Which Is The Right Season For Roof Replacement In Spokane?

May 31, 2023

What else do you need in life if you have a loving family, food on your table, and a roof over your head? You need a maintenance plan to keep up with the roof's condition. Jokes apart – your roof is the most important element of your house that protects it from wind, rain, and snow.

A roofing system also insulates the home against external temperature changes. Its condition can affect the property's aesthetics too. So, a well-maintained roof keeps up with your house's integrity.

Assuming that a decade or more has passed since you bought your house in Spokane, let's state one fact straight. Understanding the right time for a roof replacement is a big part of your roof care regimen. Whether it's old, has missing shingles, or has water leakage, you must assess the best time of the year before replacing your old roof.

The Best Season to Plan for Replacing Your Old Roof

Until and unless you have a ceramic or slate roof, there are high chances for replacement if not done within 10-20 years. Some underlying parameters determine your choice. Among them, weather condition plays a significant role in the efficiency and convenience of roof replacement.

Another important aspect is the replacement timing, which ensures the replacement is done before the old roof leaks. A reputable roofing contractor like Advance Roofing LLC works to offer quality service. While hiring the team, you can use the roof area calculator and discussion about the right season for the upgrade. As of now, here's assessing the seasons for installing a new roof:


Summer is the busiest time of the year as it is a predictable season for any roofing project. The extremely hot climate, dry weather conditions, and longer days complete the roofing projects faster. But summer is also when the labor expense can increase due to the hot weather.

The span between late spring and early summer is a great time as the rain stops with extreme humidity, and the heat of summer settles in. The only downside is the increased labor expenses and limited time slots. So, it is better to make your appointments beforehand.


Freezing temperatures during winter may still be a great time for roof replacement. Irrespective of the cold weather conditions, an experienced roofing company understands the best way to navigate accordingly. With expertise and experience, they can manage environmental conditions to perform the job. So, as a homeowner needing emergency services, you may consult a professional to install a new roof.

One quick note: Besides the roofing contractor's expertise and experience, roof replacement also depends on your roof type. So, the roofing company will assess the placement and location of your location.


Asphalt shingles need excellent weather conditions for installation. This type of roofing needs to adhere to the roof and create sealing that can keep them in the right position. The installation process works best during spring. But did you know replacing a roof during this season has a downside? The weather may become unpredictable, with rain interrupting and causing massive delays.


Besides late summer, fall is another busy season for roofing projects. During this season, the temperature in Spokane range between 23° and 8°C. In short, it is the universal go-to season for replacing a roof. Fall is a combination of early summer's weather consistency and spring's mild temperatures. So, it can be the best time of year to install a new roof.

Best Tips to Save Money on Your Next Roofing Project

If you are planning to replace your roof, you can consult a contractor. A skilled roofer understands how to accommodate altering weather conditions. The professional will be prepared with backup plans if the weather has something else planned beforehand. So, the secret to making your roof replacement successful lies in the professional you hire. Besides, you may prepare yourself with the following tips:

  • Learn which type of roofing is best for your property
  • Schedule an appointment with the professional in the off-season
  • Before seeking roof replacement in Spokane, check out the home inspection policy

Replacing a roof is a significant financial investment. So, you must perform an extensive survey to save money throughout the project.

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