What are the best packaging materials for your product?

May 17, 2023

Your move is finally here: packing and getting ready to move. So, how can you keep your belongings safe with the right packaging material? 

It’s common for moving to cause damage to our belongings, so it’s important to consider the materials we should use to protect them. We may sometimes misuse them, which can cause more broken items. 

A smashed box of your favorite dishes is one of the most frustrating things to open. For a better packaging solution, here are some materials that are best for packaging. 

Packing Paper

The most popular packaging material is packing paper, or wrapping paper, which also goes by wrapping paper. It offers many benefits as an eco-friendly, biodegradable, and easy-to-use product. 

Packing paper is not the only material people use when packing. They also use newspapers. Ink can bleed onto your belongings when you use newspaper instead of packing paper. It would be a shame if the newspaper left dark ink marks on your nice white dishes. 

Packing Peanuts

The most frustrating packing material is certainly packing peanuts later on when you unpack your Items. As a result, they can fill every gap and nook, preventing your items from getting damaged during a move. 

Also, they absorb most moisture, so the items stay dry from humidity. Packing electronics and metal items are easy with these bags since they have this feature. Humidity can damage these materials. 

Packing peanuts’ bulk and size make them a good choice for heavy items, such as auto parts or kitchenware that tends to scratch easily.

Stretch plastic wrap

Cling wrap is similar to plastic stretch wrap but comes in various widths and thicknesses. Then it will allow you to wrap oversized items or furniture quickly. If you have a nightstand or dresser with drawers, wrap them tightly with plastic wrap. 

In addition to covering furniture with drawers with plastic stretch wrap, many box manufacturers use it for packing items tightly for shipping. You can also use it to secure storage trays, such as makeup trays, cutlery trays, and utensil holders. 

The tray does not need to empty before moving, so you don’t need to pack everything up. Make sure you use packing peanuts or other packaging materials in addition to plastic stretch wrap when wrapping small breakable items. 

Protect items with plastic wrap instead of loosely packing them in a box. The item will break otherwise. 

Bubble Wrap 

For dishes, mirrors, and pictures, bubble wrap is an excellent wrapping material. In addition to packing peanuts or paper, you should combine it with other packing materials to fill in the gaps. 

You’ll likely break items if you only use bubble wrap during a move. It is hard to save and reuse bubble wrap, which makes it a non-sustainable packing material.

In addition to being expensive, bubble wrap has a high degree of fragility, so it is best to save it for the most fragile items. In case you are planning to move, make sure you keep bubble wrap from your online purchases.  


Trash Bags

In cases when delicate packing is not required, trash bags can serve as quick packaging solutions. Consider using trash bags if you have clothes, linens, or towels to dispose of. These linen-filled trash bags make great cushions if you are packing up a moving pod or truck. 

To prevent spills and ruined items while moving, place liquids in Ziploc bag or trash bag, such as shampoo, alcohol, vinegar, or body wash. If you move into a new home, you can reuse these bags to store or clean up trash. 

Shredded Paper 

Essentially eco-friendly and easy to pack, shredded paper is also known as crinkle paper. Its lightweight is one of its greatest benefits. Packing your items will be easier since it won’t add much weight to your boxes. 

We especially like to place shredded paper between heavy items to make a box easier to move. There are many colors and sizes of shredded paper. 

If you receive shredded paper in a package, it is worth saving if you have time before moving. Using old newspapers, papers, and magazines is also a good way to make shredded paper.


During your move, you can use clothing as an excellent packaging material. When you pack clothing and other items together, you’ll accomplish two things at once. Thus, you will have to buy more packaging materials. 

However, you will save money by not doing so. It makes sense that clothing can be used as a packaging material because it is affordable and eco-friendly. As a result, if you plan on packing delicate or thin clothing, you should avoid it since it may ruin your belongings on the move. 

Choose clothing that can withstand moving, such as thick sweaters, hoodies, sweatpants, etc. The space required to pack clothing is greater than that taken up by other packing materials, so you will need more boxes if you use them to pack items. 



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