One of Valorant's OG Maps is Set to Receive A Rework

May 7, 2023


Valorant's Bind will receive a rework while out of the active rotation. What changes will this OG map have in the next Act?

Valorant continues expanding its list of playable maps while maintaining its seven-active pool. While devs add more areas to the game, those from the original lineup are getting reworked. Players will remember that Split received some noticeable adjustments while out of the active map rotation. News has circulated that Bind will be the next one to receive some rework before it returns to Valorant accounts.

Incoming Bind Rework

The news about the rework for one of Valorant's OG maps came from a tweet from ValorLeaks, a reliable source of leaks from the game. This Twitter account's posts about upcoming Valorant skins and agents have been accurate. This means that the adjustments coming to Bind are more or less confirmed.

While the rework is mostly in progress, we only have further information about what will happen. Since the map is currently out of rotation, we expect to see these changes when it returns to the active roster in the next Act. In the meantime, we can only wait for further details from leaks or an official announcement from Riot itself.

Map Reworks So Far

Only Split has received some "major" reworks to its layout. The adjustments were made while it was out of the active map rotation. While Riot mentioned that the changes would be substantial, players noted that these reworks were minor and barely noticeable, which had minimal impact on how teams strategized and played through sites. Fans are hoping that the Bind update will feature more impactful reworks.

Bind received minor changes while still in the active map pool. A small platform was added to the entry site to A coming from A Bath. These allowed players to stand on an elevated platform to mix their peeking opportunities.

The Bind Map

Bind is one of Valorant's more unique maps because it lacks traditional layouts in many FPS games. It lacks a standard mid-avenue that would often be a place of contention between teams. The lack of a mid-entry means attackers must be creative and tactical to force their way through sites' entry points.

Bind's most unique feature is its one-way portals. Two teleportation gates would transport players to another part of the map, allowing effortless rotations for attackers. However, these portals make audible sounds that defenders can hear, which would signal them to rotate enemies. The map is also one of the smaller maps in Valorant, which makes it popular with some people.

Out of the Active Rotation

Due to the increasing number of areas in Valorant, Riot has implemented a seven-map rule, wherein only seven maps will be available for Unrated and Competitive matches per Act. Split was the first zone affected by this, which was out of rotation during Episode 5: Dimension. In EP 6, Bind and Breeze are removed from the active pool.

Limiting the number of active maps is to make strategizing easier for players. Teams need to adjust and strategize to each map because the layouts are different, so having multiple areas to play in means gamers need to adapt more, which presents a steep learning curve. A seven-pool rotation will allow players to be more in-depth with the available maps and quickly learn how to strategize around them.

When Will Bind Return to the Rotation?

Maps disabled in the current Act will usually return during the following one. This means Bind will be returned to the active rotation in Episode 7. Based on how each significant chapter in Valorant lasts, Episode 6 will run for two months before it is replaced by the next one. Fans might see the reworked version of the map around May.

Since we do not have any further information on what type of changes will be done to Bind, players will just have to wait for other leaks or official announcements from Riot. In the meantime, fans should enjoy what Episode 6 Act 2 brings to the table. The latest agent is now available for players to add to their Valorant accounts, so make sure to grind Gekko's contract if you don't plan on using RP on him.

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