Useful steps on starting your business with no money or capital

May 21, 2023

Is a business without capital possible? Still, below you'll find some solutions to get you back on your feet and moving your business idea forward. What's keeping you from starting what you want to do and earning the income you want? Lack of funds?

An article in Southwest Magazine told the story of renowned (foreign) columnist Levar Burton, who won multiple Emmy Awards and has the children's show Reading Rainbow on PBS. After hearing "no" dozens of times from multiple doors he knocked on, Levar finally got what he wanted.

When the show he was producing, Reading Rainbow, was canceled in 2009, Levar created an application containing the show's content, called Reading Rainbow, and made it available for smartphones and tablets. However, Bid was unable to leave the American "borders" and Burton enlisted the help of a sponsor, finding the door locked in all his efforts.

Frustrated by his efforts to find sponsors, he decided to post his project on a crowdfunding site. So he broke the previous fundraising record by raising $5,400,000 for the project! What is the lesson here? If the traditional methods don't work for you, take matters into your own hands!

Stop for a moment and think... Where would you like to find yourself in 2023? Where would you like to be in 5 years? If you're still waiting for something to "magically" change in your life, you may have been waiting a long time. It's time to take matters into your own hands. So if you need money or new ideas, see exactly what you need to do.

Start small... but start! Version one is better than version none!

You don't need anything special at first...many think you need a great site, a graphic designer for marketing, and infrastructure capital. of course not. You don't even need a website before your idea is tested. You can start writing useful reports on topics your potential customers want to read. For example, if you want to sell espresso machines, a 5-6 page detailed report should be enough. This allows all potential espresso machine buyers to download it and leave an email.

Create a list of potential customers who are interested in your offer and who could benefit from your report. Good job...but it will be ready in a week at most. You already have a customer base, so sell what you need next with email marketing.

Make your project with Crowdfunding

There are now too many crowdfunding sites where you post what you want to do, stakeholders pay for the final product or service upfront, and when it's ready, deliver it at a promised price.

If you're interested in technology and what you want to build involves an online service, I recommend digging deep into how to fund your project with cryptocurrencies to find the capital you need. We cover a few things in this article.

What are Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? For initial coin offerings (ICOs), you should do your own due diligence.

Find a company with a relevant subject to finance you

There are many companies that have the ability, if they see something good, to finance it, as long as it is consistent with their objective or is something really very smart and useful. Remember, the market pays you for solutions you give to existing problems.

Make a Business Plan and present your idea to prospective investors

Some people are talented and have good ideas but don't have the money to support them. So when implementing their ideas, they cannot do it alone. That's what investors are for. There are people looking for ideas, and people investing in hopes of long-term financial returns. You should approach these people and include a paystub generator. A common method is to create a business plan from your idea and learn how to present it properly.

Correct means presenting your income and expenses in full and showing your point of view. This takes practice and you can find resources on the Internet for presenting your business plan.


There are several competitions published from time to time that fund the best business idea. Keep your eyes open and if you are a student, ask the liaison office or one of your professors who is in the know.

Copy a successful product

Look for successful information products and books that help someone master a particular technique or acquire a particular skill, mostly abroad. I'm not talking about a perfect copy, I'm talking about how to create your own after studying, say, his three tutorials on how to become a computer engineer.

If you still don't have any ideas, you may want to work on other people's ideas, promote them and get paid for them. This is called affiliate marketing and if you want to know more, You can see how affiliate marketing companies work here. Working for an affiliate marketing company will give you sales training, vital skills, and the opportunity to earn income so you can turn your ideas into action when you're ready.

Start something on the side

If you already have an established business, or someone close to you has an established business and is familiar with their work and the recipe for success, create an information product We recommend that you (i.e., a video or text instructional, detailed guide) explain to a third party exactly what the recipe for success in a particular subject is. For example, does your father have a successful eyewear business?

Know all the secrets of his business (suppliers, strategies, brochures, promotional materials, offers, sales process, etc.) and write a guide on how someone can start an optical business from scratch. In the guide we write some important secrets of the work so that someone should buy it. If you can start out as self-employed, you'll avoid some of the biggest start-up costs. Once you start making some income, you can invest in yourself and build your dream business piece by piece, rather than all at once.

Carlos Diaz
I believe in making the impossible possible because there’s no fun in giving up. Travel, design, fashion and current trends in the field of industrial construction are topics that I enjoy writing about.

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