Rare Carat: Your One-Stop Shop for Ethical Diamond Purchases

May 1, 2023

Rare Carat is the best place to buy certified ethical diamonds online. You can easily find what you want using powerful search tools. Prices are good, and there are money-back guarantees.

What Are Ethical Diamonds?

Unethical diamonds come from war zones, where people might be forced to work for free or paid a little but not allowed to leave. Ethical diamonds come from peaceful times and places without forced labor.

Why Are Ethical Diamonds Important?

A few decades ago, a diamond had a good chance of being from a war zone. Civilians were captured and forced to work in diamond mines in dangerous conditions.

Thankfully, people paid attention to what was going on and there was a public outcry. This was bad for the diamond industry, and they knew something had to change, or else diamonds would become less popular. They created a certification system to prove that diamonds were not mined in conflict zones.

How Ethical Diamonds Are Certified

To be certified conflict-free, a company must produce its diamonds according to the Kimberley process. The Kimberley process requires diamonds to be certified when they are mined, again when they are cut, and again when they are sold.

What About Lab Grown Diamonds?

Some people get lab-grown diamonds to avoid ethical issues. However, the vast majority of certified diamonds were mined ethically.

You do not have to get lab-grown diamonds to avoid diamonds mind in a conflict zone. The diamond trade was cleaned up long ago.

However, lab-grown diamonds are flawless and look better than real diamonds in many ways. There is certainly a market for them, and Rare Carat has a great selection of lab-grown as well as real diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are "real" in the sense that they are made of diamonds and not another substance that resembles them.

Other Ethical Issues

Even if a diamond was not mined using forced labor, working conditions may still have been terrible. Diamond mining can also be destructive to the environment, but there are ways around this.

Deep open pit mines are often enormous and look like they destroy the land. However, a responsible company will fill the pit and restore the land above it.

Rare Carat Offers Only Ethical Diamonds

Rare Carat will never sell unethical or suspicious diamonds. Everything we sell is either produced according to the Kimberley process or crafted artificially.

Customer Reviews for Rare Carat Inc

Rare Carat gets excellent customer reviews, with a 4.9/5 average score on both Google Business Profile and Trustpilot. Customers mention the excellent customer service, low prices, and overall quality of the diamonds. Rare Carat's diamonds come in countless shapes and sizes.

Other Advantages

Rare Carat also has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don't like your diamond for any reason. If you return it to Rare Carat, you will get your money back, no questions asked. The return policy includes resizing your ring.

Rare Carat also makes it easy to find what you want with their above-average search system. Their search system is both powerful and easy to use.

You can narrow it down to a price range, a number of carats, and a certain shape of diamond to find what you want. You can find uncommon shapes of diamonds at Rare Carat, such as a loose princess cut diamond or a cushion cut diamond.

People who work for Rare Carat are professional gemologists with gemology degrees, not people with a bit of training and no in-depth knowledge. If you call us, you will talk to a gemologist with an educated answer to your questions. Rare Carat Gemologists can also assess the value of a diamond.

Key Takeaways

  • Rare Carat is a huge online diamond marketplace where you can get many different kinds of diamonds, varying greatly in value. Rare Carat offers both natural and lab-grown diamonds.
  • A lot of diamonds in the 1990s were mined in war zones using forced labor. However, the industry has greatly improved since then.
  • Every diamond sold by Rare Carat was produced using the Kimberley process which ensures the diamond was produced ethically.
  • Rare Carat offers a huge variety of diamonds, including cushion cut diamonds and loose princess cut diamonds. Some highly valuable diamonds (worth more than $100,000) are sold on Rare Carats. The most expensive diamond sold on Rare Carat was worth 2.5 million dollars.
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