Options for Great Kitchen Countertops

May 25, 2023

When you are having your kitchen renovated or maybe you have bought a home but some work still needs to be done, one of the choices to think about is the kitchen countertop. They are an important part of any kitchen whether small or large and whatever style you prefer. A kitchen countertop can be around for a lifetime if you choose certain more durable materials, but whether you prefer marble slabs Brick Township NJ, granite, quartz, soapstone, glass or concrete, is a personal decision. Here is a look at the more popular choices in kitchen countertops.

Exploring Engineered stone countertops

Engineered stone also known as Quartz countertops are made from a combination of materials including quartz and manmade in nature. You can get it in different colors and styles and it is non-porous and durable. When you want a surface that does need as much care with re-sealing each year, Quartz makes a good choice.

Glancing at Granite countertops

For the most popular countertop material you should explore what granite can do for you. It is a natural and durable stone that is elegant and attracts a lot of people because it suits any style of kitchen. It makes the kitchen and the home more desirable, adds value to the home and is resistant to damage, stains, and such. It does need yearly sealing though but it will last a lifetime or longer if looked after. It comes in all kinds of colors and appearances.

Marvelling at Marble countertops, Wall, NJ

Whether you choose marble slabs Brick Township NJ or another marble option some people cannot get enough of the glamorous and sophisticated look of this natural stone. While its desirability in terms of its appearance cannot be denied, marble is not always the best choice for the kitchen. If it is a kitchen with lots of children, and lots of heavy use, then a natural stone like granite would be better. You do need to seal marble every year too and be careful with knocks and such.

Gazing at Glass countertops

Glass is perfect for certain conditions in kitchens as while it is heat resistant and strong it can scratch and crack. You can get custom-made countertops of different colors but whether glass works depends on the design of the kitchen.

Surveying Soapstone countertops

Soapstone is smooth and durable. It is attractive but it is nuanced being available only in its natural colors of dark grey hues. It is soft so while resistant to chemicals, bacteria and stains care needs to be taken.

Considering Concrete countertops

Concrete is a modern material for kitchens and not for everyone but it is a lot more versatile than people imagine. It is great for areas that are oddly sized as it can be custom made and you can add colors, textures, patterns and so on. The demand for concrete countertops is growing in residential kitchens.


Granite, glass, quartz, concrete, soapstone, and marble countertops Wall NJ are just some of the more commonly chosen options. You might also take a look at things like wood, tiles, laminate and limestone.

Emiy Watson

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