10 Tools That Every Startup Must Know 2023 

May 2, 2023

10 Tools That Every Startup Must Know 2023 

In the ever-evolving entrepreneurship landscape, startups face various challenges that demand resourcefulness, efficiency, and innovation. To navigate this dynamic environment and achieve remarkable growth, today's startups must harness the power of technology and embrace strategic tools tailored to their unique needs. 

As we venture into 2023, an era brimming with possibilities, we present you with a curated selection of ten indispensable tools that every startup must know. From revolutionizing project management to amplifying marketing efforts and streamlining operations, these top-notch solutions are poised to empower startups and unleash their true potential. 

So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on a transformative journey through the realm of cutting-edge tools that can redefine your startup's destiny.

Why Do You Need Tools for Startups?

Managing a startup can be challenging if you’re a first-time founder with limited resources. Luckily we have tools that help you craft proof of concept, manage team communication, marketing, design and layout, SEO and UX optimization, and other hundred things on your plate. 

Most think that you need a lump sum amount of money to succeed as a company, but all you need are the combination of a good team, tools, and resources to reach the top ladder. 

Besides, these tools for startups enhance efficiency, enable collaboration, support scalability, facilitate data-driven decision-making, offer cost-effectiveness, and provide a competitive edge.

Let’s dive right into the tools!

11Best Tools That Every Startup Must Know 2023


Chisel is an all-in-one agile, SAAS-based product management software with excellent tools that help you reduce your busy work and turbocharge innovation. 

You need not look further for your PM tool that creates roadmaps, collects customer feedback, and builds internal team alignment because Chisel does all that and more! 

Chisel is the first tool you need to look at when starting up your business, not just because it helps with effectively managing and organizing your tasks, perfectly balancing all three aspects of a product manager’s job, making you 10x productive, reduces the need for employing multiple tools. But also because 1000+ teams across the globe trust it. 

This central platform helps teams, PMs, and stakeholders to have a bird's eye view of your daily work, minus the clutter. You can customize the roadmap as per your requirements.

Having a tool like Chisel that holds your data securely and helps you sort your data into three pillars of roadmaps, team radar, and product feedback is crucial because you get clear and real insights into your projects and no confusion whatsoever. 

Key Features:

  • Get a 360° view and better decision-making with built-in integrations. Bring all your data into one place with ease.
  • Treeview helps you break down your product into components (epics) and features (stories), helping you organize and prioritize your product backlog.
  • Track your sprints with the Release view.
  • Kanban Board helps you determine what should be worked on now, next, or sometime soon.
  • Visualize your roadmap on a Timeline.
  • Foster an inclusive culture with Team Participation.
  • Get a centralized repository of all your feedback.
  • With Feedback Portal, seek customer feedback on features in your roadmap or allow them to submit brand-new ideas.


Essential: This pricing package is free forever with $0/month

Premium: Most popular pricing package with $49/month 

Enterprise: Get in touch 


Slack is a communication and collaboration platform widely used for internal communication within organizations. 

For startups in 2023, Slack is beneficial because it streamlines communication among team members, especially in remote or distributed teams. It allows startups to create different channels for specific projects, teams, or topics, ensuring relevant discussions stay organized and easily accessible.

Key Features:

  • Create dedicated channels for different teams, projects, or topics
  • Instantly communicate with individuals or small groups through private messages.
  • Easily share files with team members, ensuring quick access and collaboration on documents, images, and more.


Free plan: Limited access to messages and integrations

Paid plan: $11.75

Enterprise: Contact sales


HackerEarth is a global company that helps large enterprises recruit, evaluate, and upskill developers based on specific skills. The company’s software for recruitment agencies enables recruiters to make the most accurate and informed decisions about candidates, improve hiring efficiencies, facilitate continuous learning and development, and ensure the right developers are matched with the right positions. HackerEarth is also a leading facilitator of online hackathons and coding challenges, where its community of over 7 million developers can upskill and practice for employment interviews. The company was founded in 2012 with offices in San Francisco and India.


- Extensive library of 16000+ exclusive questions across 18+ roles and 900+ skills

- Services 40+ roles and 10+ frameworks

- Automated evaluation and benchmarking of candidates

- AI-driven platform designed and tested for bias-free assessments

- Integrates with major ATS like Lever, ZOHO, JobVite, JazzHR, TalentHub

- Trusted by over 4000+ global tech companies


forms.app is an online platform where users can create survey forms and quizzes. With these online forms and quizzes, users can collect payments, accept signatures, add logic to questions, and assign points to these questions to obtain a score.

In addition to its 4000+ ready-made templates, it has recently introduced a new AI form generator feature. Therefore, it is now much easier to create surveys and forms with forms.app. You just need to describe what you want with a few simple words. 

Key features:

  • Collect payments without paying an extra fee
  • Easily generate forms, polls, and quizzes thanks to AI form generator
  • Create elegant forms and surveys with the advanced customization options
  • Find solutions to your needs with the various form fields
  • Easily set values to the options and calculate them with the calculator
  • Start selling online through the product basket feature
  • Automate your workflow with more than +500 third-party integrations


  • Free plan: Almost all advanced features are included.  
  • Basic: 12 USD when billed yearly
  • Pro: 19 USD when billed yearly
  • Premium: 59 USD when billed yearly

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is an intuitive and popular product feedback management tool among small to large-scale businesses. It allows easy feedback collection at various touch points across channels like email, SMS, website, mobile, QR code, in-app, in-product, email, and so on. You can measure crucial metrics like NPS, CES, and CSAT and get real-time in-depth reports and insights.

