How To Start A Pool Cleaning Business? A Step-By-Step Guide

May 17, 2023

A pool cleaning business might be a good start if you are searching for new business opportunities in warm regions. This outdoor job does not require long preparation steps; you need to learn the basic rules of pool cleaning and buy some equipment. With some marketing and good reviews, you will soon have a lot of clients. This job has a seasonal factor; the most complicated task is to prepare the swimming pool before the swimming season in spring. But if you recommend yourself as a good worker, do not overprice your services, and have proper pool equipment, you can receive an invitation for cleaning on a regular basis.

The market of swimming pool services only in the USA has reached 2022 $8 billion. This step-by-step guide is a good navigation for your piece from this pie. 

Five steps on how to start a pool cleaning business

The most significant profit in every sphere is achieved by professionals, which means you need to learn about the basic rules of pool cleaning steps, manuals of main pool equipment, and information about possible materials used for cleaning before starting this business. We consider this step a mandatory preparation step to understand whether you are ready to do this job. Also, you must understand that this job requires a lot of manual work outside and carrying many heavy items. 

Read this guide carefully if you are still here and want to start this business.

  1. All new business models should start from a business plan. It would help if you calculate your profit and expenses in this seasonal business. A pool cleaning job is required for the hot season, and in winter, you can focus on the indoor swimming pool, but your income, anyway, will be different. You also need to include expenses for marketing, purchasing or renting required equipment and a truck, calculate the required quantity of workers in your team, and do competitive research. You should study your competitors' pricing, the services demand, and the proposal in the summer. It may require changing your business location for a less competitive market.
  2. Register your company. You need to find a proper name and receive a business license and insurance. Your business can be a sole company, a partnership, or a limited liability company. You need to open a business bank account and issue business cards. You may require a loan to buy professional pool equipment and registration steps. Initial investments start from $1500 without limitation. Some states require you to pass a special exam about pools and receive a permit for work in this sphere. 
  3. Buy pool cleaning equipment. You can start with basic equipment, and in case of success, you can buy additional or more expensive equipment next year. 

You definitely need:

  • A telescopic net to collect debris and leaves from the pool surface;
  • A brush to clean algae and dirt from walls and waterlines;
  • Chemicals (chlorine, bromide, solutions to make the water chemical composition normal);
  • Pool filters or pool materials (sand);
  • Spare parts for pool pumps, skimmers, and other pool filtering equipment; 
  • Spare hoses.
  • You need to be prepared for any problems that may occur during the startup of pool equipment and preparation in spring. 

You can buy a robotic pool cleaner if you want to look more professional and automatize at least part of your business. But please do not focus on perfect residential models, like Hayward TigerShark or Dolphin; you need to purchase a commercial model. Unfortunately, commercial models for uncompromising, professional results cost significantly more. You may find cleaners for Olympic-size pools or smaller ones for residential pools. The functionality of commercial models is the same, but they have higher suction rates, wider cleaning paths, and more powerful scrubbing. Residential pool cleaners are also not recommended for public pools, as they are not designed for such heavy usage. Also, if you use your residential pool cleaner for commercial purposes, you may lose your warranty.

  1. Promote your services. To find the first Clients, you need to do some advertising campaigns. Nowadays, the website is your best portfolio. You should take quality photos and descriptions of your abilities and equipment. You should mention that you have all permissions and licenses; it would be better to mention some experience. At least several successful years of maintaining yours and neighbors' swimming pools. You may use social networks, context advertising in search engines, or perform an SEO audit of your website. An SEO audit will help to achieve a first place on search engine request pages. You should provide detailed information about your location. As Google, for example, helps to find service providers nearby.
  1. Start the business. Finally, after receiving the first request, you must perform your best and collect a positive review. Positive reviews are the best business promoters of services!

As you see, a pool cleaning business has some specific parts connected with specific knowledge, equipment, and licenses. But in other parts, all rules of opening a new business are also applied to it.

Pros and cons of pool cleaning business

For the final decision, if this business is right for you, here is the list of main pros and cons.

ProsLow-startup costsDo not require many years of studying at the UniversityPossibility to choose clients – residential or commercial poolsHigh demand in the warm seasonQuick result of work (you need 1-3 days to do the job, and then you receive payment)Possibility to increase business ConsBusinesses require physical activity outdoorsPermits and licenses for swimming pool cleaning are requiredNeed to deal with chemicalsSeasonal jobEquipment for commercial pools is expensiveHigh competition

The quantity of pros and cons is the same, so this business is tough, but it is worth trying!


If you are still willing to start this business, consider yourself prepared to perform this service in any weather; then, our guide will be beneficial in navigating your first steps. You can start with cleaning small residential pools and further expand your business to Olympic pools. There are no limits in this business. You can start cleaning with one bottle of chlorine and a brush and then purchase professional pool cleaners and expensive solutions for maintaining the proper chemical balance.

Emiy Watson

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