10 Most Popular Dog Breeds That You Might Not Know About

June 28, 2023

As man’s best friend, dogs are certainly the most popular pet among different demographics all over the world. That is why many popular dog breeds have been identified in numerous places. The most interesting thing about dog breeds is that crossing two existing breeds always leads to new breeds with different characteristics.

Dog breeds always determine whether the dog will meet the needs you have or not. That is why you should always keep you eye out for new dog breeds. Do you think you know all the most popular dog breeds in the market? Let’s find out.

1. American Bully

american bullies are that type of dog breed you have probably seen somewhere but weren’t sure what breed it was. This breed is ordinarily a cross between different bulldog breeds and a more ferocious breed like the American Pit Bull or the American Staffordshire Terrier.

These dogs come in different sizes, ranging from the tiny Pocket Bully to the large and aggressive XL Bully. While these dogs might appear scary initially, they are excellent family dogs due to their close relationship with children.

2. German Shepherd

The German Shephard is arguably the most popular dog breed in the world. Traditionally, German Shepherds were guide dogs for farmers due to their gentle and intelligent nature. However, dogs have become even more popular in modern cities due to their keen sense of intuition and loyalty.

German Shepherds are also very courageous, almost to a fault. Coupled with their unwavering instincts and devotion to their families, this makes German Shepherds some of the best guard dogs there.

3. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are popular dogs in North America and Europe, especially for people who depend on dogs for purposes such as therapy and guidance. These dogs are often endowed with a keen sense of smell and perception, making them the best types of service animals in search and rescue operations.

The fun aspect of having a Labrador Retriever is the dog's trainability. If you enjoy playing catch or swimming with your pet, then the Labrador Retriever would be a good breed for you.

4. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies, is a very pretty dog breed, popular for its long and silky coat. These dogs also have a confident personality, which makes them the best breed for people who are looking for companion dogs. Their affectionate nature, especially around trusted people, also intrigues many dog owners.

Since the dog is not prone to shedding, they rarely cause allergic reactions. However, you might need to take the dog to constant grooming to help maintain the coat after a while.

5. Dachshunds

The Dachshunds is a dog breed often recognizable by its soft and silky mane with very short legs. While these dogs are quite short compared to other hunting breeds, they are quite popular for small-game hunting due to their instinct to chase and pursue animals. However, they are quite hard to train for some dog owners.

All the same, Dachshunds are an excellent dog breed for people that love having playful pets. They are quite entertaining to be with once you get around their restless nature.

6. Norwegian Lundehund

As the name suggests, this dog breed traces its origin to Norway, where it is a common companion for people that enjoy climbing. The Norwegian Lundehund is a unique kind of pet. For starters, unlike many other dogs, this breed has six toes on each paw. Similarly, it has a very flexible neck which can allow the head to go as far back as to touch the dog’s back.

These attributes make it a very versatile dog with an invaluable skill set. It is also completely loyal to people it is accustomed to but might become very stubborn around strangers.

7. Chesky Terrier

If you want a dog breed that can have excellent interactions with other pets in your home, the Chesky Terrier can be an excellent choice. This pet has a small yet athletic build which makes it easily trainable to participate in dog sports. Similarly, the pet has a strong reputation for tracking and digging, thus making it an excellent play partner for your children.

8. Border Collie

Another dog breed you can explore, especially if you enjoy participating in dog sports, is the Border Collier. This breed is quite common among farmers due to its intelligence and energy when herding livestock. It is also quite easy to train for most people. Border Collies are very loyal pets and will certainly give you the best companionship you need from a pet.

9. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is yet another large dog breed that traces its roots to Canada. This pet is quite flexible and energetic, with excellent swimming skills. That explains why many Newfoundland dogs are popular in water rescue operations.

While the dogs are large, they have a cool and even temperament. This quality allows them to be excellent family dogs for families that have young children. You might want to know that these dogs are also a little high maintenance as they require constant grooming to take care of their coats.

10. Bernese Mountain Dog

The final dog breed to talk about is the Bernese Mountain Dog. This breed is a friendly companion with a cheerful air about it. The dog also has an excellent complexion noted by its thick fur. For people who would want to get a therapy dog, then this breed is an excellent choice.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a new pet, hopefully, this article has given you all the pointers you need for your search. Have you ever heard of these dog breeds before? Now you certainly have.

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