Navigating The Global Job Market: Strategies For Successful Hiring

May 30, 2023

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Due to the global job market competition, getting skilled and talented workers has become a significant challenge to employers. Also, the shortage of professional services has contributed to the struggle for available skilled labor on the market.

How, then, do you employ the right workers in your company? One way you can improve the success rate of your hiring is to develop a sustainable strategy you can apply to navigate the job market.

The following are the strategies you can apply to ensure successful global recruitment:

1. Employ a Job Recruiting Service

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A job recruiting service might seem like a far stretch, but it may seem like a good idea if you're attempting to navigate the global job market. These companies provide you with everything you need to run your global workforce. All you need to do is provide your recruits, and they handle everything like onboarding, payroll, and benefits; an example of such a company is Velocity Global.


Velocity Global provides global Employer of Record (EoR) solutions that enable companies to hire talents worldwide without registering their businesses in new countries. An EOR's benefits include error-free payroll, compliance with local labor laws, access to top global skills, and many more.


With the help of an EoR, navigating the global job market would be a piece of cake.

2. Understand the Country

One of the most essential steps in global recruiting is to research the factors peculiar to each country that will affect your operations. Each country has specific and varying laws that govern recruiting and hiring candidates; you'll need to learn and comply with such regulations to ensure a successful hiring process.


Most countries have laws in place to prevent discrimination in the workforce. Countries also have labor laws that protect the interest of the local workers. If you're considering diving into the global job market, one of the most important things you should do is research the country and its laws.

3. Establish a Location

If hiring international talents, you must determine whether they work remotely or at a company location. Companies moving to a new location often prioritize hiring skills from the country housing the new office. However, international talents also have an opportunity to work from a virtual location.


You must select a dedicated platform like Zoom or Google Meet for remote employees to facilitate work and conduct interviews.

4. Create a Compelling Job Description

A clear job description is essential to help you navigate the global job market. If your job description is not specific enough or poorly written, you'll attract tons of needless applications from candidates who aren't even qualified.


Your job description should spell out the roles, responsibilities, qualifications, location, and possibly salary range of the job you're offering. Remember that your job description should comply with your country's regulations.

5. Screen and Interview Candidates

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Once your job post is up, you'll receive tons of applications from candidates around the globe. As you begin your review process, you must comply with relevant anti-discrimination laws and applicable local regulations.


You can conduct screenings based on the qualifications and experiences of applicants and make a list of your most preferred candidates. Once ready, you can conduct remote interviews or fly the candidates to your home country (which is usually expensive).


However, if you plan to interview remotely, pay close attention to time zone variations. Also, it's best to give your candidates the freedom to select interview times that suit their schedule and yours. You can also hire translation services to tackle language barriers.

6. Offer Competitive Compensation

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To ensure the success of a hiring process, you'll have to offer your candidate competitive compensation. Also, remember that compensation includes much more than salary, like employee benefits, bonuses, paid vacations, etc.


You'll also have to consider the labor laws existing in each country. For example, countries have labor laws that necessitate minimum wage, government holidays, maternity, and paternity leaves, sick days, etc. You should put all this into consideration before proceeding with the hiring process.

7. Offer the Job

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If you've determined your preferred candidate and received approval from your company, it's time to offer the job to the candidate. Depending on the candidate's location, you might opt to make the offer in the local language for improved clarity and to make them feel welcome.


It's also advisable to specify the compensation or salary in local currency and the flexibility of the work schedule you're willing to offer your new hire.

8. Onboard New Employees

Once you've gotten the right candidate for the job and the candidate has accepted the offer, it's time to move on to employee onboarding.


This is the final step in the recruiting process, and it involves educating the candidate on the rules, mode of operation, conducts, etc., observed in the company.


Companies lacking a reliable onboarding process experience lower retention rates and productivity among new hires. If you'd like to maximize the productivity of your new hires, it's time to develop an efficient onboarding process.


There's no such thing as the perfect employee, but your workers would be close enough to perfect with the right recruitment strategies. In addition, employing the help of a recruitment service would further boost your chances of securing the best employees for your brand.


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