Key Features

Here are some key features that can help you create an optimized product feedback strategy:

  • 500+ customizable survey templates including dedicated product feedback survey forms, market research questionnaire, subscription cancellation template, etc.
  • Multilingual and multi-location surveys
  • Intercept surveys, live chat surveys, as well embedded surveys for SaaS products and mobile apps
  • Email signature and email embedded surveys
  • Reporting and analytics for top primary metrics as well as detailed response analysis
  • Real-time notifications
  • CX automation to close the feedback loop
  • Seamless integrations with 500+ tools
  • Survey logic and white labeling for personalized surveys


Pricing starts at $49/month. It offers various Plans:

  • Professional plan costs $99/month.
  • Growth plan costs $199/month.
  • Custom plan with personalized quotes and pricing as per your business requirement.

Jotform Apps

Jotform Apps is a feature-packed online app builder that lets you fully design an app and share it with your team, making it the perfect app builder for startups. The apps require no coding knowledge, you can choose from ready-made templates and they can be used to collaborate in endless ways. It has many interactive drag-and-drop features like forms and surveys, but you can also add widgets and documents you’d like your team to have on hand.

Key Features:

  • No coding needed, perfect for an easy start
  • Analytics tool for data
  • Many integrations, seamless workflow
  • Share with QR code/link, works on any smart device


  • Available for free.
  • Paid Jotform plans start at $34/month.


Semrush is an online marketing tool suite that provides valuable insights and data to help businesses optimize their digital marketing strategies.

Semrush is crucial for startups as it empowers them with valuable insights, competitive intelligence, and data-driven strategies to optimize their digital marketing efforts, enhance their online visibility, and ultimately drive growth and success.

Key Features:

  • Allows startups to analyze their competitors' digital marketing activities, including their organic search rankings, paid advertising campaigns, backlinks, and keyword strategies. 
  • Site audit feature that analyzes a website's technical health and identifies areas for improvement. 
  • Provides tools for social media management, allowing startups to schedule posts, monitor their social media accounts, and analyze the overall performance of their social media campaigns. 


Free plan available

Pro plan: $199.95/mo

Guru plan: $229.95/mo

Enterprise: Contact sales


A website-building tool like WordPress is essential for startups because it offers an easy-to-use platform that allows them to create and manage their website without technical expertise, enabling them to quickly establish a robust online presence.

Key Features:

  • Offers a vast collection of themes that determine your website's overall design and layout. 
  • A rich ecosystem of plugins that extend the functionality of your website. 
  • Help improve your website's search engine optimization (SEO).


  • Free plan
  • Personal plan: $4/mo
  • Premium plan: $8/mo


Canva is an online graphic design platform. It enables users to create and customize a vast range of visual content, such as social media graphics, presentations, posters, and more, using a user-friendly interface and pre-designed templates. 

Key Features:

  • Provides startups with an affordable solution for creating professional-looking visuals
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Collaborative workflow

A free plan is available.

Pro version: Starting at $11,99


Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps users improve their grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. 

Grammarly can be a valuable tool for startups as it ensures clear and professional communication, enhances written content, and helps maintain a polished image, improving overall brand perception and credibility.

Key Features:

  • Grammar and spelling check
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Browser Extensions
  • Tone and formality adjustments

Free version available

Premium package: starting at $12

Business package: Starting at $15


HubSpot is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform with tools and features designed to assist businesses in managing their sales, marketing, and other customer service efforts. 

HubSpot can be a valuable resource in building relationships in several ways. First and foremost, it centralizes customer data, allowing startups to store and organize information about their leads and customers in a single, easily accessible location. 

At its most basic level, CRM software in dubai compiles customer data and stores it in a single CRM database for easier management and access by company users. A Simple CRM system has had a lot of extra features added to them throughout time to increase their utility.

This holistic view of customer interactions enables startups to gain a deep understanding of their target audience and better understand their needs and preferences.

Key Features:

  • Sales pipeline management
  • Analytics and Reporting


  • Free tool available
  • Other pricing plans for HubSpot will differ per the products, bundles, and plans.


SquadHelp is a fascinating tool. It is an online platform offering crowdsourcing services for startups and businesses needing branding, naming, and design solutions. It provides a unique approach to tackling these crucial aspects by tapping into a global community of creative individuals. 

Startups can leverage the power of this community to receive innovative ideas and suggestions for their brand names, logos, taglines, and other design elements.

Key Features:

  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional branding agencies
  • Access to a diverse and talented community of creatives
  • A streamlined and efficient process for launching contests and receiving submissions
  • Collaboration and direct interaction with creatives for a personalized approach


Bronze plan: $299

Gold plan: $449

Platinum plan: $749

Managed plan: $1499


This is a sales tool for your startup. It is a data enrichment platform that helps startups by providing them with comprehensive company and contact information, allowing them to understand their customers better, personalize outreach, and fuel their growth strategies. It helps startups streamline their sales and marketing efforts by delivering accurate, real-time data insights.

Key Features:

Create demand with Ad Targeting

Capture intent with intent-based outreach

Convert pipeline using lead scoring and routing

The pricing plan of Clearbit will depend on the add-ons, packages, and volume. 


Coggle is a web-based mind mapping and brainstorming tool which allows users to craft and collaborate on visual diagrams, specifically mind maps. Startups can connect and chat in real-time and take notes.

Key Features:

  • Brainstorming and idea-generation tools
  • Pitching and presentations 

Freemium version available

Plan Awesome: $5/mo

Plan Organization: $8/member/mo


We carefully curated this list of all the products you will need when you’re building a startup so that you can focus your time, effort, and energy on crafting your products. 

In this expansive and comprehensive article, we have painstakingly curated a splendid assortment of an abundant array of remarkable startup tools. 

However, it is essential to acknowledge that there are always alternative marketing automation tools. With these incredible tools at your disposal, you can test which tools best fit your business and go for it!

Emiy Watson

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