Top 10 Best White Marbles

May 8, 2023

Everyone should be familiar with white marble. white marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the original rocks in the earth’s crust through the action of high temperature and high pressure in the earth’s crust. After being developed by humans, it has entered our life. Countertops, cabinet countertops, etc. Marble is divided into varieties, some are named after the place name and color, and some are named after the pattern. The most popular is white marble.

White marble is one of the most common marbles. There are many types and different patterns. Each piece of white marble slabs is unique. As a classic color, white is a practical and attractive color; and the later expansion is also relatively strong. If you are entangled in what color marble to use for interior decoration, white is definitely the first choice.

White marble is very attractive, and it is a basic color that can be matched with various interior decoration styles. Don’t worry about home and marble colors not being harmonious. So, do you know what are the advantages of white marble? How is the decoration effect? Where is it suitable for the application? Let’s see together next!

Advantages of White Marble

1. White marble stone has compact structure and high compressive strength.

2. Good decoration. White marble countertops have the artistic effect of natural texture, thick texture and solemn and majestic.

3. White marble stone has a uniform structure, a very small linear expansion coefficient, and is not easy to deform.

4. White marble has good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance and small temperature deformation.

5. It is not easy to stick to fine dust, maintenance, maintenance is convenient and simple, it can be used for a long time, and the service life can reach more than 100 years.

6. White marble stone is not magnetized, and can move smoothly during measurement, without stagnation and astringency, and is not affected by moisture, and the plane is well-defined.

Next, 10 of the best white marble, so that you better understand what kind of decorative effect of white marble.

Breed Name Color Breed Name Color
1. White Makrana Marble 6. Calacatta Viola Marble
2. White Volakas Marble 7. Arabescato Marble
3. Statuario White Marble 8. Panda White Marble
4. Arabescato Corchia Marble 9. Wilsonart White Carrara Marble
5. Calacatta Gold Marble 10. Albeta Marble

1. White Makrana Marble

Origin: Vietnam, China

Scope of application: Indoor and outdoor walls and floors, floors, sinks, bathrooms, windowsills, walls, TV walls, kitchens, countertops, etc.

Features: White makrana marble feeling is fine, grainy, good hardness, good gloss, and hard material. Crystal marble material is solid, crystal, and soft, and can be used for various decoration occasions.

Application scenarios

The background color of the crystal white marble board is pure white, and the board surface is mainly divided into two textures: coarse flower and fine flower. The pattern is uniform, the texture is natural, bright, and crystal clear.

White Marble Vanity

White Marble Bathtub

White Marble Wall

White marble is used as the wall, and the delicate texture makes the whole space more advanced.

2. White Volakas Marble

Origin: Greece

Scope of application: used for indoor wall and floor decoration, countertops, wash basins, stairs, etc.

Features: White volakas marble has good processability, sound insulation and heat insulation, and can be used for deep processing. It is an excellent building decoration material. Fine texture, high processing adaptability.

Application scenarios

White volakas marble has unique texture, special landscape texture, and good decorative performance. In terms of texture trend and texture, it fully expresses the characteristics of luxury, elegance, and top products.

White Marble Wall

White marble stone has a very good decorative effect on the wall. The irregular texture is like a naturally formed painting, which decorates the entire space and is high-class and elegant.

White Marble Wall

The simplest white with gray texture, high-level and simple atmosphere. Whether it is material or pattern, white volakas marble is deeply loved by designers and the public.

3. Statuario White Marble

Origin: Italy

Scope of application: decoration materials for high-end hotels, high-end villas, and high-end leisure places

Features: The background color of statuario white marble is white, the texture of gray lines is distributed on the surface, and the random distribution of the texture is uneven, the texture is fine, and the gloss is high.

Application scenarios

The natural texture is extracted and combined with artistic reconstruction to form a unique charm. Simple and atmospheric. Simplicity does not equal simplicity. The white marble background wall is simple in decorative effect, calm and atmospheric, and improves the grade of the entire space.

