Why Shou Sugi Ban Australia Is the Biggest Trend in Architecture

May 18, 2023

Occasionally, architectural trends pay tribute to the past by revitalising outdated practices with modern technology. Developments in architecture don't always centre around fresh ideas. Shou Sugi Ban Australia is a developing trend that serves as a prime illustration of this. By charring the surface of the wood with a strong flame, it was possible to preserve wood using an old Japanese architectural technique. It is usually carried out on Japanese cedar called Sugi wood. 

The procedure entailed charring the wood, allowing it to cool, washing off any soot or burnt debris, and then lubricating the boards to seal in the finish. Shou Sugi Ban actually increases durability despite the fact that fire is often thought of as the enemy of wood and only serves to accelerate its deterioration.

You can anticipate finding Shou Sugi Ban Australia as a contemporary trend in modern architecture in both external and indoor settings, even on furnishings and decor. Here are the six reasons why these stunning dark walls will stay a popular trend.

Suitable for Exteriors Considering its Durability

Shou Sugi Ban Australia is currently employed for both external and interior design purposes. Initially, it was used as the façade of Japanese buildings. It is the charring caused by the fire that really supports Shou Sugi Ban and makes it a fantastic option for homes or structures.

Burnt wood is produced when wood boards are exposed to fire; this process leaves a thin layer of carbon on the board's surface. Similar to how stains or varnishes would, this carbon layer helps to protect the inside wood. Shou Sugi Ban cladding requires extremely little upkeep and is inherently resistant to pest and moisture-related harm. 

When Shou Sugi Ban is employed to improve customised wood boards, which are already stronger, more resilient, and long-lasting than many other timber kinds and species, these advantages become even more clear. The Shou Sugi Ban method doesn't cause hazardous emissions and is environmentally beneficial. This siding is completely safe for use in houses with children because it contains no chemicals that could potentially leak into the environment.

Moreover, when the shelf life is up, it may be recycled or thrown off without worrying about hurting the environment, unlike when discarding treated wood. It is a sustainable way to safeguard external siding naturally.

Great Substitute for Black Paint or Stains

Black or other dark-toned coatings, such as stains and paints, make it simple to get a strong impression. You might still be able to see part of the underlying grain of the wood, according to the path you take, but staining or painting wood frequently hides the beauty of the natural grain. Utilising these kinds of surface treatments has the additional drawback of requiring upkeep, frequent reapplication, and the potential for dangerous substances.

As more individuals explore natural, secure ways to get the same looks, the green movement is constantly expanding in the field of construction and architectural design. By using the Shou Sugi Ban, you may get a stunning black finish for your project without using dangerous surface treatments that could endanger nearby residents and the environment.

Even when contrasted with low VOC treatments that are comparatively common, Shou Sugi Ban cladding is a considerably safer alternative. It is perfect for both private and public places because of its general safety and low care requirements. Any property using this will have a highly distinctive appearance that improves and compliments a variety of design types.

Makes it Easy to Combine Materials That Are Complementary

It might be tough to identify which materials to use in designs and which ones won't work well together. This process is made simple by the use of Shou Sugi Ban wood, which blends so well with a wide variety of other building materials to support almost any design aesthetic.

To make a room feel more lovely and rustic, Shou Sugi Ban also works amazingly well with stone and other types of wood in a variety of natural tones. Shou Sugi Ban cladding is adaptable enough to fit any style, whether you want dramatic, warm, modern, or traditional.

Variety of Tones and Textures Available

Although burning wood may seem straightforward, there are really many various ways to make Shou Sugi Ban, which produces a wide range of textures and tones. Maybe a Shou Sugi Ban timber with a thick char and a deep black colour would be preferable if you're searching for something with grit and character that will make a striking statement. 

A brush Shou Sugi Ban will be perfect if your design asks for something a little smoother and with a cleaner finish. There are even versions that, while retaining the higher performance qualities and sturdiness that the burning procedure delivers, mildly char and distress the timber to produce a diversity of tones within one unit.

Although there are numerous Shou Sugi Ban Australia alternatives available, it's crucial to keep in mind that not all goods are created equal since not all wood burns in the same way. Some kinds of wood that naturally have a lesser grain pattern may end up looking somewhat bland after the fire due to the black char. This is why wood, which has a bolder, more pronounced grain after using the Shou Sugi Ban burning process, is frequently preferred.

Unlimited Designs and Patterns

The fact that Shou Sugi Ban uses genuine wood siding makes it one of its best features since it offers an almost infinite number of design and pattern options. Shou Sugi Ban can be set up in several ways, making it perfect for imaginative wall and siding designs.

With Shou Sugi Ban Australia, you may achieve the desired effect, whether you choose wider slats in a horizontal shiplap look or narrower slats installed diagonally. Your design will last longer, whether it is for the inside or the outside.


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