Top 4 Toilet Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

May 5, 2023


Fixing most toilet problems can be pretty straightforward. However, they may prove costly if you ignore them and fail to address them in a timely manner. A failing toilet can find it challenging to seamlessly convey waste to the septic tank, predisposing you and your family to infections. Moreover, it can be irritating if disgusting sewer gas enters your house. It helps to take care of minor toilet issues to avoid significant problems later.

This article identifies and explains the top toilet problems you shouldn't ignore.

1. Cracked Toilet Bowl

A cracked toilet bowl indicates an impending disaster in waiting, and it helps to get it quickly fixed. Temperature variations between the water inside and outside the toilet can cause cracking. Moreover, your toilet is likely to crack if it's old, and a professional's help can be handy. The glad tiding is that you can find a seasoned Blacktown plumber in Sydney's western Suburbs or work with a few others in Angus or Colebee, depending on your location.

Your professional plumber should quickly identify the underlying cause and suggest possible preventative measures post repairs. A well-versed plumber should have a proven track record of working with fixing issues. They should also be fully licensed and versatile, rendering services in commercial and residential buildings. They should also demonstrate an excellent understanding of toilet issues to guarantee quality.

2. Leaking Toilet

A leaking toilet can be more challenging to deal with. It can cause floor and subfloor damage and escalate your monthly water bills. Moreover, a leaking toilet can spill dirty water that contains germs and bacteria, predisposing you to infections and diseases. Misalignments of pipes and valves, a broken wax ring sealing, or bolts becoming loose are some of the top causes of leaking toilets, which need immediate repairs.

While you can get your way around fixing this issue, it'd be more prudent to involve a professional. Some toilet leaks can be relatively challenging, and the underlying issue could be more complex than you could tell by sight. It also helps to act quickly before the leaks cause mold growth, potentially damaging your bathroom carpets and staining the floors.

3. Running Toilet

A running toilet can seem like a minor issue, but it can cost you a lot in monthly water bills. Usually, a running toilet has a continuously running water stream after flushing that may not appear to stop when it's supposed to. Sometimes, the running water can be minimal, reduced to periodic drips. But some problems can be easily solved if you choose a toilet that's high-quality and less susceptible to minor damage. Often, it can indicate a structural problem within your toilet tank, including the following:

  • Worn-out flapper: The flapper controls water flow into the toilet bowl and is a rubber value at the bottom of the toilet tank. When worn out, it loses its sealing capabilities, making your toilet leak.
  • Malfunctioning fill valve: The fill valve facilitates the toilet tank's refilling and may not shut off completely. That's so if it breaks down, leading to a running toilet.
  • Float ball problems: This ball is usually buoyant and shuts the fill valve that allows water into the toilet tank. It's best to ensure it works properly to prevent your toilet from running.
  • Mineral deposits: Mineral build-up on the flapper and other parts of the toilet compromise seals and cause them to malfunction, resulting in a running toilet.

Correcting the fault resulting from a running toilet as quickly as possible is best to prevent the issue from worsening with time.

4. Corroded Pipes

Corroded pipes can be unwelcome in your bathrooms, but that's not their only drawback. They can be the precursors for leaks, even though they may appear to work fine. Some types of pipes can be more corrosion-resistant, including polyvinyl chloride (PVC), copper, and stainless steel. Iron pipes are the most susceptible to corrosion, and it'd be best to replace them with more resistant types.

Hard water, aging issues, and high water pressure all compromise your toilet pipes, weakening them after a while. Besides, chemicals in most cleaning products can be the reason why you're facing this issue. It'd be prudent to procure professional plumbing services to help you replace all corroded pipes to avoid potential leaks. That can help you avoid high monthly water bills and repair significant damage.


Being quicker with toilet repairs can be handy in preventing minor problems from becoming significant issues. Some of these problems can be pretty straightforward, and you can handle them yourself if you know your way around them. However, it's best to involve a professional for high-quality output.

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