When Is the Best Time To Sell Your Old Smartphone

May 11, 2023

There is a surge in demand for used phones, especially given the escalating cost of new devices. But when is the best moment to take advantage of this and sell your smartphone? Knowing how smartphone manufacturers introduce new and improved flagship gadgets every year means that previous handsets are becoming obsolete at an alarming rate.

Selling your handset allows you to switch to a new device every year while still realizing the residual value of your old one. This may be done regardless of your contract status, allowing you to save some money before updating your phone.

How and When To Sell Your Mobile Phone

As demand remains high while households endure the financial consequences of various scenarios, there has never been a better opportunity to sell old phones.

Ensure that your listing receives significant visitors, fairness, and openness for all parties involved. Improve your smartphone's condition and cosmetic attractiveness while moving rapidly to get a listing and exhibit your old phone before it becomes obsolete.

Things to Keep In Mind

Handphone technology has improved, so many people see no reason to spend money on a flagship model. Why would you buy a new smartphone when your old one is just as good?

This has opened the way for second-hand markets to profit from consumers searching for a 'new' used phone. Sellers may even be looking to give their old gadgets a second chance at life (while earning some pocket money!).

1. Sell Your Phone While It's Still in Tip-top Shape

Evaluate the condition of your phone. Nobody wants to buy a used phone with aesthetic and hardware flaws, so try to sell it while it's still in decent condition.

Phones offered on websites are classified into three categories based on their condition: great, good, and broken. Used phones in 'excellent' condition are nearly brand-new and have minor, aesthetic flaws.

Those in 'good' condition are typically used phones with little indications of wear and tear, such as a few bumps and scratches that don't hinder the phone's functionality. Broken electronics are frequently split into two categories: those that can be repaired and those that cannot.

2. Flip Your Phone a Month Before the Next Big Thing Hits the Market

When a new flagship phone hits the market, prior generations' resale value drops. Sell your used smartphone when a manufacturer intends to produce new models to maximize its worth.

Apple frequently releases new iPhones between September and October, but Samsung follows a first-quarter release timetable. Other Android manufacturers, such as Vivo or Oppo, have different release cycles, so stay up with industry news before selling your used phone.

3. Wait 8 to 24 Months After Your Purchase

Because businesses produce new cell phones virtually every week, even recently introduced phones soon lose their allure. When selling an old phone, always consider the unit's age. The appropriate selling age might range from six to eight months to two years, depending on the brand and class.

Flagship phones like the iPhone and the Samsung S series are far more popular than their mid-tier and low-cost rivals. Selling your phone at this stage in its life cycle allows you to take advantage of the warranty coverage while accounting for normal wear and tear.

Good Luck With The Selling!

It's difficult to resist the impulse to unbox, caress, and turn on a new product for the first time. The smartphone lifestyle is not inexpensive. It's a smart idea to consider selling phones as part of your upgrading strategy.

This makes financing your new phone easy and will make another technology geek happy. It is critical to take your time, avoid shady people, be honest, and constantly consider the well-being of both sides. Even with all of these precautions, there is always the potential of something going wrong.







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