White Marble Background Wall

White Marble Slab

White Marble Flooring

The floor decoration is made of white marble stone, which is fashionable and simple, which enhances the fashion sense of the overall space environment and makes it visually more spacious.

4. Arabescato Corchia Marble

Origin: Italy

Scope of application: floor, wall, background wall, washbasin, etc.

Arabescato corchia marble features: The texture pattern is relatively large, the texture is dark, the background color is relatively gray, natural and smooth, the distribution is scattered and coordinated, both elegant and atmospheric.

Application scenarios

The gray mesh pattern of Arabescato corchia marble interweaving, the texture is clear, natural, and smooth, and the distribution is coordinated, giving people a high-end atmosphere. It also works very well as a washbasin.

White Marble Vanity

White Marble Bathroom

5. Calacatta Gold Marble

Origin: Italy

Scope of application: living room, background wall, bathroom, hotel, commercial space, public space, etc.

Features: Calacatta gold marble has a strong overall sense, shocking visuals, and perfectly displays the beauty of nature. It can be applied to cabinets, countertops, and bathroom furniture, breaking through the boundaries of space applications, all-space applications, and providing unlimited possibilities for home improvement applications.

Application scenarios

The surface of calacatta gold marble has both the elegance of white and the nobility and luxury unique to gold. There are traces of golden threads between white and pure, and the delicate and luxurious texture emerges. The interlaced textures give people a strong sense of visual impact. Create an elegant yet stylish and simple temperament, leading the space design to a new golden age.

Calacatta Gold Marble Hall

The texture of calacatta gold marble is warm and ductile, and it presents compactness and aesthetics in the space.

White Marble Wall

6. Calacatta Viola Marble

Origin: Turkey

Applicable scene: floor, wall, background wall, washbasin, etc.

Features: Calacatta viola marble classic pattern and noble and low-key purple are its unique features. Romantic yet understated, the decor works well.

Application scenarios

Because the Bulgari Hotel in New York used this stone in a large area, calacatta viola marble was gradually known to the public and became the darling of the design industry. The unique pattern and temperament make this stone appear in various styles of homes in various forms: minimalist, light luxury, American, French, industrial, etc., but no matter what style of home, calacatta viola marble, It’s that bright presence.

The use of calacatta viola marble on the wall in a large area can create a compact retro feel, and with a green sofa, the overall feeling is more retro and elegant.

Calacatta Viola Marble Vanity

Used on the washbasin, the calacatta viola marble high-grade retro texture and golden decoration create a luxurious and delicate feeling.

Calacatta Viola Marble Countertop

In the restaurant area, the countertops made of calacatta viola marble collide with stainless steel materials, bringing visual impact to the confrontation between exquisite retro and industrial minimalism.

7. Arabescato Marble

Origin: Italy

Application range: indoor floor, indoor wall, countertop, sink, bathtub, etc.

Features: The board surface is relatively gray, the texture is relatively shallow, and the board surface changes greatly.

Application scenarios

Arabescato marble after polishing, it is lifelike, with cloud-like texture and bright texture, giving people a quiet, bright, and noble feeling, making the space more tranquil and temperamental, with soft decorations in place, it can bring out the soul of the space.

Arabescato Marble TV Background Wall

Arabescato marble white background color, ink-like texture and delicate texture give people a simple, concise, and lively feeling. Pure tones and soft light sense perfectly interpret the concept of simplicity and sophistication. Combined with slate or light luxury metal, warm wood, high-grade sanitary ware, and other materials, it gives the space a simple, fashionable, fresh, and timeless high-level aesthetic.

Arabescato Marble TV Background Wall

8. Panda White Marble

Origin: China

Application range: walls, floors, countertops, bar counters, sinks, stairs, background walls, etc.

Features: In the interpenetration of black and white, there is a sharp contrast of color impact, resulting in an absolutely relative visual effect, full of movement without losing natural harmony.

Application scenarios

Panda white marble, the color is black and white, very similar to the body color of the giant panda, a super protected animal in China, so it is called panda white marble. Pieces of panda white marble are like pieces of ink paintings, simple and full of fashion sense, which can give people a visual enjoyment.

