What should be the gap between your meals?

May 21, 2023


To remain healthy and fit not only do we have to eat healthy but eat at the right time too. most often it is seen that we are more concerned about our diet. Those who are conscious about their diet consider a healthy diet such as including lots of fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables in their diet.

Of course, eating healthy is important but so is eating at the right time. if you don’t follow a strict schedule in between your meals you may suffer from various types of digestive issues such as indigestion, gas, acidity, and so on.

In this article, we are focusing to provide you with some essential information on what should be the time gap between your meals. Of course, it is important for men taking Cenforce 200 medicines to take their meals on time.

Here we are considering that you have 4 meals a day that is breakfast, lunch, evening snack, and dinner.

So let’s begin…

Starting the day early with your breakfast

Your breakfast is the first meal of the day and ideally, you should not delay in having your breakfast. Sometimes it is most commonly seen that due to your office or other work, you skip breakfast and have it late in the day which is an entirely wrong habit and may lead to various issues over the long term such as gastroenteritis, acid reflux problems, or even ulceritis. This is even more important for men who are having medicines like Cenforce 150mg.

Most health and diet experts recommend that you have your breakfast by 9 am at the latest. It is also crucial to know that you should not eat too much-fried food or a high-protein diet for your breakfast.

The reason to avoid fried foods is that you had dinner the last day several hours ago. As currently, you are on an empty stomach eating too much oily and fried foods has a high chance of causing acidity. On the other hand, a high protein diet is going to cause flatulence.

Having lunch at the right time

Next comes lunch which is the first of your major meal of the day. For your lunch, you will eat a lot of items such as curries, rice, bread, vegetables, and some yogurt.

Considering this you need to ensure that your breakfast has been digested by the time you have your lunch or else you may have acidity or gas.

Since you have majorly avoided proteins and other nutrients have your lunch latest by 1 pm. Don’t try to keep a time gap of more than 4 hours between your breakfast and lunch. Having lunch at the right time is highly crucial for men who are having medicines like Vidalista 20.

Having a small brunch

Now comes the meal which is generally going to be the smallest potion by size. This is your evening snack which mostly may consist of fruit, some nuts, a plate of fruit or mixed vegetable salad, and so on.

If you have had a heavy and filling lunch try to keep a time gap of at least 4 to 5 hours. this will ensure that you don’t suffer from indigestion or acidity. If you delay in your lunch post 1 pm then you can also consider avoiding taking your brunch too. This will ensure that you don’t have to buy medicines from online websites like Powpills to cure your digestion problems. Or else maybe you should take a very light meal such as a cup of green tea and some digestive biscuits.

Early dinner

Now comes the last meal of your day which is dinner. Remember that dinner s the last meal of the day after which you will go to sleep. We recommend that you keep at least a 2-3 hour gap by the time you have your dinner and before venturing off to sleep.

This will ensure proper digestion of dinner. Since it is going to be the last meal of the day avoid taking in heavy dinner. Mostly ensure a light dinner consisting of curries, boiled veggies, baked chicken or fish, and some salads along with yogurt.

For dinner avoid eating fried items, or foods that contain high fats and carbs. Generally, you need to take your dinner latest by 8. Between your brunch and dinner, you can keep a smaller time of 2-3 hours.

Final say

Not only is having healthier food items a healthy choice. Timing your meals is equally important to ensure good health too. t is also recommended for men to have at least 4 meals a day and never skip any of the meals. Maintain a strict schedule for having your meals. Most importantly you will need to focus on the first meal of the day which is your breakfast, the afternoon meal which is lunch, and the night meal which is dinner.


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