Sell your house quickly in Scotland

May 3, 2023

You might be wondering how to sell your home quickly and effectively if you're considering doing so in Scotland. Although selling a home can be a difficult and drawn-out process, there are several actions you can do to make it simpler and go more quickly. Here are some tips on how to sell your house in Scotland quickly.

1. Get a property valuation. 

The first step is to find out how much your house is worth in the present market. You can arrange a free property valuation with an ESPC solicitor estate agent, who will assess your property based on its location, size, condition, features, and energy efficiency. A property valuation will help you set a realistic asking price and attract more buyers.

2. Schedule a home inspection. 

A Home Report is a legal requirement for selling a house in Scotland. There are three documents in total: a Single Survey, an Energy Report, and a Property Questionnaire. The Single Survey provides information on the property's condition and value, the Energy Report rates the property's energy efficiency and environmental impact, and the Property Questionnaire covers a variety of aspects of the property such as council tax band, parking facilities, and alterations. You can direct a qualified inspector to write a Home Report for you or request your legal counsel estate agent to arrange one for you.

3. Opt for a law estate agent.

 A solicitor estate agent may handle all parts of the sale for you, from marketing the home to taking care of the paperwork. Additionally, they can provide you with advice on the optimal selling approach for your home, including whether to establish a fixed price or accept offers over price and whether to set a closing date. You can bargain with prospective purchasers and accept the finest offer for your house with the assistance of a professional estate agent.

4. Promote the house. 

It's imperative to market your property if you want to draw in more buyers and generate interest in it. You can advertise your property using a variety of platforms, including social media, newspapers, online platforms, and word-of-mouth. A solicitor estate agent can help you create an attractive property listing featuring high-quality photos and descriptions, and advertise it through various platforms, such as, which is the home of selling property in Scotland. You can get great offers on your property, why sell to us section of Scotland Property Express.

5. Get ready for screenings. 

Making a favorable first impression on prospective buyers is possible during viewings. De-cluttering, cleaning, fixing any issues, adding any finishing touches, and emphasizing your property's best characteristics are all things you should do to get it ready for viewings. Additionally, you should be accommodating and flexible with viewing times and dates, as well as make yourself accessible to answer any queries or comments from viewers.

6. Accept an offer. 

Once you receive a bid for your property, then should consult with the solicitor estate agent & decide whether you accept it or not. You should evaluate numerous variables while considering an offer, such as the money provided, the buyer's financial state, the date of entrance, and any stipulations attached to the offer. You can accept the offer verbally or in writing if you are pleased with it.

7. Complete the legal process. 

The final step is to complete the legal process of selling your house in Scotland. This involves exchanging missives (formal letters) between your solicitor and the buyer's solicitor until all the terms and conditions of the sale are agreed upon. This is called concluding missives and it creates a legally binding contract between you and the buyer. After that, you need to complete the conveyancing process, which involves transferring the ownership of the property from you to the buyer and settling any outstanding payments.

You can sell your home in Scotland quickly and easily by adhering to these steps. An ESPC lawyer estate agent will walk you through the entire procedure if you need any help or guidance along the way. You can visit Scotland Property Express for seamless dealings and help regarding all your need for property.


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