Seal Integrity Testers: A Key to Ensuring Optimal Packaging Performance and Product Safety

May 8, 2023

As a manufacturer, you need your products to reach the consumer in perfect condition. The compromise of product safety occurs whenever their seals are damaged, are incorrectly installed, or are of poor quality. Poorly sealed products can affect your business operations if a consumer sues you after getting harmed by the product. For this reason, you will need a perfectly functioning seal integrity tester to guarantee safety in your production process. At Seal-Check, we commit time, expertise, and knowledge to bring you the best seal integrity testers for your packaging needs.

In this article, we will look at what seal integrity testers are, their benefits, and the mechanisms used in seal integrity testing. Keep reading to learn how the best seal integrity testers can guarantee your product's success in the market.

Guarantee the Best Packaging Performance and Product Safety

A seal integrity tester helps you test the quality and integrity of seals used in packaging. If it finds the seal perfect, you get to sell your product with confidence and assurance of quality. Without a seal integrity tester, you may end up selling products with faulty seals, ultimately affecting the success of your product.

Every seal requires a certain amount of force to break. At quality control, the seal integrity tester measures this force. With one at your disposal, you get to check the quality of your seals, guaranteeing maximum confidence in any product you send into the market. Whether you venture into pharmaceutical, food processing, or other package-related industries, seal integrity testers are always handy to have as part of your quality assurance process.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Seal Integrity Tester?

Consumers trust their manufacturers and government when purchasing goods. Little effort goes into worrying about how safe the products we purchase may be. But in reality, this practice should be a central focus. Whether a manufacturer, distributor, or consumer, the benefits of having a seal integrity tester include the following for all parties involved:

  • Guarantees Contaminant-Free Products: Pharmaceutical and food products may easily get contaminated. Testing the seal's performance with a seal integrity tester guarantees that the products inside meet all the safety standards. An adequately installed seal that meets all the quality standards will keep sealed contents safe and fresh.
  • Saves the Customer From Worry: When you buy a sealed food product, you trust the seal to be an assurance of safety. For this purpose, the seal integrity tester ensures that only perfectly sealed products reach the consumer.

. Helps Achieve a Longer Shelf Life: Well-sealed products keep the conditions inside the packaging as required for the product to have a longer shelf life.

. Ensures Optimal Packaging Performance: This tool helps ensure the seal isn't tampered with. If the tester approves optimal seal performance, you get zero-tempering assurance. With that assurance, you can be confident with your products whenever they are in the market.

. Maintains the Hygiene Standards of Packed Products: With a seal integrity tester, all seals meet the quality standards required for packaging. This way, you don't get broken seals that may lead to contamination and hygiene issues that could affect the overall performance of your products in the market.

Mechanisms Used to Perform Seal Integrity Testing

You may use your seal integrity tester through the following processes:

. Bubble Leak Testing: For this test, you use an air compressor to inject air into the product and listen to the pipe for leaks. You may also open it to the atmosphere. The bubbles prove the seal to be faulty and hence unsafe. This procedure applies to new and old seals to check for their proper performance.

. Dry Chamber Test: The dry chamber test uses a dry vacuum called a "dry test." You use a leak detector tank and other test processes in conjunction with this one. You create a vacuum and use the vacuum chamber to test for leaks. It mainly applies to liquid-containing packaging since it leaves no need for cleaning.

. Altitude Simulation Process: In this procedure, you simulate a pressure similar to that product's experience during transportation. Here, you exhaust gas to the container and apply pressure similar to high altitudes. Using the seal integrity tester, you then measure for any leaks on the seal. This process takes some time to ascertain the presence or absence of any leaks, especially for products transported by air.

Seal Integrity Tester Cost

The cost for seal integrity testers depends on the package seal getting tested. For instance, vacuum seal integrity testers may cost hundreds to thousands of US dollars, depending on brand and size.


No matter your specialization industry, seal integrity testers are extremely helpful to have around if you do packaging. You must ensure that your seals meet national and international standards before they reach consumers. Therefore, investing in a quality tester to guarantee the safety and quality of your packaged goods is essential. At, we provide the best seal integrity testers for your packaging needs. Try us today, and let us make your packaging worry-free with sure sealing.



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