Top 5 Most Common Children’s Disease and How to Manage Them.

May 2, 2023

All kids should receive top-notch medical treatment. To ensure that your child receives the finest care available, parents must know about the most recent treatment recommendations. The most prevalent childhood ailments are listed here, along with the recommended treatments for each. The therapies covered in this article are supported by research and industry standards. However, if your child has a persistent medical issue or allergy, there may be reasons why the paediatrician recommends something else. Your paediatrician will go over any changes to the therapy with you. Please talk to your paediatrician if you have concerns about how best to care for your child.

Why do children fall sick often?

An infant receives antibodies from the mother during birth. Some antibodies are additionally transmitted while nursing. Unless the baby's body generates them, these antibodies steadily diminish as they develop. As a result, one will see that infants begin experiencing frequent upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) bouts by one year, which get more frequent until the child is five or six years old. During this time, the youngster is building up their arsenal of antibodies. The best paediatrician in Hyderabad claims that kids have a compromised immune system which eventually gets better with age. 

The incidence of URTI rises after the child begins preschool or school for several reasons:

  • There was "crowding" in the classroom that wasn't there at home.
  • Cross-contamination from other kids.
  • Exposure to a foreign environment that contains entirely new viruses and germs that the youngster was not previously exposed to.

This is a typical and natural occurrence; therefore, the parents shouldn't be too concerned. There needs to be more medical advice, though. Although little will usually be done or required, the youngster may occasionally need to be properly managed.

The top 5 Most Common Diseases In Children Are:

  1. Common cold:

Does your child have watery eyes and a blocked or runny nose? Is he coughing and sneezing? He might be fighting a cold. Infants and young children frequently contract colds. The toddler may also have a fever if his body feels heated.  

What to Do:

  • Keep him well-hydrated with fluids like water and low-sugar juices.
  • Keep him away from crowded areas, sick people, and other kids.
  • Teach your kid to use a handkerchief to clean his nose or to cover his mouth while he sneezes.
  • Bring the child to the doctor if he doesn't get better after a few days or has a high fever.
  1. Bronchitis:

Is your youngster wheezing, or exhaling with a high-pitched whistling sound? Is he struggling to breathe or breathing quickly? His lungs' tiny airways might be contaminated.  

What action should you take:

  • Keep the Child Hydrated with Fluids Like Water and Vitamin C-Rich Juices
  • Stay away from Smoky Areas.
  • If your child starts wheezing for the first time, breathing becomes laboured, or appears lethargic, lacks energy, or refuses to eat, immediately take him to the doctor.
  1. Febrile seizures:

A youngster experiencing a febrile seizure may pass out, stiffen up, fall over unexpectedly, or have twitching arms and legs. A clenched jaw and moving of the eyeballs back in the skull are further signs.

What to Do:

  • Refrain from attempting to restrain your kid; let his seizure run its course while you leave him on the ground.
  • Don't try to push anything into your child's mouth.
  • After the seizure is ended, let your child sleep if he wants to. 
  • If this is your child's first seizure, immediately take him to the doctor. Just verify that his airway remains open to prevent choking.
  1. Chickenpox:

Does your child experience fever and rashes on their faces and bodies that are itchy and red? The inflammation from chickenpox develops over a few weeks and eventually turns into blisters. If the scratched areas become infected, the spots could result in scars. Chickenpox is often a common and minor illness in healthy youngsters. However, it may spread rapidly via direct contact or airborne droplets from an infected individual due to its high contagiousness.  

What to Do: 

  • Keep the child home from school or nursery if he has chickenpox to prevent the illness from spreading to other children.
  • Trim your child's fingernails to discourage scratching, and you might consider allowing him to wear gloves at night. 
  • Give your child a cool bath to help with the itching.
  1. Asthma:

Does your child occasionally wheeze and feel chest pain or tightness? Does he have trouble breathing? Or maybe he has a persistent cough. A youngster with asthma has sensitive, irritated airways. It affects roughly 20% of Singaporean youngsters, making it quite widespread.  

What to Do: 

  • Immediately follow your child's doctor's advice and have him use an inhaler. 
  • Avoid obvious triggers such as pollen, animal fur, dust, tobacco smoking, and stress. 
  • Repetition of the treatment every 20 to 60 minutes to an hour is advised. 
  • Bring your child to the doctor immediately if the asthma symptoms have not eased or worsened or if they return within four hours.

Final thoughts:

Little ones are prone to illness, as any parent with a child will attest. Children are frequently exposed to new pathogens at nursery and school and via poor hygiene habits. Young children often have sniffles, coughs, and other mild diseases since it takes a while for the immune system to develop and fight these pathogens.

Emiy Watson

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