Indian Wedding Gowns for Destination Weddings

May 2, 2023

Indian weddings are known for their rich traditions, extravagant celebrations, colorful and vibrant outfits, and food that reflects the country's cultural heritage. One of the most important aspects of a wedding is the attire, especially for the bride, groom, and their families. In recent years, Indian wedding gowns have become increasingly popular, particularly for destination weddings, as they offer a perfect blend of traditional and modern designs that are well-suited for various wedding themes.

Designer Indian Wedding Gowns: A Unique Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Indian designer wedding dresses offer a wide variety of styles, ranging from elegant and understated to bold and sophisticated. Their designers draw inspiration from traditional Indian bridal wear and incorporate contemporary styles and techniques to create unique and elegant looks.

One of the most popular styles in Kreeva's collection is the "Lehenga Choli". The dress is often adorned with intricate embroidery and beads, with the blouse typically featuring more subtle designs. The dupatta can be worn on the head or around the shoulders, depending on the bride's preference.

Another popular trend is the "Anarkali", which features a long flowing skirt with a fitted bodice and tight skirt. This style is perfect for those brides who want a more traditional look inspired by the Mughal period of Indian history.

Traditional Indian Wedding Gowns: Timeless Elegance

Traditional Indian wedding dresses offer a wide range of styles that reflect India's rich cultural heritage. These dresses are made from traditional fabrics such as brocade and silk and feature intricate embroidery and beading.

The "Saree" is one of the most iconic Indian garments, consisting of a long dress draped over the body and worn in various ways. Kreeva's collection includes sarees for different occasions  that are richly decorated with embroidery and beading, making them perfect for brides who want a traditional yet elegant look.

The "Salwar Kameez" is another traditional style consisting of a long skirt, trousers, and a scarf. This style is ideal for those looking for a stylish and practical dress with a beautiful traditional look.

Indian Wedding Gowns for the Bride: A Day to Remember

Indian wedding gowns for the bride are designed to make her feel special and beautiful on her big day. The gowns are created with high-quality fabrics and feature unique embroidery and beading, ensuring that the bride stands out on her wedding day.

One of the most popular designs in Kreeva's collection is the "Sharara", which consists of a long tunic, pants, and a dupatta. This style is perfect for those brides who want a unique and modern look, as it blends traditional and modern designs.

The "Ghagra Choli" is another popular style, featuring a long skirt and a blouse. This style is ideal for those who prefer a more traditional look inspired by the Rajasthani culture of India.

Indian Wedding Gowns Online: Convenience and Style

Kreeva's collection of Indian wedding gowns is available online, making it easy for brides to shop from the comfort of their homes. The online store offers a wide range of styles and sizes, ensuring that every bride can find the perfect gown for her big day.

Kreeva's website is user-friendly, with clear and detailed product descriptions and high-quality images of each gown. The website also offers various filters that allow brides to narrow their search based on color, style, and price, making it easy to find the perfect gown.

Styling Tips for Indian Wedding Gowns

To ensure that the Indian wedding gown looks flawless on the big day, here are some styling tips that brides can follow:

Pay attention to the fit: Getting the right fit is crucial for any outfit, and Indian wedding gowns are no exception. Brides should ensure that the gown fits them well and complements their body shape.

Choose the right accessories: The right jewelry, footwear, and other accessories can elevate the bridal look to a whole new level. Brides should choose accessories that complement the gown and enhance its beauty.

Consider the wedding theme: Indian weddings can have various themes, such as traditional, modern, or destination weddings. Brides should consider the wedding theme while selecting their gown to ensure that it complements the overall aesthetic of the event.

Experiment with colors: While traditional Indian wedding gowns are often in red or other bold colors, brides can also experiment with other hues that suit their personal style and preferences. Pastel shades, metallic tones, and other unique colors can also make for stunning bridal looks.

Pay attention to the details: Indian wedding gowns are known for their intricate detailing, such as embroidery, beads, and other embellishments. Brides should pay attention to these details while selecting their gowns and ensure that they are well-crafted and add to the overall elegance of the outfit.

Wrapping Up

Indian wedding gowns offer a perfect blend of traditional elegance and modern flair, making them a popular choice among brides for their special day. Whether it's a traditional or contemporary design, the right Indian wedding gown can make the bride feel like a true princess. With Kreeva's collection of designer and traditional Indian wedding gowns, brides can find the perfect gown that complements their style and enhances their beauty on their big day. So, get ready to walk down the aisle in style with an exquisite Indian wedding gown from Kreeva!


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