Speculations On What the Pyramid Plunder Will Look Like

May 8, 2023



What changes can you expect from the pyramid plunder in 2023?

Pyramid plunder is a Thieving minigame that can already bring you a decent amount of OSRS GP and a good chunk of Thieving XP. As with most thieving activities, earning some OSRS gold while gaining XP relatively fast is expected.

Pyramid Plunder Vs. Other Thieving Activities

What's different with the minigame compared to other thieving activities is that besides the regular loot, you always get that is only worth little OSRS gold. Looting chests, urns, and sarcophagi will give you four types of artefacts that come in different varieties: ivory, pottery, stone, and gold. It is only worth keeping the gold ones in your inventory since the others sell or can be exchanged for too little, so you should drop the rest. The gold statuette is worth the most, and it values at 1.2k gold if you sell it to Simon Templeton, the same guy who will buy the agility pyramid top. You could get more on the grand exchange for them since you can use them to charge the Pharoah sceptre. You can hit the jackpot on your OSRS accounts for sale and get your pharaoh scepter worth around four mil OSRS GP on the Grand Exchange.

For an ironman account, the grind has the same unique as a big motivator. This is because the sceptre is a teleportation item you can wield in the weapon slot to teleport you to various points of interest. Getting one will drastically increase your quality of life, especially when doing clue scrolls, but when you have business in the Kharidian desert.

The same sceptre also represents the best way to get to the location of the pyramid plunder minigame, as it will teleport you inside the pyramid. This is because any other teleportation means you will be outside the pyramid. You may have to attempt multiple entrances of the pyramid before you get the right one, as the right entrance constantly changes.

You can only play the pyramid plunder minigame in members' worlds and start doing this as soon as you hit level 21 thieving if you unlocked the city of Sophanem by then.

The Two Problems

Both of the problems relate to the sarcophagi. Jagex already addressed the first pyramid plunder issues on the 1st of March. Sometimes when trying to steal from urns or chests mummies or scarab swarms appear instead. Once a scarab swarm spawned, it sometimes prevented you from looting the sarcophagus. Jagex has delivered a fix for this issue, and now you will no longer be annoyed by the bugs when looting sarcophagi.

The other big problem with Pyramid Plunder which Jagex has acknowledged and promised to bring an unpolled fix for the drop rates for the Pharaoh Sceptre. Each room in the pyramid plunder minigame contains urns, chests, and sarcophagi, but you only have a chance to get the Pharoah sceptre from chests or sarcophagi.

This is the biggest reason the best strategy you can apply when playing the minigame is only to loot chests and sarcophagi until you reach the final room you can access with your current thieving level. You should always loot the chests and sarcophagus in the last room you can access and then search for additional loot in urns before the 5 minutes are up. This is because deeper rooms contain bigger treasures, but what everyone is looking for is the sceptre.

While the drop rates from the chest gradually increase the deeper the room is, this is not the case for the drop chances from the sarcophagi, where you'll have higher and higher chances up to room 4. Still, the drop chances will decrease incrementally from one room to another. This creates the absurdity of having a chance of 1 in 1600 in room 4, which you need level 51 thieving to access, and 1 in 6933 in the final room, which you need level 91 to access.

Jagex’s Promise

Jagex has finally remarked on this game issue and promised to fix it soon so that everyone can enjoy fair rates for unlocks. Jagex has to be highly considerate of the changes, as increasing or decreasing the rates for certain levels could affect how many sceptres get into the game and the overall economy around the sceptre. If the drop rates are too high, you're more likely to pay less OSRS GP for the item since it will have a lower value caused by increased supply. However, if the adjusted rates are too low, you're more likely to earn more OSRS gold if you're lucky enough to drop one.


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