Twelve Reasons to Hire Professional Exterior and Interior Painters

May 23, 2023

Adding a coat of paint to a home, building, or room instantly makes it look fresher and inviting. For a minimal investment, property owners can quickly transform the appearance of any living or working area. While DIY projects are tempting to save money, discover twelve reasons to hire professional exterior and interior painters for the best possible results.

1. Licensed and Experienced

Projects like drywall repair and painting are challenging for novices who are unfamiliar with the processes. From choosing the right materials to using proper techniques, there are many aspects that can go wrong in a DIY painting project. As a result, people often spend more time and money trying to do it themselves than hiring a professional from the beginning.

A reputable local painting company is licensed and experienced to handle any variables that arise during the project. Plus, professional painters know the latest colors and techniques to make meaningful suggestions that improve the end result. The best painting pros also provide a quote so the costs are transparent from the start.

2. Superior Tools and Knowledge

Embarking on a DIY project means investing in tools and materials to complete the work. As a result, people must spend money on materials and invest their time and effort in painting a home or workplace. Often novices get the wrong tools and wind up spending more money to replace them and keep moving forward with the work.

An expert painter has superior tools and knowledge to handle any situation. Additionally, a pro assesses the walls and conditions to ensure they are ready for paint to avoid lumps and irregularities on the walls. Tapping into this expertise means the job is done faster, more efficiently, and to the property owner's specifications.

3. Focus on Safety

Unfortunately, people sometimes get injured during DIY projects, which often means the work is unfinished for weeks or months. Climbing ladders, working with paint, and other conditions can lead to serious injuries for inexperienced do-it-yourselfers. Also, injuries add up to lost work time, medical expenses, and project delays that cost more money than anticipated.

Hiring a qualified painting contractor ensures the job is done safely every step of the way. A reputable painting company wants to protect its valued customers and brand reputation. As a result, property owners have peace of mind knowing the job with be completed without incidents and injuries.

4. Attention to Detail

Painting is detail-oriented work because many factors must be considered before opening the first can of paint. Few people have the skills to repair, tape, and fix drywall and ensure the walls and ceiling are smooth enough for paint. Attempting to handle the detailed prep work on your own usually leads to disappointing results.

Another important detail is the color paint used for various rooms and spaces. For example, certain neutral colors help make specific rooms look their best and can add value to a property. An expert painter knows the right steps and products to use for the desired results without wasting time, money, or products to make it happen.

5. Outstanding Collaboration

One of the most significant reasons to hire a pro is the advantage of collaborating with an expert. Watching online videos and reading tutorials is not enough to become a painting expert and tackle tough jobs like exterior painting. Plus, many do-it-yourselfers miss essential steps and wind up having to hire a professional to fix their work, spending far more than originally anticipated.

A dedicated painting company works with customers to understand their goals and help make their vision a reality. Often there are unique products, tools, and services that can transform outdated spaces into beautifully modern ones. Plus, a painting pro quotes accurate costs to help property owners decide which projects they want to complete and how they want them done.

6. Clear Timeline for Completion

DIY projects typically take far more time and money than people anticipate because they are unfamiliar with every aspect of the job. As a result, do-it-yourselfers often wind up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed before the project is half done. Sometimes they give up on the work and wind up with an incomplete job, making the property look worse than before they started.

Hiring a professional painter means having a clear timeline for completion, so property owners can make other plans. While some variables may arise that extend the completion timeline, an expert explains the process so property owners know what to expect. By hiring a pro, people know when the job will be done so they can move forward with plans such as selling a home or entertaining new clients.

7. Top Quality Products for Outstanding Results

Using the right projects and tools for the job is imperative to get the desired results and avoid costly problems. However, novices often wind up dealing with trial-and-error purchases because there are countless options and they don't know which ones are best. This learning experience can add up to a significant loss of hours and money before the job is done.

Professional painters have access to top-quality products and often get industry discounts to pass on to their preferred customers. Starting with the right products ensures the job will be done correctly and look beautiful. Plus, a painting expert explains the differences so property owners understand how the products work and which ones will deliver the best results. 

8. No Fuss and No Muss

DIY projects require continued labor to complete the job, but it's still not over. Once the place is painted, there will be plenty of cleanup required to get back to normal. Many do-it-yourselfers forget the time, effort, and money required to clean the job site after the work is done.

A local painting company takes care of the prep work, painting, and cleanup so property owners don't have to tackle it themselves. When the job is done, everyone is clean and ready for use rather than spending hours tidying up. Property owners can instantly enjoy their homes or offices without tripping over empty paint buckets or dried-out brushes.

9. Rainbow of Color Options

The right paint colors can add value to a property and make it look amazing. For example, the color of a home's front door can make it more appealing to visitors or potential buyers. Conversely, using the wrong colors can deter people from visiting or purchasing a property.

Working with an expert means gaining access to a rainbow of exciting color options to create any desired look. Plus, professional painters know which colors are most appealing to modernize a space or exterior to be more eye-catching and desirable. Often property owners are surprised by the many color options available today.

10. Eliminate Stress

DIY projects often wind-up costing more than expected and taking endless hours to complete. Most people regret attempting these painting projects on their own, especially if they need to call a pro to fix their work. Consider the stress of trying to learn how to prepare the walls and paint before embarking on a DIY project.

Hiring a professional eliminates the stress of shopping, prepping, painting, and cleaning yourself. An expert arrives with the materials and expertise to complete the work in just hours or days rather than weeks or months. As a result, property owners can enjoy the transformation without unnecessary stress along the way.

11. Improve Property Value

An attractive paint job in the right color can help improve property value and encourage more buyers to take an interest in a property. However, a sloppy paint job makes a property look poorly maintained. As a result, buyers might not be interested when property owners do it themselves rather than hiring an expert to do it right.

A painting expert helps property owners choose the right colors and designs to improve property value and get people to notice the place. When the owners decide to sell the property, more buyers will be interested because it looks fresh and well-maintained. Plus, a beautiful paint job makes a property more enjoyable to use.

12. Pride in Ownership

Property owners are proud of their accomplishments and want to show off their homes or workplaces to others. When the walls are shoddy, and the paint is faded, the place looks unappealing and poorly maintained. Proper maintenance makes property owners feel good about their places and want to share the space with guests. 

A professional painting company can transform ugly walls and exteriors to make them beautiful again. When people see them, they instantly notice they are well-maintained and attractive. Property owners get more compliments and buyers' offers to purchase their properties when they hire professional painters to do the job right.

Owning a property is a responsibility that requires attention to detail and continued maintenance to ensure the property value increases. Working with a professional painting team helps property owners keep their homes and offices looking fresh and clean for years to come. Contact a reputable local painting contractor today to learn more about the advantages of working with an expert.

Emiy Watson

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