and thoughts. Thus, an engagement ring is one of the most treasure-able items that you can keep for a lifetime. An engagement ring is one of the most personal and identical objects that cannot be transferred to someone else because it is only dedicated to only one person for a marriage proposal. Hence, this is why an engagement ring should be customized and matched to the preference and personality of the wearer. Or not, it can also symbolize how a man values or looks at her the way she is making the engagement ring more special, heartfelt, and meaningful.

A Diamond engagement ring or engagement ring can have different designs, styles, themes, and concepts. With all the various diamond shapes and profiles, there are so many options to choose from, and there is no right or wrong in arriving at any of the final designs that you can have. But one of the most successful acquisitions of a diamond ring something that would make the wearer like the ring is a part of her. These symbols of love and commitment should embrace the wearer and the love story it carries. However, choosing the ring can be a daunting task if you are unsure of where to start. Learn more at Rare Carat about the diamond guides and the perfect ring design to match. Meanwhile, let's discuss below how to adorn your engagement ring to adorn thyself:

1. Understand the 4Cs of Diamond Quality

The biggest qualities of a diamond ring are the properties of the diamond centerpiece. This comes with 4Cs or its carat weight, color scale, clarity level, and cut grade. These elements determine a diamond's worth and general quality as these greatly affect and influence its price and appearance. Choosing diamonds with the highest qualities of 4Cs, shape, symmetry, etc. Will define a luxurious look to your diamond ring as it can produce radiant and brilliant shine and sparkle. Learn more at Rare Carat about the Diamond 4Cs and see all the details it can bring to the diamond ring's personality and appearance that also affect its price and appraisal value. Each of the 4C qualities affects the price of a diamond and the choice of metal.

The clarity of a diamond is an important consideration in choosing the settings and designs of the engagement ring. While the color scale should be considered according to the desired color of the metal band would be, or vice versa. Colored or hued diamonds in yellow are perfect and sufficient for yellow gold and rose gold metal rings. Hence, bluish or brownish diamonds can dilute their color in silver, platinum, and white gold bands. Thus, a diamond is colorless, so pick the diamond that has a more colorless hue or at least make it look colorless by following the simple tricks aforementioned.

The cut grade of the diamonds enables the stone to reflect and refract light making it shine, glimmer, and spark more. Having the higher cut grade means that the edges have sharper points and facets are more elaborated making it glow and absorb light to reflect outwards. On the other hand, the carat weight is a big consideration as larger diamonds make the jewelry look more regal, boundless, and lavish. Make sure its size should be proportionate with your partner's finger length and hand size.

2. Research the Settings and Ring Styles

Not all diamond shapes can fit well with each ring style and setting. The settings are also different from each other, some have vintage and embellished looks, while some have contemporary, simple, and minimalist appeals. Try to mix and match the diamond shape you have in mind on which settings and ring styles it can match. Cornered or edgy diamond shapes go well with designs that are simpler and minimalist styles like Bezel, solitaire, etc. giving a bolder and fiercer look. Hence, the vintage styles of settings and ring designs like Halo, Pave, etc. are perfect for diamond shapes that are romantic and curvy like pear-cut, round brilliant, etc.

Learn more at Rare Carat and see what each diamond shape, settings, and ring styles look like so you can decide and finalize the engagement ring of your dreams.

3. Find the Right Seller

Finding the right seller for your diamond engagement ring design that would perfectly suit your partner's preferences or identity may be hard as there are varied shops online and even in physical stores near you. Rare Carat offers the best deals and GIA-certified diamonds from standardized and assessed sellers and manufacturers around the world. Learn more at Rare Carat on how they source their products that you can trust and will surely satisfy you!


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