Maintaining Your Concrete Driveway: 8 Tips And Tricks

May 19, 2023

Caring for and maintaining your driveway is among the best and most effective ways to keep it looking good while saving hundreds of dollars on repairs.

A well-maintained driveway enhances your curb appeal, resulting in high-value property. Unfortunately, driveways are durable but vulnerable to harsh weather and chemicals like oil spills and deicing solutions. Poor parking habits can also interfere with your driveway integrity and cause breakage, especially if the cars are parked along the edges.

Suppose you’re looking forward to learning driveway care tips and tricks. Sit tight and keep reading. In the next few minutes, you’ll learn more about the same. Among the most effective tips and tricks for keeping your driveway in top shape include the following:

1. Prevent Cracking

If you’re in the United States, especially in Tennessee, preventing cracking on your driveways means hiring concrete sealing Murfreesboro services at least once a year. Asphalt driveways require sealing after several years.

Sealing your driveways prevents water penetration, cracking, and freezing. Besides water and ice, trees are also the culprit for driveway cracks. If there are trees that could extend their roots towards the driveways and cause cracks, it’d be best to have them removed or trim the roots.

2. Seal The Driveway Whenever Necessary

Preventing cracks on your driveway is different from sealing them. After cracks have occurred, the best thing to do is seal them immediately. Cracks are commonly caused by changes in temperature, excess moisture, heavy rainfall, and snow. Sealing driveways prevent elements from penetrating, preventing further damage.

If you reside in cold areas, you must seal your driveways regularly to prevent excess moisture after the ice has thawed. Like cleaning, sealing is among the best ways to prolong driveways lifespan. Suppose you need driveway sealing services. Research concrete sealing near me online.

3. Say No To Using Harsh Deicers

Deicers are chemicals or devices that remove or prevent ice from accumulating on a driveway. Unfortunately, many deicing chemicals on the market are harsh and do more harm than good. Avoid using harsh deicers on your driveway to prevent costly damage. This is even essential for new concrete since it’s more vulnerable to the corrosive effect of harsh chemicals.

Instead, experts advise using sand instead of various chemical deicers. Besides preventing damage to your driveway, sand enhances traction while preventing spalling and scaling.

4. Keep The Driveways Clean

Like any other part of your home, driveways require cleaning. Driveways endure a lot, from engine oil leaks to your car leaving streak marks. If left unattended, engine oil spills can severely damage your driveways. Nevertheless, keeping your driveways clean depends on how clean your garage is.

Washing your paths and neglecting the garage means the dirt will spread toward the driveways. Ensure your garage is always clean and wash the driveways as soon as spills occur or at least once a year. Cleaning a driveway is an effortless procedure that’ll maintain your concrete paths for years.

5. Perform Regular Repairs

Besides cracks, your driveway is bound to get damaged due to the amount of weight it bears. Also, unattended cracks can develop into wide openings that could make the driveways unusable. The best remedy for such issues is immediate repairs. Whenever your driveway is damaged, hire a professional to attend to the issue accordingly.

6. Minimize The Amount Of Water Accessing Your Driveways

By now, it’s evident that too much moisture can lead to the destruction of your driveway. Therefore, you should minimize the amount of water accessing the driveways. This can be made possible by clearing at least a two-inch strip along the driveway to create runoff and prevent too much water and snow from penetrating the surface.

7. Watch Out How You Park

Even the most robust driveway can break, especially under much pressure. Parking your truck on driveway edges stresses the ends, which can damage the concrete. That said, you should be watchful of how you park lest you interfere with the driveway integrity. If you must park on the driveway, avoid the edges.

8. Plow Consciously

Ensure the snow plow doesn’t contact the driveway. Failure to do so the tool will scrap and damage the concrete. Opt for a plastic shovel instead of a metal one to avoid scratching the driveway and remove a small amount of snow at a time.


Caring for and maintaining your home's driveway is vital. A well-maintained driveway lasts long and enhances your curb appeal. Additionally, it doesn’t require regular maintenance, saving you money in the long run. If you’re looking forward to keeping your driveway in good shape, consider the above-discussed care and maintenance tips.

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