The Benefits of Choosing iDeals VDR as Your Top Data Room Choice in the USA and Worldwide

May 19, 2023

Regarding virtual data room usage, North America is the biggest consumer of this technology. Further segregation shows that the US holds the top spot in collaboration with data room vendors due to a massive number of M&A transactions.

Businesses and dealmakers in that area prefer supremely secure data management and sharing platforms like virtual data rooms to share confidential information in dealmaking safely. When it comes to some of the best data rooms, iDeals VDR is a top data room choice in the USA and worldwide.

Is security the only reason why iDeals online data room software is a number one choice for businesses? iDeals VDRs are complete deal management solutions. Here is a detailed guide to the iDeals VDRs and how beneficial they are for the business fraternity.

iDeals virtual data rooms: An overview

iDeals Solutions is a data management and communication solutions company headquartered in London. iDeals is the industry leader that also pioneered the electronic data room industry when it started operations in 2008. 

Currently, iDeals data room software caters to over 175,000 companies and thousands of professionals, executives, board members, and dealmakers.

What’s more, iDeals has consistently won notable global awards, including G2 market leader awards, for the past 15 years. The company enjoys an unparalleled rating on renowned software reviews platforms like Capterra, Software Advice, G2, TrustRadius, and many more.

iDeals VDRs: Product overview

iDeals stands amongst the best virtual data room providers across the globe. Banking-grade security, unparalleled and unique customer support service, and highly intuitive design are a few major differentiators in iDeals’ VDRs.

For example, iDeals customer care service answers every call within 25 seconds, and most of the issues are resolved within 5 minutes.

iDeals employ banking-grade security to provide imperial data protection. There are up to 8 different layers of security depending on the package plan you choose.

What's more, among the best data room providers, only iDeals is available in 15 different international languages, including Chinese, French, German, and Spanish, which makes the VDR easily accessible to a wider audience.

Benefits of choosing iDeals data room services in the USA and worldwide

iDeals boasts a wide range of solutions for different industries, which makes it a top choice worldwide. Following are some benefits of using iDeals VDRs in the US and globally.

1. Maximum data protection

As mentioned earlier, the company is famous for its banking-grade security. It protects your sensitive data in various ways and at all levels.

For instance, the two-factor authorization feature restricts unauthorized entries in the VDR. The remote purging feature allows you to remove any user/device attached to your VDR and the data room information in it.

Fence view mode in iDeals data rooms prevents unsolicited viewing. It makes sure that users can only see lines, paragraphs, or the parts of the document which you allow them to see. Other notable features include digital watermarks, IP address restrictions, granular access, view-only mode, role-based user access permissions, etc.

2. Compliance

Choosing iDeals virtual data rooms means a company doesn’t have to worry about compliance issues. The list of iDeals certifications is long, but here are some most notable ones.

FINRA-compliant: all the stock broker firms and similar financial businesses in the United States can use iDeals VDRs to comply with FINRA requirements.

GDPR-compliant: GDPR regulates data management and digital data security practices in the European Union. iDeals VDRs are GDPR compliant, which means they can be a go-to option for companies operating in the EU.

HIPAA compliant: iDeals data rooms are HIPAA-compliant; hospitals, doctors, and healthcare institutes or professionals in the US can use these VDRs for safer data management.

Other important security certifications include SOC 1,2, and 3, ISO 27001, CCPA, and LGPD compliance.

3. Ease of use

Data handling and sharing is super easy with iDeals; here are some handy and time-saving features in iDeals VDRs.

Drag-n-drop and bulk uploads

Using this feature, you can select multiple files at once and just drag them into your iDeals data room. The feature is handy during due diligence when you have to upload hundreds and thousands of files.


Every file you upload in these virtual data rooms is automatically indexed and numbered in a sequential manner. The numbering will readjust when you delete a file.

Full-text search

iDeals boasts Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology which allows you to search a file via keywords or keyphrases from a massive database.

Due diligence checklists and legal forms library

While using iDeals data rooms for M&As, fundraising, and similar transactions, you can use built-in checklists to optimize the file categorizing process.

iDeals is the only data room vendor that provides a large library of legal forms (digital) used in litigation.

Apart from that, iDeals VDRs support more than 25 file formats and all global operating systems like Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Final words

iDeals virtual data rooms are globally recognized for their banking-grade security, simple and highly user-intuitive interface, and unmatched customer care service.

The service provider has been serving over 175000 companies from different sectors, including the legal industry, financial industry, healthcare, telecommunications, and M&A sector. 

Emiy Watson

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