Panda White Marble bathroom

Panda white marble is used for the wall space in the bathroom area, and the texture is extended to both sides by the stitching of the pattern. The thick black frame is bordered on the wall, and the line is synchronously hooked with the black frame to form an overall visual impact. The beautiful ray-like texture is perfectly presented, adding a lot of artistic sense to the overall space.

Panda White Marble Washbasin

Panda White Marble Table Countertop

It is also very good as an island platform. It does not need other items as a foil, and it has already brought a good decorative effect to the entire space.

9. Wilsonart White Carrara Marble

Origin: Italy

Scope of application: floor, wall, carving, countertop, fireplace, handicraft, mosaic, column, table, background wall, etc.

Features: white background, light gray silk pattern, dot pattern, fine grain, light gray silk pattern, good acid, and alkali resistance.

Application scenarios

Wilsonart white carrara marble has light gray silk pattern, dot pattern, fine grain, and the texture is elegant and luxurious. It is mostly used for interior decoration and furniture. As indoor furniture, Wilsonart white carrara marble is generally reflected in the tabletop or marble table. Whether it is a generous round table or an exquisite square table, it can be matched with a variety of different home decoration styles, not the first choice but also one of the must-haves.

Wilsonart White Carrara Marble

The texture and bright texture of wilsonart white carrara marble make the space more serene and temperamental, and the soft metal decorations can bring out the soul of the space. White is a versatile color, which can be matched with any color and has a lot of room for play.

White Marble Stairs

Wilsonart white carrara marble is displayed in the overall space, often showing a quiet, elegant, soft and simple decoration style, revealing a low-key luxury beauty, which is deeply loved by modern young people. In addition, Wilsonart white carrara marble has also been applied to the White House, Notre Dame Cathedral, British Museum, Roman Forum, Rome Pantheon, and other buildings. It is the princess of the marble family.

10. Albeta Marble

Origin: China

Scope of application: home improvement/tooling living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, children’s room, study, entrance, terrace, balcony, etc.

Features: strong wear resistance, low water absorption, acid and alkali resistance, high hardness, non-slip, anti-freeze

Application scenarios

Albeta marble, the overall tone is soft and delicate, the texture is vivid and full of fantasy, and has a high ornamental value. The special texture hides the imprint of brilliant culture, and there are many modern elements in the classical temperament, which fully expresses dignity and elegance.

The Effect of White Marble on Various Uses

Background wall
The texture of white marble is high-grade, giving people a gentle and stylish elegance. It is a relatively high-end stone. The effect of using it on the TV wall is naturally very gorgeous and dignified.

White marble is also very versatile, especially in modern-style decorations. A white marble background wall is simple and stylish. Of course, the new Chinese style can also use white marble as the background wall. A lot of white marble has elegant textures, and can make a variety of texture designs, etc., which can better decorate the living room.

White Marble Sofa Background Wall

Many people will choose marble stairs as the finishing material for stair treads. It not only plays a decorative role, but more importantly, it is durable. Marble has become its best choice material.

Marble is a commonly used material for stair steps. It not only has a variety of colors, but also is easy to operate in subsequent processing procedures such as edging, opening anti-skid grooves, and inlaying copper bars. Moreover, its gloss and color are very high-end after protection.
The inclusiveness, purity, and simplicity of white make it a resident color in home decoration. The white marble-finished stairs are also a part of home decoration. Bright and pure, it doubles the texture of your home decoration.

White Marble Staircase

White marble countertops and white cabinets add elegance to a bright and clean kitchen. Decorating the kitchen with white marble can also add a different temperament of life.

White Marble Countertops

The natural and simple texture of marble, if used in the bathroom, can make the entire bathroom space look more elegant, high-end and dignified. Moreover, it is particularly suitable to use white stone to decorate the bathroom, which can not only make the bathroom tone brighter, but also bring a clean and tidy feeling.

White Marble Bathroom

The above is the introduction of white marble. George Stone believes that you have a more comprehensive understanding of white marble now. Thank you for reading.

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