What You Can Expect From ESO's Scribes of Fate DLC

May 7, 2023

Be careful in dealing with the abyss!

The Scribes of Fate DLC adds so much content to the game. You'd enjoy all the content, from new locations to a new quest line and companions for hours. With these additions, there are collectibles to collect and ESO gold to earn. Let's see all the activities we can do in the DLC!

DLC Questline: Shadow Over Morrowind

This will span several DLCs, some of which have yet to be announced or released. It involves the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora, keeper of forbidden knowledge and memory and reader of the tides of fate. Something is threatening his domain and is threatening the safety of all existence.

Consider that the 'god' has collected various knowledge, from the shallow to information that can't be understood by the mortal mind. It is not far-fetched that something in there, if used by the wrong hands could wipe out Tamriel from existence.

New Raid Locations: Scrivener's Hall and Bal Sunnar

Scrivener's Hall

This is a three-boss dungeon for four players. It employs some tricky mechanics, but any sufficiently prepared party can handle it with coordination and cooperation. It has a secret mechanic: you can open the vault near the entrance if you find and defeat specific enemies.

It's the headquarters of a group called the Scribes of Mora. They were devoted to serving the Daedric Prince through the accumulation of knowledge and were never a hostile group. Everything changed, however, when Valinna became the leader. The formerly peaceful group became something more bloodthirsty and dangerous.

You'll encounter three bosses: Ritemaster Naqri, Ozezan the Inferno, and Valinna herself. All three of them have troublesome mechanics that you have to watch out for. Carefully observe the bosses so you know how to counter their next attack.

You can get various sets from the dungeon and some other collectibles. The secret mechanic adds to your rewards, so try to find those hidden enemies!

Bal Sunnar

This town has a weird relationship with time. The Psijic Order wants you to investigate this odd occurrence. You'll deal with irregular time shifts as you battle and navigate through the dungeon. Also, as the area is under the jurisdiction of House Telvanni, they're hell-bent on protecting their secrets.

House Telvanni is a group of Dunmer that refused to join the Ebonheart Pact. Secretive and isolationist, they believe that might make right. They did something to cause all the temporal fluctuations in Bal Sunnar. They'll fight tooth and nail to keep the situation from being known to others.

Like the Scrivener's Hall, this is a 4-player dungeon with three bosses. Specifically, Kovan Giryon, Roksa the Warped, and Matriarch Lladi Telvanni. Again, they might have some troublesome mechanics, but they should be easy to handle if you know how to counter them.

There are also armor sets, collectibles, and other items to add to your ESO account. More than that, completing puzzles or optional objectives in the dungeon can give you buffs to help.

Many Things Here are Connected to Future Updates

The quest, as mentioned, will continue in the Necrom Chapter in June.

There's also the new class Arcanist, who draws on the power of Apocrypha, Hermaeus Mora's domain in Oblivion. They have three skill branches, each focusing on a specific role. The Herald of the Tome is the offensive branch, focusing on increasing the class's damage output. Apocryphal Soldier is the tanking branch, dealing with protective runes and shields. Lastly, Curative Runeforms is the healing and support branch. You could heal and buff your friends by investing in their abilities.

They also have a unique resource called Crux, which they gain by attacking enemies using skills that generate it. Arcanists can have up to three. Some of their attacks can be empowered by Crux, which is why you want to have more of them.

Once the new chapter is released, you can enjoy this new class and have fun using the power of Apocrypha. As the lord of the domain usually takes the form of a mass of wriggling tentacles with scattered eyes, expect the same aesthetic for some skill animations. Hermaeus Mora is based on the Eldritch from the Lovecraftian stories, which set the theme for everything related to the 'god.'

The Necrom Chapter will also introduce the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha itself. These two new areas will expand the questline started in the Scribes of Fate DLC as you travel deep into the Daedric Prince's domain.

Enjoy the Elder Scrolls Online!

Many good things are coming to players, and more are yet to come. The developers plan to expand the storyline even more in future DLC. That means we'll see more of Hermaeus Mora and eventually defeat the antagonist for the good of Tamriel.

The Elder Scrolls has consistently been delivering so much lore to players. Whether it's in-game books, quests, NPC dialog, or even random notes you can find, each detail enhances your knowledge of the in-game universe. Expect more in future installments, along with all the items, dungeons, and collectibles.

The Scribes of Fate DLC was available for PC on March 13, 2023, and for consoles on March 28, 2023. It can be bought through the Crown Store, or you can get it automatically through ESO Plus Membership.

Have fun, and keep playing the Elder Scrolls Online!

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