How Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies are Changing the Face of Urban Planning and Design

May 8, 2023


Augmented technology and innovation are changing the way the world works. Along with artificial intelligence, virtual reality has improved developments and urban planning. These technologies are changing the way we look at the world around us.

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows viewers to see the world around them like never before. What is IoT, and what difference does it make within the industry? It gives fresh perspectives and insights into the normal and the mundane. These advancements have benefited from real estate, property management, building zone planning, and urban development.

If you are in working in these or similar fields, you should be aware of what AI and VR have to offer and how it is impacting the industry today.

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence Are Game Changers

As augmented reality and artificial intelligence change how we use and apply technology, they impact more areas of our lives. This advanced tech allows for easy viewing of multiple modes and images simultaneously, improving planning and developmental processes.

When you are able to combine AI and VR systems, you can create superimposed images that provide multiple views and perspectives for all planning and development processes. It enables users like you to experience a virtual environment overlaid on the real world. It allows the viewer to be completely immersed in a different space and even a different time, whenever and wherever they might be at any given moment.

Urban developments, residential and business construction, and other developmental processes can be viewed in a way never before possible. Augmented and virtual reality platforms allow future construction and building to be seen instantly.

The step-by-step processes for building and growth can also be augmented and viewed more easily by yourself and your team members. This allows for a clearer understanding of the process and what each step looks like. It will allow building managers and officials to understand better what issues or challenges might be experienced along the way.

Virtual reality simulations have proven particularly effective for designing and planning urban development and zoning plans. These innovative tools allow users to visualize specifics related to project outcomes and potential errors before they could otherwise be noted. These advanced technologies allow team members to conceptualize projects and properties in a way impossible just a few short years ago.

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality can generate an immersive experience that effectively duplicates real-world outcomes. The realistic 3D models that the AI and VR experience is built on will provide you with an accurate model you can build and plan off of. This will go a long way to ensure the final project outcome is displayed and conveyed as effectively as possible.

Improving the Industry With AR and VR Technologies and Platforms

These cutting-edge technologies have the very real potential to revolutionize urban planning and design in ways that have never been imagined previously., You and your design team can use AR and VR to make planning and development more efficient, interactive, and accessible.

According to Industry Wired, “Urban planning typically assists in structuring the development of cities and urban landscapes. This can be done through redesigning or improving physical plans, supporting policies, and legislatures, or any activity towards enhancing the environmental and socio-economic status of an urban area. As VR provides a virtual world tailored to a user’s needs and AR can project and augment information in real-time to enhance work and processes, both technologies have proven an invaluable asset in advancing architectural and urban planning and design. They are also creating better people-centric holistic communities and spaces.”

Taking complicated methods and ideas and condensing them to their most simplistic elements makes it easier for the everyday consumer to understand and process. Using artificial intelligence and advancements in reality programs makes urban planning and development more accessible and practical. With these technological tools and platforms, you can simplify the process and improve step-by-step review and planning.

Benefits of AI and VR Within Urban Planning and Development

You can enjoy several key benefits when using AI and VR technology to plan, design, and implement urban development projects. Some of these include:

  1. Visualization and simulation: Artificial intelligence, combined with virtual reality systems, makes it easier to visualize projects every step of the way.
  2. Real-time data analysis: AI algorithms allow you to access real-time data and analytics about current and project trends related to your project.
  3. Public engagement: Augmented technology creates interactive and immersive experiences that help you interact with the general public clearly and effectively.
  4. Predictive modeling: You can more easily predict and plan for contingencies and changes throughout the planning, development, and implementation phases.
  5. Resource optimization: Utilizing these advanced technologies can help you reduce waste, lower costs, and be more eco-friendly with urban environment plans.

Preparing For the Future With Urban Planning and AI/VR

Artificial intelligence and virtual or augmented reality are no longer relegated to games and entertainment.

Their use and applications have expanded far beyond this space and can be used practically in multiple business, design, and developmental industries.

They have also helped lift up art and architectural design, with many more industries expected to follow suit in the coming years. You can make the most of your urban design and development planning by using this technology.

Discover how much of an impact virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality can have. Start the process today and see the amazing results that are sure to come.

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